PDN reader Stephen Huxstable shot this picture of the Blood Moon from Penarth Pier

PDN reader Stephen Huxtable shot this picture of the Blood Moon from Penarth Pier

Penarth Daily News reader Stephen Huxtable took this photo of the so-called “Blood Moon” rising over the Bristol Channel last night.

The distinct colouring was caused as the Moon passes into the deepest part of the Earth’s shadow with the Sun’s rays refracting through Earth’s  atmosphere leaving only the red portion to reflect off the Moon’s surface.

Stephen took the shot from Penarth Pier just as, he says, the moon was rising over Woodspring Bay  on the North Somerset Coast 10 miles east of Penarth . He said the colour of the picture is exactly as it was taken and not altered in any way.

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Penarth's Atlantic 85 lifeboat

Penarth’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat

The RNLI has released details of the special awards made this month at Penarth Yacht Club to the all-volunteer  crews and support team of Penarth Lifeboat.

Penarth lifeboat hero Jason Dunlop

Penarth lifeboat hero Jason Dunlop

Penarth lifeboat helm Jason Dunlop, received a Testimonial on Vellum in acknowledgement of his part in the flood response team who rescued a woman in the West Country in last December’s floods.

Andy Petersen was awarded the RNLI silver badge for carrying out various roles at Penarth, including the training co-coordinator, the lifeboat operations manager and the chairman.

Laurie Pavlin received an RNLI bronze badge for his support to the station as sea safety officer, offering pleasure craft users free advice on a range of topics including lifejackets, safety equipment and anchorage.

Helm Andrew Vye-Parminter

Helm Andrew Vye-Parminter

Veteran helmsman Andy Vye-Parminter received a long-service badge, recognising 20 years of being part of the sea-going crew. Andy was also a member of the RNLI team that worked on flood relief in Mozambique in 2000.

Rod Hill and Mike Kingston received RNLI statuettes for their roles as Deputy Launching Authority, Mike’s wife, Claire Kingston also received aa statuette in appreciation of her role as Penarth’s voluntary press officer .

RNLI Chairman, Charles Hunter-Pease said ”Penarth has a station of which to be proud, but more importantly a team, a real family of volunteers of all generations which make it such a success”

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Legal moves to tighten-up on declarations of interest.

Legal moves to tighten-up on declarations of interest.

All town and community councils in the Vale – including Penarth Town Council are   being sent letters by the Vale  Standards Committee about the practice of  councillors declaring an interest and leaving meetings without adequately explaining  just why they are doing so -  and what the relevant interest is .

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Standards Committee asserts in its circular that in meetings of some town/community councils there’s “confusion over whether a member in such circumstances has a personal and prejudicial interest and, if so, what  the nature is of that interest”. The specific councils involved are not identified.

All town clerks in the Vale are being reminded by the Head of Legal Services  of the Vale of Glamorgan Council about the provisions of a document called the Members’ Model Code of Conduct which states:-

“Where you have a personal interest in any business of your authority and you attend a meeting at which that business is considered you must disclose orally to that meeting the existence and nature of that interest before or at the commencement of that consideration or when the interest becomes apparent”


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More money for AMs at the end of the rainbow

More money for AMs at the end of the rainbow – which appears to be touching the Assembly buidling

The existing pay freeze for members of the Welsh Assembly – including the four AMs who represent Penarth – is to end and all members will be in line to receive a 1% pay rise from April 1st next year .

The Western Mail newspaper reports it’s seen a document showing that the independent Remuneration Board, set up to determine AMs’ pay and allowances, has approved a 1% pay rise to take effect next year . A 1% rise for AMs’ office staff has also been approved by the board.

The Western Mail has been told by an assembly insider that “Assembly Members are already paid more than double the average wage, yet still their salary is being increased. This increase seems completely unnecessary. People will be wondering why their politicians are being paid more when local services are being severely reduced.”

Allowances for office costs are to  rise by 1.9%.  Meanwhile AMs’ Re-settlement Grant – paid to AMs who leave, is to be axed . The Board says it doesn’t think this payment is justified .

The Assembly Members serving Penarth are Vaughan Gething (Labour Cardiff South and Penarth), Andrew R. T. Davies (Conservative South Wales Central)  , Leanne Woods (Plaid Cymru South Wales Central), David Melding ( Conservative South Wales Central) ,Eluned Parrot (Liberal Democrat South Wales Central.)

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IMG_3070A new protocol of “standards of conduct” is being introduced for  Vale of Glamorgan Councillors ;  a protocol which, perhaps unintentionally, may shed light on the way some councillors in the Labour-controlled authority have been behaving up to now.

The new rules tell councillors that when they’re in public they are now expected to :-

  • show respect for each other
  • refrain from making personal abusive comments about each other
  • not to publish anything insulting about each other
  • not to make malicious allegations against each other
  • not to publish or spread any false information about each other
  • “show respect to diversity and equality”
The council chamber of the Vale of Glamorgan

The council chamber of the Vale of Glamorgan

In meetings they are now expected to :-

  • behave with dignity
  • show respect to the chairman and obey his or her decisions
  • not to use indecent language or make racial remarks, or remarks which prejudice any section of society

Councillors are being warned that they must not release “written or oral confidential information to the press or public” and that the guidelines will apply to “all oral and written communication including email, text messages and comments appearing on any social media websites”.

The new protocol is in addition to the existing Members Code of Conduct and Member-Officer Protocol.


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A White Design concept for the Esplanade includes an archway criticised for being like Auschwitz concentration camp.

A White Design concept for the Esplanade includes an archway criticised for being like that of Auschwitz concentration camp.

White Design – the Bristol company engaged by Penarth Town Council to develop the Penarth Town Plan is being asked to junk their concept for an archway in their concept for development of the Esplanade because it resembles the infamous WW2 Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz.

White Design displayed a concept design for changing the look of the Esplanade during public presentations at the Paget Rooms last autumn – which has already been criticised as it appears to have dispensed with bus stops.

Is the proposed Penarth Esplanade Archway too similar to Auschwitz?

Is the proposed Penarth Esplanade Archway too similar to Auschwitz?

White Design’s illustration featured what appeared to be a cast-iron archway at the entrance to the Esplanade -  with the word “Esplanade” at the top of the arch .

PDN poster Brian Stephens says “Please don’t put up that ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ style archway over the road. … The very style of the archway is reminiscent of Auschwitz concentration camp.”

The Penarth Town Plan is still under development. The town’s Policy and Resources Committee has been told that in  February/March 2014 White Design were paid £5721 “for consultancy service in connection with the Town Plan”.

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