A motorist takes avoiding action whilst a gang-member on the pavement appears to raise his fist in celebration of another near-accident

There has been a further incident of unruly kids on bikes deliberately blocking a road in Penarth and harrassing motorists and pedestrians.

In the wake of similar incidents in Victoria Road, Penarth Esplanade, Lavernock Road and in Cardiff, it is now reported that there was a further incident on Brockhill Rise, Penarth at 16:15 on Saturday August 19th.

The senseless stunt could easily turn into a tragedy. The parents are probably unaware of what their children are getting up to. The faces of the children have been obscured.

A number of boys on bikes – aged between 10 and 13  – were said to be deliberately blocking  the road – disrupting traffic coming over the crest of a blind hill. Motorists were being forced to brake hard to avoid an accident.

One eyewitness – a man walking home with his grandson – says 3 or 4 the boys blocked the road whilst the rest of the gang “laughed and shouted encouragement” . He told PDN that what the youngsters were doing was “very dangerous”.

The biker gang blocking the road on Brockhill Rise on Saturday afternoon August 19th . The faces  of gang members have been deliberately obscured for legal reasons

When a passing  pedestrian – walking home with his grandson – warned the tearaways about their behaviour, members of the gang began following him home in a menacing fashion.

As the boys are apparently below the age of criminal responsibility it’s believed unlikely the police can do anything about the problem.

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Wood St Post Office is to close at the end of this month and may now become a dental surgery

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is considering proposals to convert the existing Wood St Post Office (on the corner of 5 Cornerswell Road and Wood St) into a dental surgery.

The Post Office is due to close at the end of this month on the retirement of  Mr and Mrs John Guppy who’ have  run the business for many years .

John and Marianne Guppy have run Wood St. Post Office for 34 years and were nominated “Outstanding Citizens of Penarth” in 2016 . They’re now retiring and a planning application has been made to turn the Post Office into a dental surgery

It proved impossible to find anyone prepared to take on the existing Post Office as a going concern despite it’s being marketed by Corporate Post Office system over several months. The application states that it’s  understood a new sub-post office service will be offered at the nearby convenience store One Stop – which is a  franchised subsidiary of Tesco [PDN Note: As yet this is not confirmed] 

The new plans for the former Post Office pertain to the ground floor of the premises. The first floor is to remain as residential accommodation.

The new dental practice is to have signage with the name “Gwena” – (Welsh for “Smiles” )

The planning application states that the applicants hope that “a new dental practice will add to the services available locally, positively contributing to the local setting, and providing increased footfall to the retail units in the area. This would enhance the facilities available locally, and improve viability of the local retail centre. It would also improve local resident’s quality of life by providing a high quality health care facility, which may enable people to retain their independence and remain in the local community.”

The dental practice will incorporate up to 2 surgeries along with reception/waiting room, decontamination suite, pump room, staff room and practice office. The premises will be accessible by wheelchair users.

The application says “External signage will be attractive and maintain the shop front appearance, contributing to the sense of place and enhancing the local retail area”. Theree parking spaces will be provided at the property for use by staff and patients.

The planning application is for “change of use” of the existing premises from A1 to D1 an d for new exterior signage.


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Picking out the Team Raven aerobatic aircraft against the grey skies over Penarth this afternoon wasn’t easy. The planes could be heard – but could not be seen all that well.

Despite cloud, grey skies and rain – an intrepid team of  stunt aircraft unexpectedly turned up over Penarth this afternoon for what appeared to have been intended as a fly-past or even an aerobatic display.

The weather however wasn’t prepared to play ball –  and the pilots had to settle for just a few gentle circuits of the town  beneath a very low cloud ceiling .

Flying wing-tip to wing-tip in today’s rainy conditions needed steady hands and steady nerves ..and navigation lights on

Even so, in the steady drizzle,  the conditions were so poor it was easier to hear the aircraft than to eyeball them against the dark backdrop of unremitting grey clouds.

“Team Raven” is a formation aerobatic display team formed in May 2014 and fly “Van’s RV” aircraft with a mix of 1 RV4 and 4 RV8s.  All three aircraft in today’s – albeit limited –  display are “self-build aircraft” powered by Lycoming io-360, 180 horsepower engines.

It’s still not clear what was behind the  unannounced appearance of the aircraft over the town or why the Team Raven aircraft had decided to orbit Penarth in particular.

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The film crew and actors at work on Penarth Pier this morning. Access for visitors and residents is restricted.

Part of Penarth Pier is temporarily out of bounds to visitors and residents this morning as it’s being used – yet again – as a location for filming

A  full scale multi-camera production crew is on the scene  shooting what appears to be a drama production.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has clearly suspended its by-law prohibiting cycling on the pier – at least for the duration of the shoot.

The director cues “Action” – and a small dog stands by with its trainer for what is clearly a walk-on part

In this year’s August weather most the production crew are wisely wearing heavy-duty Arctic anoraks – except for the actors who have to be dressed for “summer” – and the dog, who doesn’t seem to mind the weather too much

Work is expected to carry on most of the morning.


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One of the oddest shapes afloat off Penarth this morning was a this raft of used pontoons

One of the strangest sights out on the Bristol Channel off Penarth this morning was what appeared to be a raft made up of  evidently well-used mooring pontoons – all of which appeared to have seen better days.

The five pontoons were secured together and were being towed by a small blue outboard-powered launch believed to belong to Barry Yacht Club along with two RHIBs as escorts.

The pontoons have floats of hollow concrete blocks beneath them and take some power to shift through the water. The black and white RHIB Magpie was one of the escorting vessels

The pontoon raft and escorts under tow Penarth Pier early this morning (Photo Peter Stealey)

It’s understood the used Cardiff Bay pontoons have been offered to Barry Water Sports Centre to be refurbished and used at the centre and it was a Barry team which took-on the tricky task of moving the pontoons to their new home.

The flotilla had left the Cardiff Bay Barrage at high tide this morning and arrived safely off Barry at 10:30.

Weather conditions – and the tide – had to be just right to attempt the transfer – but fortunately there was only a very light wind and a calm sea and the operation was completed without a hitch.

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Some of the vintage movie posters discovered under the carpet of a house in Penarth (Wales News Service)

Scores of  large format movie posters –  dating back to 1939 and  discovered underneath the carpets of a house in Penarth –  are to be auctioned next month.

Some of the posters are  giant 10-foot high bill-board-sized  formats – designed to be pasted up in separate sections to form a composite image.

The poster for “Fire Over England” (Waleson Line/Wales News Service)

The prints – all originals – feature some of the biggest names of the era including director Alfred Hitchcock,  Laurence Olivier, Henry Fonda and John Wayne.

Although – or, perhaps, because – they had been used as carpet underlay, they had been, (more by accident than design) preserved in perfect condition.

The discovery of the posters was originally made in 1985 – when the Penarth home of an un-named former cinema executive was  undergoing building work and the then 45-year-year-old carpets were being taken up. The collection has been  kept a secret ever since  – that is until now.

One of the posters promotes  Alfred Hitchcock’s second Hollywood feature “Foreign Correspondent”  in 1940 – and Stagecoach  – the 1939 film in which John Wayne made his name.

Other titles include the 1937 production  “Fire Over England” starring  Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh.

The Penarth  auctioneer’s Rogers Jones & Co are auctioning the collection in 70 separate lots on September 15th but the collection is so rare no one has been able to come up with an estimate of what they’re worth.

The auction will take place on September 15 at Rogers Jones & Co’s Penarth Road  saleroom – which is frequently featured in the BBC TV series “Flog-It” .

[ PDN Note: The identity of the Penarth cinema executive is a mystery. Penarth  has been the home town of a number of cinema owners and executives including the Willmore Brothers. The late former manager of the Capitol Cinema in Cardiff –  Jack Robinson –  who did war service as an RAF bomber navigator and later became a BBC News cameraman, once lived in Victoria Road, Penarth]   


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This part of Glebe St , Penarth will be closed for repair work this morning

The lower end of  Glebe St is closed this morning for long-awaited repair work.

This section of Glebe St has become the main route into the town centre for traffic entering the town via Plassey St – and has probably one of the worst surfaces in Penarth.

In some parts of Glebe St the top-surface has totally failed – revealing loose chippings beneath.

As a period of only 5 hours has been allocated to carry out the work , it would appear this is going to be a patching-up exercise rather than the complete resurfacing  – which local residents and businesses say is what the road badly needs.

Yellow signs have been on display for a few days warning motorists of today’s closure. The road will be closed from 08:00 to until 13:00.

The work is to be carried out by Vale of Glamorgan contractors Centregreat Ltd

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