Penarth Town Council has revealed that the first known attempt to break into The Kymin since the house and grounds were controversially closed to the public,  has been foiled.

The council has publicly thanked members of the public who raised the alarm in time to prevent the premises being ransacked and an arrest to be made.

The disabled parking spaces outside the Kymin were much appreciated by disabled visitors to Penarth. Now they’re out-of-bounds to them.

It’s just 22 days since the Kymin and its grounds were declared publicly closed by Penarth Town Council.

The council installed signs clearly stating incontrovertibly “This park and building will be closed from April 1st 2019 “.

The Kymin Park was a popular attraction for local residents and visitors throughout the year but especially in the summer months. Now it’s closed to everyone.- thanks to Penarth Town Council.

Today however  the Labour-run council – perhaps stung by criticism from local residents – has claimed on Twitter that “walkers can still access The Kymin grounds” (contrary to what it says on its signage)  ….However the council is wrong – the park is closed and locked and the whole area  is now fundamentally unwelcoming.

The side entrance to the Kymin Park is locked and barred to keep the public out – despite what the council claims on Twitter

A large padlock has been installed on the public gate near Kymin Terrace footpath and a further padlock has been installed on the new Checkpoint-Charlie-type  lifting barrier installed at the  main entrance.

The main lifting barrier at the entrance to the Kymin is locked

Locking bollards have been installed at the secondary entrance to the Kymin

Locking bollards have also been installed on the secondary entrance. Nowhere does any signage say the Kymin or the Kymin Park is open. Nowhere is there any sign welcoming the public – even those arriving on foot.

The Kymin is leased to Penarth Town Council on a rolling lease from its owners, the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

The lease is not due for renewal until April 2020 . Penarth Council is charged only a nominal peppercorn rent.

The planning enforcement complaint may have been in response to the controversial  erection of Penarth Town Council’s large red notices proclaiming the Kymin is closed to the public. The notices carefully avoided any mention of the Labour-run Penarth Town Council which arranged for the signage to be installed. Local residents said this was a thinly-veiled attempt to pin the blame on the Conservative-run Vale of Glamorgan Council – which had no hand in the closure decision

This anonymous sign – one of a number installed by Penarth Town Council to keep local residents out –  – may have given rise to an enforcement investigation by the Vale of Glamorgan Council

It’s also come to light today that a formal Planning Enforcement Complaint had been lodged against Penarth Town Council on March 31st because of unapproved signage installed  at The Kymin.

The matter was investigated by the Vale of Glamorgan Council enforcement team  who determined that there had been “no breach” of the planning rules.

If the decision had gone the other way it could have resulted in the Vale of Glamorgan Council taking Enforcement Action against Penarth Town Council.

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The Queen with President Trump and his wife Melania on an earlier – informal – visit

Stephen Doughty – the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth who revels in victim-politics and fringe causes – has announced on behalf of his constituents  (most of whom didn’t vote for him) that President Donald Trump is “ not welcome”  in Britain.

Doughty – who wants Britain to “Remain” within the German-dominated European Union (in direct opposition to the wishes of the majority of voters in Wales)  –  has  published a message this morning on Twitter in which he gratuitously smears and insults the leader of the free world.

Stephen Doughty’s obnoxious and immature “tweet” published this morning may well embarrass many of his Cardiff South and Penarth constituents

Ironically Doughty has recently complained that social media – to which is is a frequent contributor – has become an abusive “cesspit” for public figures . He lectured Facebook by saying ““Just the same way you wouldn’t expect this behaviour to be expected in person, it shouldn’t be acceptable online either.” 

In the context of his latest “tweet” some Twitter readers may feel Doughty’s own conduct on social media falls some way short of acceptable behaviour.

As the USA’s Head of State, President Trump is due to carry out the formal State Visit to the UK from June 3 to June 5 at the invitation of the Queen who will be his host.

The president and First Lady Melania Trump will be a guest of the Queen and will also attend a ceremony in Portsmouth to mark the 75th Anniversary of D-Day on behalf of the American people .

During the 3-day visit President Trump will also hold talks with the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street.

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In 2016 Labour Health Minister Vaughan Gething (Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth) claimed he had a “new design” for the way the Welsh Ambulance Service operates. …So far it does not appear to be working.

The latest figures from the Wales Ambulance Trust – part of the NHS run by Labour’s struggling Health Minister Vaughan Gething – show more ambulances than ever are failing to reach emergencies within the target time of 8 minutes.

In the Vale of Glamorgan the percentage of ambulances FAILING to get to an “Red Alert” case within the target time limit has risen from 17% in 2016/17 to 18.3%  in 2017/18.

The number of “Red Calls” in the Vale of Glamorgan rose from 3,398  in 2016/17 to 3,711  in 2017/18.

Elsewhere in Wales ALL the other Health Board Areas also show an increased percentage of ambulances also failing to meet the 8 minute target for Red Calls.

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The cruise ship Marco Polo passing Penarth at high tide this morning on her way to dock in Cardiff before settingo ut on a cruise around the UK (Photo Robert Pickford)

The cruise ship Marco Polo passed Penarth sea front this morning on her way make her first call of the season at Cardiff Docks.

The ship – which has now become a regular caller to Cardiff – was carrying out a quick turn around in Cardiff and sailing on the evening tide on an 11 day voyage around the UK called “British Isles Discovery”.

The towering stern of “Marco Polo” as seen in the lock of Cardiff’s Queen Alexandra Dock (Photo John Clark)

The oil tanker Mersey Spirit brought in a special consignment of bunker fuel for “Marco Polo(Photo John Clark)

Marco Polo passing Penarth tonight as she set out on  her round-UK voyage.

There’s a further cruise from Cardiff scheduled for next month when Marco Polo will e taking passengers from Wales on a 5 day cruise  to the Scilly Isles, Honfleur in France and Guernsey.

Between May and June 2019, three cruise ships will be calling at Cardiff – embarking and disembarking more than 2,000 passengers .

Richard Butler, Commercial Manager, ABP South Wales, said: “We are looking forward to once again welcoming thousands of passengers to the Port of Cardiff. The port provides a convenient and accessible gateway for passengers and boasts excellent road and rail links.”


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A £40,000 BMW South Wales Police  patrol-car was wrecked in Dinas Powys

A two-year-old £50,000 South Wales Police patrol car was  badly damaged in a car-to-car confrontation with another driver in Dinas Powys over the weekend.

The police car was  allegedly rammed twice during a high-speed pursuit through the streets of Dinas Powys, near Penarth.

Police said afterwards that a “male” was arrested for drink-driving , for failing to stop,  and dangerous driving.

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Site 1=350 homes. Site 2=190 homes. Now a new plan shows a road leading from Site 2 into what could become a 300-home “Site 3”. At 3 people per household that would mean the Cog Road site could eventually house 2,520 more people…and – say –  1,260 more cars

A new plan has emerged for “Site 2” of Taylor Wimpey’s massive Cog Road housing development which appears to imply that a FURTHER large scale housing development is now in prospect for an open field to the south which could become “Site 3” of the controversial scheme.

If a “Site 3” is envisaged for Cog Road – as the plan suggests –  then it would envitably add to the 350 homes already planned for “Site 1” and the  further 190 homes already envisaged for “Site 2″.

This highly productive ploughed field is the Cog Road site on which Taylor Wimpey want to build 350 homes – with 190 more to follow …and perhaps even more than that

If such a new Site 3 IS developed it would be on open farmland to the south of the planned Site 1 and Site 2 – and could potentially add at least another 300 homes to the overall Cog Road development making the number of homes 840 .

At a conservative estimate of just 3 people per household, a combined total of 840 homes could add a population of 2,520 to the village of Sully – and potentially another 1,260 cars – most of which would drive through Penarth – heading for Cardiff .

It’s emerged that on Taylor Wimpey’s Indicative Masterplan” – a new internal road (dotted orange on the plan) could  lead from “Site 2” into an area which is now just an open field – but which could become “Site 3″

The plan for “Site 2″ what Taylor Wimpey calls its “Indicative Masterplan and lays down the route of a new internal site road which runs from “Site 2” to what is now just a ploughed field – but evidently is being considered as a potential 3rd housing site by Taylor Wimpey .

No planning application has yet been made for “Site 3″ – but the map which has been shown  to  PDN by trusted source appears to indicate that clearly the road infrastructure for Site 2 is being planned with an internal road link to a new Site 3 in mind.



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Members of the public are not welcome to call in at Penarth Police station. There’s just a phone alongside the entrance which will put them through to an officer in Bridgend…or somewhere.

After years of successive above-inflation increases in the South Wales Police Precept – [a charge added to local Council Tax] the Labour South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael is coming under increasing pressure to re-open the public front desks of major police stations across the area.

Members of the public who want to talk to a police officer face-to-face have been unable to do so ever since 2012 when the decision was taken to close-off  public access to the reception desks of almost all police stations in the South Wales – including Penarth police station.

The only public front desk now offered by the South Wales Police Force anywhere in the area is the one in Bridgend – and that operates only during the day.

Now local councillors in Porthcawl – a town which is facing a worrying increase in crime – are demanding that Porthcawl’s police station should be “fully re-opened”. – a move which is likely to spark similar demands for other police stations – including Penarth.

The on-line public petition in Porthcawl is demanding that the local police station’s front desk be made accessible to the public again. It was closed in 2012

In Porthcawl a public petition has been initiated to get the front desk of the local nick re-opened – and has so far attracted almost  700 signatures . It’s been initiated by Cllr Les  Tallon-Morris (Independent Porthcawl East Central) who says there is a “crime wave” in the town and cites the case of a local female resident who “woke up and had two young lads in her bedroom staring at her. The police took 20 minutes to get to her. She can’t sleep at night now.” The youths stole bank cards and other valuables from her home and have not been caught.

One public comment on the Porthcawl Police Station petition says  “I have lived in this town for over 40 years and have never heard about so many incidents of crime. It is very disturbing that we do not have an operational police station.”



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