Welsh Green Party leader Pippa Bartolotti was drowned out by a demonstrator's horn

Welsh Green Party leader Pippa Bartolotti’s speech was partly  drowned out by a Greenpeace demonstrator’s horn

Penarth Green Party members  saw their own Welsh Party Leader Pippa Bartolotti barracked by a fellow green activist at an anti-fracking demonstration in front of the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff Bay today.

The event – which was aimed at persuading AMs against the use of hydraulic fracturing as a means of extracting gas and oil from underground rock  – and to persuade everyone to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel.

Penarth Green Party candidate Anthony Slaughter

Penarth Green Party candidate Anthony Slaughter

Penarth Green Party Parliamentary candidate Anthony Slaughter had used Twitter to urge as many supporters as possible from Penarth and from the rest of South Wales to attend.

The jet cart which incongruously shared the platform with the green activists

The Bloodhound jet car designed to break the land speed record incongruously shared the platform with the green activists

Incongrously however the green activists found themselves sharing the steps of the Senedd building with a 1000 mph, 1 mpg (if that) Bloodhound jet car which was showing off essential components made in Wales.

Trouble began when Wales Green Party Leader Pippa Bartolotti began to speak .

A Greenpeace activist with the horn which drowned out part of the Green Leader's speech

Green activist  Ann Greagsby with the horn which she used to drown out part of the Green Leader’s speech

A former Green Party campaigns leader   in the crowd,  Ann Greagsby, who was wearing a “Greenpeace” tabard –  claimed Ms Bartolotti had attempted to expel her from the Green Party – and began using a bulb-operated horn to drown out Ms Bartolotti’s speech.

Even though Ms Bartolotti’s microphone was being powered by a politically-correct “green” pedal-powered amplifier she had difficulty making herself heard until the horn was grabbed by another Green activist and confiscated for the remainder of the speech. Ms Greagsby  then resorted to using a whistle.

In what was heard of Ms Bartolotti’s speech she said  “Fracking is not an alternative energy source, it is just another fossil fuel. Fossil fuels have been proved to add dangerous amounts of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere and are the chief culprits of climate change.”

No meeting of minds between Ms Bartolotti and her tormentor

No meeting of minds between Ms Bartolotti and her  tormentor, former colleague Ann Greagsby

She claimed that “ The fossil fuel industry has wrecked the planet, and have profited from that wreckage. This is just plain wrong. The Welsh Government must get tough and re-write its Energy Bill and ban fracking from this land “.

After the speech Ms Bartolotti attempted to smooth relations with Ms Greagsby – but there did not appear to be a meeting of minds .

The Independent newspaper reported last year that Ms Bartolotti drives a Jaguar X Type saloon.

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  1. Colin Masterson says:

    Whilst not the subject of the story, I would like to point out that the Bloodhound project aims to design and build a vehicle capable of shattering the 1,000mph mark, rather that the 200mph quoted, leaving the current record of 763mph in its dust. It is hoped that this British attempt to smash the world land speed record will inspire a generation of young people as well as showcasing our engineering expertise.

  2. Mathius says:

    Take out proper leaders, and you are just left with rats scrattering about without order.

  3. Think my car does around 1 mpg

  4. Ian Perry says:

    Incidents like this are why people who are passionate about the environment do not see voting for the Green Party as an option. Some of the activists around the Green Party make Godfrey Bloom seem quite reasonable.

    What should have been a story about fracking is now one of the behaviour of one shameless individual.

  5. green gran says:

    Pippa Bartolotti demands expulsion from the green party of anyone who criticizes an ex failed business women who drives a jag. She point blank refused to engage in dispute resolution. Pippa Bartolotti therefore did not attempt to ‘smooth relations’ with anybody,
    for information on Pippa bartolotti right wing views and phoney CV see

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