Fenella Scanlon on behalf of XB Properies unveils the new American-made water fountain at Belle Vue Park.

Fenella Scanlon on behalf of XB Properties unveils the new American-made water fountain at Belle Vue Park.

In a special event today the Friends of Belle Vue Park are marking  the centenary of the park  created from a former stone quarry in 1914.

Councillors Lis Burnett and Rosemary Cook (both Labour St Augustines) joined local residents – many of whom were dressed in period costume – to watch the official unveiling of Belle Vue Park’s new American-made drinking fountain carried out by Fenella Scanlan  on behalf of developers XB Properties.

The new push-button fountain delivers a vertical stream of drinking water

The new push-button fountain delivers a vertical stream of drinking water

XB Properties – run by Simon Baston and former All Black Xavier Rush –  redeveloped the old Albert Road  Methodist Church into luxury apartments – a project which involved a “Section 106” contribution of £10,000 which has gone towards improvements to Belle Vue Park including the drinking fountain and a “traverse wall”.

The drinking fountain – the first of its kind in Europe – provides a vertical stream from which people can drink, a bottle filling facility which it’s hoped will encourage the re-use of plastic bottles  – and a special drinking bowl for dogs at the base.

WW1 and WW2 army uniforms - and children clad in typical 1914 clothing - minus shoes.

WW1 and WW2 army uniforms – and children clad in typical 1914 clothing – minus shoes.

Also at today’s event were re-enactors in period military uniforms from WW1 and WW2, WW1 songs and music –  and a number of  children dressed as they would have been in Penarth in 1914 – even down to authentic  bare feet.

The Time Capsule - not to be dug up until 2064

The Time Capsule – not to be dug up until 2064

This afternoon  the Mayor of Penarth Cllr Martin Turner officiated at the ceremonial burial of a time-capsule  containing a variety of contemporary artifacts and written contributions which is to be exhumed in 50 years time – within the lifetimes of the children attending today’s event .

the time capsule

Children lower the time capsule into the pre-dug pit before earth is shovelled in by the Mayor of Penarth

The time capsule party

The Mayor and Mayoress of Penarth Cllr Martin Turner and Mrs Dorothy Turner with former Vale of Glamorgan Mayor Cllr Margaret Wilkinson, the Friends of Belle Vue Park and some of the children who took part in today’s ceremony

The Mayor and

The Mayor and Mayoress of Penarth Cllr Martin Turner and Mrs Dorothy Turner and the former Mayor of the Vale of Glamorgan Cllr Margaret Wilkinson at today’s Belle Vue Park centenary event.

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  1. sjleworthy says:

    the dog section at the base is fantastic. my two insist on a drink from it every day.

  2. I called up there to see the fountain. I was invited to share my memories of the Albert Road School which was a first aid post, and anti-gas decontamination station during the war. But talking of fountains, can anyone remember the granite trough just below Holy Nativity church? I’m not sure if there was a tap for humans, but the top trough was for horses and there was also a watering-hole underneath for dogs. It was placed there under the auspices of the grandiosely-named “Metropolitan Drinking Foundation and Cattle Trough Association”. I can’t recall ever seeing cattle there (they were confined to the top of Hastings Avenue by metal railings and crossed Redlands Road to get to their pasture somewhere opposite).however, I do remember seeing a flock of sheep coming up Stanwell Rosd to enter Windsor Road and Ludlow Lane where a butcher there had an abattoir.

    • I won’t qualify for Mensa will I? I should have written Fountain and not Foundation. Oh dear again.

    • snoggerdog says:

      the only trough like that i know of is just up from barry town rail station , with all grass growing from it.

      • snoggerdog says:

        also there were drinking fountains either end of the prom and two down the athletic field ,anyboby remember any more ?

      • Keith Inker says:

        There was a fountain built into the wall of St. Augustine’s Church, opposite the steps at the north end of Church Avenue.

      • The St. Augustine trough, non-functioning for years, is interesting because it features a heraldic symbol of a ‘Pelican in its piety’. This illustrates piety in that the Pelican is supposed to peck its breast to provide food (i.e. Blood) for its young. Here endeth the lesson.

    • dada nelles says:

      There was an abattoir in Salop place too !
      You are correct about Holy Nativity.

    • Alan says:

      The granite trough you mention was erected in Feb-1903 and contained the inscription “Erected by voluntary subscription”, A Mrs. Macintosh organised the collection. Does anyone know where the trough is now?

  3. Hi Martin Gossage FOBV Just to clarify ; the event was to celebrate 100 yrs of Belle Vue Park .
    The Barry at War group would have been a really obvious presence so one could think that the event was a dual marking of WWI aswell .However the “troops ” were only there alongside other representations of life in 1914 ( of which the outbreak of war was of course highly significant) such as a selection of wooden toys, Bean and Veg stew for lunch ( as per School dinners which started in UK in 1914) sweets , costumes , real veg just out of the ground , making girls lace wrist bags , boys marble bags etc etc . Unlike newspapers , on this site it is possible to A comment straight away and B ask for moderations and clarifications which we have done .
    My best moment of yesterday was watching two young girls , both in the black and white costume AND BAREFOOT, running and rolling hoops down the path in the park laughing ang giggling as they go.
    It makes all the hard work of FOBV members worth it everytime .
    Our history exhibition will be up in the pavillion for a week yet so do come and have a look ( Ask the parkie nicely )
    Thanks MGG Chair

    • snoggerdog says:

      entirely unrelated but what was all that black smoke from llandough just after 9am on sat about ?

  4. I’m sorry if I appeared to hijack the FOBV article by my reminiscences but the pavilion and the school (and spam fritters) are inseparable in my memory. However, the fountain is a blessing and the FOBV have done a wonderful job in rejuvenating the park.
    I did see the table with the food, ( I could go on about wartime food too, and my father’s hard work on the Dingle allotments). I noticed also too the costumed supporters and applaud their enthusiasm. Congratulations to all concerned, thank you for brightening up my day.
    The children too enjoyed themselves playing on the sacred turf on the green. I also spotted hopscotch on the path. I never understood the game but my female cousins used to play it on the pavement outside my grandmother’s house in the former Dock Road. Happy memories.

  5. Ford Prefect says:

    These drinking fountains are an excellent idea. They should be everywhere, then people wouldn’t feel the need to use so many plastic bottles.

  6. Thanks to editor for changing title of this article following our request .As i said unlike newspapers there is an interactivity here .Brian where did you get an impression you hijacked the article. ?
    Your contributions are really appreciated by FOBV and we must meet up and get some more memories from you .There is a germ of an idea to collect meories and history of “the Albert Triangle” ie Albert Rd , Albert Crescent and Belle Vue Terrace and to include history of Belle Vue Park, St Augustines church , the school , Old Udc offices and all the houses .Watch FOBV site TA MGG

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