Company director, mountaineer, family man & ex-soldier John Rees-Evans,  representing UKIP, will confront Labour's MP Stephen Doughty in Cardiff South and Penarth (right)

Who will blink first? Company director, mountaineer, family man & ex-soldier John Rees-Evans (left) is UKIP’s prospective candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth – challenging  Labour’s Stephen Doughty (right)

With just 162 days to go before the General Election the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has chosen its candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth and is opening a “campaign cafe”  in  Glebe Street, Penarth on Saturday  (November 29th)  right under the nose of the Labour Party .

The UKIP candidate is ex-army veteran John Rees-Evans,  who runs his own mountaineering company based in Cardiff , holds the British Mens’ Kilimanjaro Record and  lives with his wife and young family in the constituency.

The former Elbo's Cafe in Glebe St is to become a "campaign cafe"- from next Saturday.

The former Elbo’s Cafe in Glebe St is to become a “campaign cafe”- from next Saturday.

He and UKIP have taken over what was the former “Elbo’s” cafe in Glebe St to provide – “an opportunity for local people to learn first hand in an informal, relaxed environment, what UKIP stands for and what they want to achieve”.

UKIP says passers-by are warmly encouraged to drop-in for a chat whether they have a “premeditated issue to discuss”  or “simply want to obtain more information about UKIP”.  The party says “locals of all political persuasions are most welcome to come in and talk to us.”

Directly opposite UKIP is Penarth Labour Club - so socialist defectors won't have far to go.

Directly opposite UKIP is Penarth Labour Club – so socialist defectors won’t have far to go.

The new UKIP Campaign Cafe and Penarth HQ will be next door to Penarth Post Office in Glebe St .

Locals also point out it’s also, serendipitously,  just across the way from  Penarth Labour Club – within easy walking distance, they say, for any members who may be disenchanted with Ed Miliband or Stephen Doughty or both.

However another Labour stalwart commented that the only reason he would ever consider crossing the road would be to buy a stamp.

It’s planned that the new UKIP Campaign Cafe / HQ – which opens for the first time on Saturday morning – will operate from 10:00 to 14:00 every Saturday and from 10:00 to 20:00 on weekdays .

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  1. Walter Walker-Pitt says:

    You’ll be lucky to find any Labour voters in the Labour Club – you’re more likely to find a Conservative in the Conservative Club, but even that’s a rarity these days.

    • Rachel says:

      Definitely if that awful smell is still permeating from the back of the Cons. That building has a serious sewerage problem; quite apt for Conservative 😉

  2. Big Dave says:

    There goes the neighbourhood……….

    • Tristan Shout says:

      I’m not so sure they won’t fit in there, along the road from the launderette – U Drip, the taxi office – U Tip, the deli – U Dip, Plassey Fish Bar – U Chip, Tailor Made Travel – U Trip, Jag Hair – U Snip, joined by politicians who could talk a glass eye to sleep – U Kip.

  3. KnockJohn says:

    Dave, why don’t you pop along to the shop. You never know, John Rees-Evans might well be a thoroughly decent chap.

    • Walter Walker-Pitt says:

      He might be a thoroughly decent chap – Oswald Moseley was charming, by all accounts, and almost everyone thought Rolf Harris was a thoroughly decent chap.
      Personally, I vote on the basis of policies, and the views that the candidate represents. I suspect most people do this. I might drop in with a word search puzzle book to help him while away the lonely hours.

    • Danny Oakentrode says:

      If Farage gets anywhere near the Labour Club he’ll empty the bar, drink them dry, and tell them all how to improve their darts and skittles. UKIP should have used Blockbusters and targeted the Wetherspoons mob. For a couple of pints you’d have their undying loyalty.

  4. Hamish Munnypenny says:

    So, UKIP is targeting Tory voters by setting up across from the Labour Club. It just shows how they have captured the political mood of the nation. “Whoops, sorry folks – wrong club!” Why don’t they target Labour voters and set up near Wetherspoons?
    I suspect they’d be better served by targeting UKIP voters, but all they’d need is a bench on the clifftop for that.

    • mreesevans says:

      Probably because Penarth is a strong Labout seat?

      • mreesevans says:

        Labout = Labour !

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        Which proves the point that everyone has been making in pointing out how utterly incompetent it is, if you are targetting Labour voters, to set up opposite a drinking club with no direct links to the Labour Party. Were you aware that it is no more a political club than the Old Penarthians Rugby Club, Les Croupiers in Cardiff, or the Boy Scouts?
        You have just shown your ignorance of the area, so well done.

  5. Lyndsay Doyle says:

    I seriously doubt they will find any Labour voters in the Labour Club. It is a drinking establishment. The members are not asked if they support the Labour Party, and most of them are more concerned with the price of a pint than with national politics. UKIP have seriously misjudged their ‘opposition’ if setting up across the road is a tactical move.

  6. Barrie Howell says:

    Will any, of most of the above commentators, actually listen to what UKIP has to say and in particular the new candidate?

    Many of the above remarks are just disparaging without good reason. A huge number of people are fed up with the status quo of party politics; mainly Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems. These parties ‘trot out’ the same mantras without listening to the electorate. UKIP has been listening and that is showing in the recent by-elections.

    It’s interesting to note that John Rees-Evans, UKIP’s prospective candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth, is a company director, mountaineer, family man & ex-soldier. The country needs more candidates that have a varied experience of life and are likely to be more in touch with the electorate than ‘career politicians’. That applies to all the political parties because thay have been, and are, out of touch with the general electorate.

    • Lyndsay Doyle says:

      Fringe parties always do well between general elections, so recent successes prove nothing. But do you really believe that my remarks are disparaging without reason? I have examined UKIP’s policies, and I don’t like them.
      This candidate may be an all-round good egg, but I doubt that he will be able to navigate through the rocky reefs of foreign policy and global economics with no prior experience.
      If it was their intention to place their office opposite the Labour Club assuming this represented local Labour Party HQ, I find it laughable. They will have to do a lot more to become vaguely credible as a serious party of government. Remember the SDP?

      • snoggerdog says:

        i went to a fringe party in the sixties , i walked in waved at them ,they just stared back, load of quiffs i thought.

      • Just look at how the crew we have in now has navigated foreign policy and global economics, I would find it laughable if it were not so serious. With a new Leader will come new policies, so if you then read them and still don’t like them (I’m sure you will not) then you can go back to the parties that have run this country into the ground and are even now trying to justify tricking 17,410,742 MILLION BRITISH PEOPLE out of their Democratic Vote, In this that is called the Mother of Democracy in the World. Shame on any that would vote for the death of our Great Britain.

    • Big Dave says:

      Don’t you mean that a huge number or racists are fed up with the status quo.. and have formed a political party called UKIP.

      • Sian says:

        You clearly are an idiot, probably a Labour one at that! I vote UKIP and I am not a racist. Some of you people commenting should stop stumbling around blindly in the dark and open your eyes and especially ears for a change. You clearly know nothing of UKIP, if you did, you would know all your comments are misinformed and come straight out of the main parties handbooks. For heavens sake, do your own research before just blithely talking a load of bilge!

      • Michael Amity says:

        Of course Sian, your opinion is obviously more sensible than anyone else’s, and you clearly have more political understanding and insight, and everyone else is wrong. I am making up my mind on the candidates, but I will not vote for any party that wants to reduce our connection with the rest of Europe when we need to deal with (numerous) global concerns and increase our links with the rest of the world. UKIP wants to close eyes and put hands over ears and shut the world out.
        So Sian, how about YOU open your eyes. Like it or not, the reality is that UKIP is attracting racists and isolationists, Europhobes rather than Euroskeptics, whether you agree with them or not. Without that support, the party would be no better off than Screaming Lord Sutch. No matter what party representatives say, many of the supporters that UKIP attracts are drawn to what they perceive as racist policies.
        There are a few people here who disagree with you. I am not a Labour supporter, but I scrutinise party policies before deciding where I place my vote. It is becoming increasingly obvious that, locally, UKIP are targetting Labour supporters, and some are biting back. However, it is also obvious that the tactic is Penarth is utterly clueless and shows a complete misread of the local situation. Where on earth did the UKIP candidate get the idea that Penarth Labour Club is a hive of Labour Party activity? If he is honestly trying to approach Labour Party supporters, he is way off the mark, and this already looks rather inept to me. It is not assuring me of his political competence, and no matter how decent and upstanding a person he is, I want to see someone who knows how to cope with European bureaucrats. I fear this candidate will be completely out of his depth.

      • Big Dave says:

        Hmm, Sian, you demonstrate exactly the level of tolerance I would expect from a UKIP supporter. Thanks for making my point so vivid!

      • Sian says:

        Ah Big Dave, the same tolerance you have just shown towards the ‘boer’ John Rees-Evans that you have just insulted? Kettle and black springs to mind.

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        What have you got against black springs?

    • Ally says:

      Well said! I listened to his speech and found John Rees-Evans very interesting! First politician I have listened to for years without wanting to fall asleep… I haven’t voted for years but I think UKIP might have my vote this year.

      I have not yet read anything to put me off them since John made me interested in their policies.

      • Ally says:

        *voting next year*

        @ above… John Rees-Evans is far from racist (if you actually listen to his speech, or read his website you will find he employs a few hundred Tanzanians and Bulgarians too).

        It makes me laugh reading some of the above comments from people who clearly have not even looked into UKIP or John’s recent statements or proposals.

        I would genuinely love to hear what everyone has against UKIP (actual facts from anyone who actually knows please and from people who can comment without insulting anyone who disagrees).. what have UKIP promised or said to put people off?

        Am I missing something because so far it seems that UKIP want to keep NHS as it is, they want to make taxes fairer, they want immigration laws to be similar to Australia’s so that UK can pay back some of its debt, abolish extra bedroom tax and let students study certain subjects that would improve UK ecomomy for free!!!

        Any objections to any of the above???

        Years ago I remember sexists and racists were asked to leave UKIP so any up to date info on why I should not vote for UKIP from anyone who can actually state true facts would be appreciated 🙂

      • john r says:

        Why not vote Ukip? Here are a few facts to consider –

        “Ukip leader Nigel Farage boasts of his £2m in expenses

        Farage used EU allowances to finance his eurosceptic message”


        “Nigel Farage faces new questions over European expenses

        Ukip leader admits claiming £205,000 from the taxpayer for office space provided free of charge by party supporter”

        and just last month (to keep Euro expenses) –

        “Ukip does deal with far-right, racist Holocaust-denier to save EU funding

        The agreement with the Polish Congress of the New Right will save Nigel Farage’s European parliament grouping

        Korwin-Mikke [Polish Congress leader] has also called for the vote to be taken away from women, has claimed that the difference between rape and consensual sex is “very subtle” and said that Adolf Hitler was “probably not aware that Jews were being exterminated”.”

        You may well be correct that Ukip have asked sexist and racists to leave the party (proof please!) but that has not stopped Nigel and his chums from doing deal with a Hitler – sympathising, anti-woman, racist Far-Right group in order to keep the Ukip snout firmly in the expenses trough.

        Btw, this Polish party are so extreme that even the very extreme Far Right French Front National have refused to have dealings with them.

      • Sian says:

        John r, show me a single party in Britain that is not involved in accusations of thievery with regards to their expenses? Wasn’t it only recently that some actually went to prison? If that is the truth about Nigel Farage, why isn’t he in prison? Ah that’s right, you need actual proof not just speculation from The erm Guardian.

      • John r says:

        Sian, you’re absolutely correct. There were (and are) politicians of all parties who were involved in fiddling expenses. Some went to jail, maybe more should have.

        As regards Mr Farage’s expenses claims over the years, it is not just the Guardian who has reported on this. Other papers have too (check the link for The Times). The 2014 office claims are currently under investigation.

        So, while Ukip are prone to the same greedy impulses as the other parties, there is one difference.

        None of the “establishment” parties have yet to be shown to get in bed with rape-denying, holocaust-denying, deny women the vote extreme right-wing parties to feed their greed for Euro expenses.

        But Ukip have.

  7. timboevbo says:

    I assume they’ll be using tea and coffee grown exclusively in the UK. That’ll be nice

  8. I have just read John Rees-Evans’ personal statement from in which he makes clear his “Life Journey” and his Libertarian values. Far from being a “little-Englander” John has travelled extensively, is reasonably fluent in French and has been involved in military and personal life in many parts of Africa and Europe.

    In all honesty, though I have yet to meet him, I believe his experience of life is far greater than many in the Westminster Village, and his thoughts on what needs to be fixed with Europe and Britain seem to be common sense.

    Rather than disparaging comments fueled by the sloppy journalism and rediculous links with Rolf Harries, perhaps it falls upon the people of Penarth to become more acquainted with the real thing.

    • Walter Walker-Pitt says:

      KnockJohn, sell your HudL thingummyjig. Comparisons with Rolf Harris are not ‘rediculous’ or even ridiculous, precisely because this is not about personalities, but about policies, and on that issue alone, I dismiss the candidate.

      • mreesevans says:

        What policies did Rolf Harris promote? I thought he was simply an ‘entertainer’ recently convicted for child abuse…….how is a comparison with him connected to policies not personalities?

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        Why don’t you ask someone to explain the point to you? It would help if you read the original comment, but if you’re struggling, I’m sure one of your minders will step in.

      • Walter Walker-Pitt says:

        I can’t believe you want to know about Rolf Harris’s policies… Did you read (and understand) the original point I was making? I made it perfectly clear that I would not be influenced in my vote by a personality. I offered Rolf Harris as an example of a person who was well-regarded by the public until his true character became apparent, and I stated that I would not be interested in the personality of the candidate, but would make my decision based on policies they follow.
        If I were to base my decision solely upon the candidate’s character, this inability to grasp the simple thread of what I was saying would most definitely persuade me to choose a more astute candidate. We cannot send an ingenu into the lion’s den of parliament or the bear pit of European politics.
        I have met many people in my lifetime who can offer a firm handshake and a steady gaze, but will stab you in the kidney as soon as you turn your back. What I want from a candidate is that they understand what I want, on the grounds that I want what is best for the country I have lived in for so many decades. I want that person to be able to stand up to the most devious and treacherous, back-stabbing individuals in the country, namely the British parliament, and convince them to do what is best.
        On those grounds, they have to follow decent, realistic and achievable policies, and hold their own in debates and committees. On both points, this candidate is inadequate.

    • Big Dave says:

      Even mote intriguing that he has chosen to hitch his wagon to the UKIP bunch.

    • Danny Oakentrode says:

      Following that party political broadcast, please wake up for the epilogue, and some closing music by Edward Elgar, “Land of Hopeless Glory”.

    • Big Dave says:

      More like something from Wagner that the UKIP lot can goose step along with.

    • Ally says:

      Good to see someone here has actually bothered to read up about John Rees-Evans. Interesting guy!

  9. Harry Lime says:

    Yes I’ve often thought that what Westminster needed was someone who can speak French and has travelled, perfect qualifications for fixing Europe. He can say non to the French and then navigate his way back home, perfect. And those mountaineering skills will be great when stopping illegal immigrants from scaling the White cliffs of Dover, just think, rope in one hand, knife in the other as he swings across the cliff face cutting the ropes sending those jolly foreigners back to where they belong.

  10. grumpydenier says:

    Well, reading these comments it appears he has an uphill struggle to convert some of you. He seems to be well equipped to meet the challenge. Is it something to do with being in Wales that you all sound like Labour sheep?

    • Sian says:

      Hear, hear.

    • Carmen Joyners says:

      Convert people? Really? So, is this some religious movement and people need to have faith to make it work?
      I’m not going to be converted because I need to be convinced that the candidate has any merit. I am not convinced by UKIP ideology, policies or leadership. I am not a Labour voter, but I have always voted according to what I believe are the best policies for the most people. NOTHING I have seen or heard from UKIP to date puts them in the running. They are to politics what Frank Spencer was to DIY – rank amateurs who will soon be out of their depth in the rather murkier waters of Westminster and Whitehall.

  11. Sian says:

    You really are an ignoramous. I would rather have someone with this man’s qualifications, than a rich boy like Milliband or Cameron who have no life experiences beyond their expensive private schools and Universities and know nothing of normal, decent people or their lives. How can those two idiots possibly know what life is like daily for decent, hardworking people, when they have never had to worry about how to pay the bills or put a meal on the table. Seriously, some of you really need to grow up.

    • Fiona Redford says:

      If anyone needs to grow up, it’s the little madam throwing a tantrum because other people have the temerity to disagree with her snippy opinions. You have become very rude Sian, and make unnecessarily personal remarks. If this is the way UKIP supporters are going to round up support, the candidate is going to lose his deposit.

      • Sian says:

        No tantrum here. I have no interest in encouraging people to vote for any Party. First of all, most people know that trying to persuade Welsh people to vote for anything other than Labour is a complete waste of time. Most people down this way in Wales where I live, seem to like the one party state Labour voters have created and have no wish to change the status quo. What does annoy me though, is people just repeating the same lying mantra their party leaders espouse instead of coming up with objections more original than the usual UKIP voters are ‘racist, etc’. It becomes abit tedious after awhile.

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        What a load of hypocritical nonsense. You ‘have no interest in encouraging people to vote for any Party’, but you seem to have a particular interest in discouraging them if they choose to vote Labour, along with the patronising viewpoint that, if they do so, it is not out of choice, but perhaps a genetic predilection or brainwashing.
        Well, I’m sorry that this process, which is usually known as parliamentary democracy, doesn’t suit you, but it’s only a problem because so many people want to vote for some party you don’t want. How inconvenient that they happen to form a majority in this part of the world. Why don’t they listen to you, Sian?

      • Big Dave says:


        If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and sounds like a duck…….

        Guess what, i’s a duck! 😀

      • raiderbankk says:

        To quote Sian “Hear hear”

    • john r says:

      Ed Miliband went to Haverstock Comprehensive School whereas John Rees-Evens (Ukip) went to Jeppe Boys High.

      “Jeppe High School for Boys is Johannesburg’s oldest public school having been established in 1890 in Fairview, Johannesburg.”

      But then again, the school a child is sent to by their parents should have no bearing on how you should decide to vote. It is their political views now which should be a deciding factor.

      As such, when Mr Rees-Evans writes of opposing

      “…the necessary inhibitions of our current Marxist economic doctrine which favour intervention and draconian regulation over the self-regulating influence of free market forces.”

      I find this slightly confusing. If the “inhibitions” of “our current Marxist economic doctrine” are “necessary”, then why does he oppose them? Or does he mean they are “unnecessary” and it is a typo creating the unfortunate accident of him stating the opposite of what he means to say. Perhaps, one of Mr Rees-Evans old schoolmasters could have a look over the rest of his manifesto for similar errors.

      Anyway, I’m sure it is news to David Cameron, Angela Merkel et al that they are responsible for overseeing “Marxist economic doctrine”. Maybe they should be told and Mr Rees-Evans is the man to do it if they would like to pop in for a cup of coffee in Glebe St..

      • Big Dave says:

        I didn’t realise this guy is a boer, well they are off the scale, UKIP will be lefty, softy liberals compared to his Afrikans up bringing.

        Who let him into the country anyway 😉

      • mreesevans says:

        I take it you realise that “public school” in South Africa, in common with everywhere outside Britain, means state school.
        If you read that link further you will note Jeppe doesn’t select on academics either, in common with Ed’s school, so to use consistent terminology, John went to Jeppe Comprehensive School for Boys.
        So, both Ed and John went to corehensive state schools….John’s just not co-ed and a bit older.

      • mreesevans says:

        Er, he’s a ‘rooinek’, Dave……as the chaps from Blighty who fought the boers were called after their necks got sunburned……..appreciate your comment was very much tongue in cheek but you’ll notice from the link that Jeppe is far from an Afrikaans school!

  12. Hamish Munnypenny says:

    Opposite the Labour Club? If he were aiming to recruit from the Conservatives would he set up at the golf club, I wonder?
    This further Farage farrago smacks of political naivete, and an inability to grasp details. Will he now set up his stall on the Yacht Club slipway and try to recruit floating voters?
    It’s amateurish at best, and bordering on incompetence. They represent values I reject, so the candidate, no matter how pleasant, etc., does not win my vote.

  13. Ally says:

    John Rees-Evans a boer?? He was born in Hampshire to a father in the British Navy!

  14. Ally says:

    I suppose if you live in Germany for a few years during your childhood then that would make you a nazi??

    Strange opinions on this site… and yes @ Big Dave I suppose any Brit born here who leaves this country for a few years should lose his citizenship and not be allowed back into the country. Ha ha.

    • Big Dave says:

      “I suppose any Brit born here who leaves this country for a few years should lose his citizenship and not be allowed back into the country.”

      Yes if UKIP get their way 😛

  15. KnockJohn says:

    Quite a lot of vitriol has been expressed on this thread over the last few days. Whilst it is good to see passion for politics, and an enjoyment of the ideal of Universal Suffrage and a multi party state, perhaps we should all take a deep breath and count to ten.

    In the event, UKIP has set up a shop in Gleebe Street, given that their core voters seem to come from C1, C2 and D socioeconomic groups, this is probably quite a good spot in Penarth to be. Stanwell Road and Station Approach would not give them so much reach to their electors. The fact that it is across the road from the Labour Club is probably secondary in their selection process (how many available shops are there in Penarth anyway?).

    If commenters wish to find out more, then go to the shop; if not, there is no obligation to attend. Come what may; or come May, everyone gets to put their cross in their favourite box. Simple!

    • Hamish Munnypenny says:

      So, still judging people by their ‘socioeconomic’ groups, eh? Class-ridden, prejudicial and factually incorrect assumptions, while purporting to be the voice of reason, calming down the ‘vitriol’.
      There is a lot of anger in certain comments because of the dissembling presentations and opinions of a concerted UKIP campaign to flood this site with supportive messages – forget the policies, talk to our candidate, he’s a lovely man… it is all an attempt to present backward thinking as reasonable, measured policy.
      If UKIP ever gain power, they will knock the UK back a hundred years economically. We do as well as we can because of our links with the rest of Europe and the emerging economies, which will be dominant soon – those of China, India and Brazil are racing to global dominance. We cannot cut ourselves off from this. We have to deal with the rest of the world, not alienate them.
      All of this patriotic eyewash, and ultimately it is about isolating the UK, under the banner of deciding our own fate. The only countries that decide their own fate in this way are like North Korea, unable to feed their people, unable to offer anything of any value to trade with others.
      UKIP is more of a religious crusade than a political force, and their supporters are happy-clappy zealots who believe the gloss. You can fool some of the people some of the time…..

  16. A few interesting points here Hamish:

    I agree with you in that socio-economic grouping is a blunt tool, and is “class ridden and factually incorrect”; nevertheless, it is reported by most of the polling organizations thus as a “rule-of-thumb” or rough guide it has to have a modicum of worth. According to You-Gov UKIP scores similarly to Labour – thus the location of their shop near the Labour Club would probably make quite good sense.

    Secondly; it is not solely about “he’s a lovely man” it’s about policy – if people go to the shop, they can meet the guy and discuss policy, what else would one discuss? If after that people are unhappy with the policy, then I suggest that they meet Mr Doughty and do the same, then any other candidate that is in, and seeks to represent, Penarth. Penarth Grammar School motto used to be “Gorau Arf, Arf Dysg” – The Best Weapon is the Weapon of Knowledge; if each individual votes based on their individual knowledge then the candidate who is the sum of that knowledge will win.

    Thirdly, World trade: Back in the seventies the UK had a referendum on membership of the “Common Market”, we voted to stay in. Many things were different then; there was full employment, the welfare state was not so generous and the Common Market itself was seen as a trading area agreement. Since then the EU has grown up and filled its boots with bureaucracy and governmental power, this is not really what we signed up for. Norway and Switzerland (and for that matter Brazil, China and India) are not in the EU but still have considerble trading agreements with EU countries and the rest of the world.

    I’ll leave the “patriotic eyewash” – as someone who moved to penarth at the age of 4 from across the Bristol Channel I met and faced plenty of that whilst I was at school.

  17. Mike Payne says:

    when individuals see the manifesto of UKIP I’m absolutely sure that they will give them a wide berth.

    They believe in the complete privatisation of the NHS, charging to see a GP, one tax rate for millionaires and people on the living wage, removal of the four weeks paid annual leave, removal of paternity and maternity rights and the list goes on. Workers rights are seen as bureaucratic red tape and to be left to the discretion of the employer. Oh and Health and Safety should only be available to companies who experience bad safety records. (UM isn’t that the whole point of Health and Safety rules, to stop companies having a bad record?)

    Farage says he is against the Political elite, but has been one of them for 15 years as an MEP. Or maybe he forgot because he is very rarely in the European Parliament. E.G.. He was waxing lyrical recently about the Diabolical fisheries policy and had to be told that he was a member of the European Fisheries committee but had only attended 4 times out of a possible 53 meetings.

    Sorry i wont be voting UKIP or a leader who happily calls himself the only Thatcherite left in politics.

  18. I’m sorry I know that I shouldn’t but I just can’t resist.

    I initially laughed out loud when I spotted the early comments of Messrs Munnypenny, Doyle and Walker-Pitt suggesting that UKIP were misguided in trying to attract Labour voters by setting up shop directly opposite Penarth Labour Club.

    But it then dawned on me that these esteemed contributors to this site who without even a hint of irony consistantly assert their intellectual superiority over those who disagree with their views on this site are actually serious.

    They are actually genuine in suggesting that a political party has set up shop opposite a social club convinced that members of said club will be will be automatically drawn into voting for them by dint of proximity to their drinking waterhole.

    To use one of Nigel Farage’s favourite sayings ” You just couldn’t make it up”.

    Maybe someone should suggest that UKIP move to other vacant shops around the town during the course of the election campaign in order to automatically enlist the votes of the clients of various chip shops, the Fag, Boots, Ladbrokes or WH Smiths if suitable premises become available for let over the next few months.

    Perhaps Messrs Walker-Pitt, Doyle and Munnypenny should offer their services as election campaign gurus to their favoured parties with the astute electioneering analysis that they have displayed on this topic thread.

    On the other hand maybe their advice could be ignored in favour of just renting suitable premises as and where they become available as has happened in this case i.e. a vacant coffee shop which has been rented in order to open …’ a drop in coffee shop and election office’

    One really must wonder at the tortured conspiracy theory nature of the thought process of these three local political and ethics commentators who once again appear to be working themselves up into a frenzy of misguided and incorrect supposition.

    • Danny Oakentrode says:

      Well, Councillor, you have decided you do not agree with a few of the posters, but have you actually read the report?
      This states that UKIP have moved in to premises opposite the ‘enemy’ in the hope of picking up voters. Now, while it may be the case that this is because it was a shop that had become available at that moment, will UKIP supporters be located anywhere else in the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency area? Surely there are many more voters located across the bay?
      Despite your low opinion of the political acumen of three other contributors, two of which have said they are not affiliated with a particular party (and so, have no dogmatic political line to follow), once again the UKIP response is less than honest. There are a number of suitable premises available within the constituency – not just this one, in Penarth, opposite the Labour Club. But given the choice between this one and the many others that could have been used, it is somewhat disingenuous to claim total innocence.

    • Lyndsay Doyle says:

      Clearly, Mr. Mahoney, any hint of ‘intellectual superiority’ (your words, not mine) will not be an accusation levelled at you.
      It is really not a sound strategy to attempt ad hominem criticism. Take the gun out of the holster before you pull the trigger.

  19. Well

    1) As I am not the candidate, not a member of the local branch and had no involvement in the leasing of these premises I have no idea what other premises were considered for their suitability.

    2) As already pointed out it appears pretty obvious that as the idea appears to be a drop in discussion coffee venue then I’d suggest that the options were fairly limited and a former coffee shop would seem to be ideal for the purpose intended.

    3) Poking a bit of harmless fun at opposition parties with a line about the “enemy” is hardly the height of political sledging.

    4) Presumably Mr John Rees Evans has chosen his new premises in order to match his requirements from those available without recourse to seeking permission from his parties critics who use this website, and unless Mr Rees Evans intends to be the only aspiring candidate in Britain at the general election to open an office in every single district of the constituency ( which of course would breach election spending limits) then I would hazard a guess that as you suggest he won’t be opening one elsewhere having decided to open the one in Penarth.

    5) Perhaps a constructive suggestion would be that you pop in to see the candidate on Saturday and put your questions to him directly I’m sure that Mr Rees- Evans would be delighted to answer all or any queries that you have.

    (although I can’t vouch that he won’t fall about laughing as much as I did when you put forward your conspiracy theory about motive for the location of his new premises)

    • Danny Oakentrode says:

      Your response has been instructive, and through the various comments I know more about you and your party now.
      Of course, anyone who questions these motives for choosing the site in Glebe Street is involved in some ‘conspiracy theory’. I don’t see conspiracy so much as playground point-scoring and lack of directness. Let your candidate laugh as much as he wants now. He may have to laugh off a lot of failures. Others will have the last laugh.

    • Hamish Munnypenny says:

      Apparently, finding the targetting of Labour voters by setting up opposite the Labour Club laughable is because we are conspiracy theorists. Unfortunately, Mr. Mahoney, your candidate has stated above that HE IS LOCATED THERE to target Labour voters. I think you had better take him to one side and have a quiet word with him, because not only has he contradicted your assertion that this ill-considered choice is a conspiracy theory, and was not his intention, but he also seems to think he can stop a few people on their way out of the Labour Club after a few pints and sway the election. Well good luck with that strategy. Well thought out.
      Clearly, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Utter incompetence, and very convincing for us voters who had any doubt as to the political ‘astuteness’ of an inexperienced, single issue candidate who will rely on racist fears to rally support.

    • Lyndsay Doyle says:

      Oh dear….. what a gaffe! Kevin Mahoney, “you just couldn’t make it up”, has rebuked several people as conspiracy theorists for imagining that UKIP have set up opposite the Labour Club deliberately, on the assumption that it was Labour PARTY headquarters, which of course, would be a stupid thing to do because it is a social club.

      “They are actually genuine in suggesting that a political party has set up shop opposite a social club convinced that members of said club will be will be automatically drawn into voting for them by dint of proximity to their drinking waterhole.”

      Of course, Mr. Mahoney finds this laughable. Mr. Rees Evans, on the other hand, has explained that the choice of that location was deliberate:

      “Probably because Penarth is a strong Labout seat?”

      How charmingly guileless. If this naive and inexperienced candidate gets within 50 miles of Westminster they will eat him for breakfast. Utterly clueless.

  20. johnm says:

    I think ukip have mis-judged Penarth, but expect that they are here because they think it’s where they’ll get support in the wider constituency. I can’t imagine that this will help them expand in Cardiff South, and it is a shame for this unit to be wasted – even if, as I suspect, it’ll just be theirs for a 6 month short lease. (and oddly enough, 6 months from mow is ….. May, when we know the election must take place).

  21. Looks like the cafe has been elbo-ed out…………………..

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