St Paul's Cogan - Penarth's oldest building

St Peter’s Church. Old Cogan – Penarth’s oldest building

The 5th Century St Peter’s Church in old Cogan – said to be the oldest place of worship in the Vale of Glamorgan –  is to hold this year’s  “Open Day” on Saturday July 4th .

As  reported by PDN last week (see a “Friends of St Peter’s Church” group has been formally inaugurated with the aim of renovating and developing the ancient church (which is  a Grade 2 listed building and scheduled Ancient Monument) and providing more facilities for worshipers and members of the public.

St Peter's is the most ancient place of worship in the Vale

St Peter’s is the most ancient place of worship in the Vale

The “Friends” have announced that they aim to:-

  • improve drainage and stop in the ingress of damp at the church,
  • replace the rotting timber flooring,
  • provide a car park (The Welsh Church Act Estate Committee has already granted  consent to lease a portion of land to St Peter’s Church for use as a car park )
  • build a toilet block
  •  build a separate meeting hall at the site for the use of the congregation and the local community
Part of the timber floor of the church is rotting

Part of the timber floor of the church is rotting

The chairman of the Friends of St Peter’s, John Fraser, has been spelling out how it’s hoped to bring about these developments.

He says “conservation is a priority, but the provision of parking is important too” and that “in the longer term, the “Friends” would like to construct a small building, sympathetic to the historical surroundings, which would provide necessary facilities”. Mr Fraser says the church could also become a “valuable educational resource”.

St Peter's Church

Membership of the Friends of St Peter’s Church costs £10 p a

A conservation architect – Bob Sandford – is advising the renovation  project .The church is the last remaining vestige of the long-deserted mediaeval village of Old Cogan.

Membership of The Friends of St. Peter’s, Old Cogan costs £10.00 (£15.00 for a couple) per annum. Membership details can be obtained from the Secretary, Pat Bartley (  or the chairman ( – tel. (029)20631384).

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  1. Cogan nomen says:

    In the last 60 years I have never driven to this lovely church.
    From the age of 5 we walked along sully lane with parents.
    Latterly walking via Cosmeston ,even though retired .
    Try it .

  2. Patricia Thompson(nee Williams) says:

    I am concerned at the idea of a carpark and a toilet block in agricultural area. As a young child I walked regularly to St Peter’swith my grandmother and godmother across the fields from Redlands Road. I had other relatives farming at Old Cogan Hall Farm. Later I cycled. I was baptised at St Peter’s during the war and married there in 1964. Revisiting Penarth recently I walked there again doing a circuit from the town and back(age 74). Surely a community hall needs to be at the centre of a community not on the edge. The church in general is supposed to be encouraging sustainable living, encouraging more people to use cars is contrary to this.

  3. Lisa Corbett-Bailey says:

    I totally agree with Patricia Thompson’s comments. All of the plans are I believe subject to gaining appropriate planning permissions. The construction of more buildings within the small boundary of Saint Peter’s church yard would be over development of such a tiny site. The setting of a Grade 2 listed building would be drastically affected and should be a major consideration.
    As for a car park here ! We suffer enough nuisance parking for Cosmeston as it is. The field in negotiation has been been withdrawn from agricultural use for the last three years since the plan was first proposed and while never ending talks continue between church and council. Prior to that is was cropped for hay and grazed by the farm livestock. Sad to see what was a productive field so neglected and what an eyesore those boulders in the entrance are !
    A toilet block would require a septic tank as we are not on mains sewerage in this lane is there really enough space in the church yard ? If the intention is to connect to mains sewerage line , at what cost ?
    Come on leave the little church as it is , it is well worth preserving and of course the issue of damp must be addressed but not destroy all that makes the location of Old Cogan so unique.

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