As Education Mnister Huw Lewis said there were "no quick fixes" to solve education problems in Wales.

As Education Mnister Huw Lewis said there were “no quick fixes” to solve education problems in Wales. He was right. There weren’t.

The Welsh Labour Government’s Education Minister Huw Lewis –  who lives in Penarth with his wife and family – is standing down as an Assembly Member in April –  and will not seek re-election in May’s forthcoming Assembly Elections.

As a Labour AM Huw Lewis has represented the constituency of Merthyr and Rhymney since 1999. He took over as Education Minister in the Welsh Government in 2013 where he wrestled with the problems of trying to improve primary and secondary education in Wales after devastatingly-bad international PISA tests showed schools in Wales falling behind those in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland in Maths, Reading and Science.

Lynn Neagle lays inito Labour MP Ann Clwyd for criticising standards of nursing in the NHS. Clwyd's husband Owen Roberts died in the Heath Hospital

In the Assembly Lynne Neagle lays into Labour MP Ann Clwyd for criticising standards of nursing in the NHS. Ann Clwyd’s husband Owen Roberts died in the Heath Hospital in Cardiff after suffering sub-standard care.

Huw Lewis’s wife Lynne Neagle is the Labour Assembly member for Torfaen and will be standing for re-election May .

Lewis – a former teacher – is quoted as saying “nothing is forever” and that he wanted to “spend more time with his family” and “seek fresh challenges”.

He had once hoped to become First Minister and had been a candidate for the leadership of the Welsh Labour Party in 2013. 

Huw Lewis said it had been an “incredible privilege and honour” to represent the community in which he grew up – although his decision to live in Penarth, rather than in his constituency, had attracted comment.


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  1. Christopher David says:

    I don’t know how competent he was. What I do know is if WG channelled the money they waste on things like printing everything in two languages and £10 MILLLION on “Gender Awareness in the Workplace” Yes ten million pounds so we know a lady when we see one or vice versa, then the education budget would look a lot healthier!

  2. anne says:

    I think that AMs in a small country like Wales should live in the area they represent. There are just 2 reasons for standing down 1. A cushy job for labour insiders/ cronies or 2. Illness. Wouldn’t wish the latter.

  3. Frank Evans says:

    Standing down to spend more time with his family in Penarth! Sod his and his wife’s constituents in poor far off valley land. Labour out of touch with ordinary welsh voters.

    • Ralf says:

      “Poor far off valley land”. Try and be a bit more patronising.

      • Tim Gould says:

        “Poor far off valley land”
        Areas of below average GVA/Median income, whose topology is governed by folds in the underlying sub-strata, which from a connectivity point of view ranges from 1-2 hours by public transport to the coastal plain!

      • Christopher David says:

        Tim’s nailed it eh ? !

      • Martin gossage says:

        I think he was suggesting that’s how Huw and his wife sees their constituents and thus accusing THEM of being patronising.

  4. Champange Socialist says:

    AMs check list:

    Penarth House partly paid by rent/mortgage allowance from the tax payer?

    Joint house-hold salary £170,000?

    Chauffeur driven Volvo?

    Final salary pension for him and his misses?

    New job lined up in a Welsh quango?

    Golden goodbye?

    In touch with local constituents?
    Get back to you on that one!

    • Christopher David says:

      Yup part of the empire building club then. These scroungers also want to increase the membership from 60 to 100 AM’s. That’s the same number as in the USA Senate that govern a population of 319 million. The public sector per se is out of control.

  5. Chris Franks says:

    His term as education minister has been one of continued failure. Also remember he only got the job because the previous Labour minister was sacked for opposing his own party’s education plans!

  6. Christopher David says:

    Ah Chris Bonjour long time, I like Plaid’s support of the Blue Route and intention to resurrect the WDA (I was the former Chairman when it was a private entity!) .

  7. Willy Wonka says:

    One fewer chauffeur driven volvo plying the streets of Penarth………not for long though I bet.

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