A shower of sawdust from a chain saw as a lumberjack fells another escarpment tree

A shower of sawdust from a chain saw as a lumberjack fells another tree on the almost-vertical face of the escarpment this morning

A team of lumberjacks and a large mobile crane, under contract to the Vale of Glamorgan Council, set to work this morning to begin clearing, pollarding, and coppicing  the trees and natural habitat on the escarpment along Penarth Portway.

The crane is parked in the Western half of the car park whilst the lumberjacks themselves – suspended with rock-climber’s ropes – are working with chain saws on the almost vertical incline above .

The team is working at the entrance to the Penarth Marina car parks - which remain open.

The team is working at the entrance to the Penarth Marina Western car park.

Traditional handsignals are used for the most critical manopuevers

Traditional handsignals are used for the most critical manopuevers

The lumberjacks are in constant radio contact with the contractor’s supervisor on the ground – but still rely on traditional hand-signals to convey instructions to the crane driver.

A massive log is lowered down past a lumberjack almost totally obscured in tree-cover.

A massive log is lowered down past a yellow-coated lumberjack almost totally obscured by tree-cover.

Each section of tree is attached to a chains from the crane jib before it is sliced through by the chain saws and lowered to the ground.

Reduced to sawdust . A vacuum system fires a stream of woodchips into a lorry

Reduced to sawdust . A vacuum system fires a stream of woodchips into a lorry

Large trunks and branches are being sawn up into smaller sections on the ground –  whilst smaller branches are being reduced to sawdust on site.The company ESA Tree Care is a different contractor from the one which carried out the December 2014 clearance on the slope above the Quay Marina boatyard.

One of the lumberjacks in today's operations

One of the lumberjacks in today’s operations

One by-stander said whatever his views of the felling operation might be, he saluted the skill and dexterity of the lumberjacks carrying out the work .



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  1. Martin Coffee says:

    I was worried that the dissenters would be picketing the site when I reached the marina this afternoon but fortunately common sense has prevailed and the work to make the escarpment safe is going ahead unmolested.

  2. Anne says:

    The War on trees in Penarth continues on the recommendations of ‘consultants’. The town council are intent on destroying the beauty of the trees and Penarth ostensibly to ‘save’ us. A lot of money is being misspent. This is detrimental to the allure of Penarth, ambiance, business, and house prices, No need Martin Coffee for the patronising comments. If I hadn’t a broken leg I’d be there chained to a tree. We must make a stand before any more trees are chopped down or brutally ‘pollarded’.

  3. Ivor Bagman says:

    Jobs for the boys.
    Getting paid to have fun.

  4. G. Jamieson says:

    Why are the council removing these trees. Is it for the residents living in the Paget Road area who will then benefit from better views accross the Bay ??

  5. Jonnyoneye says:

    I lived in Paget Road through the 80’s and much of the 90’s and during that time I remember various house owners in the street asking the Vale Council to thin and lower the taller tree tops, to give us all a better view of Penarth Dock, the mud flats and later Cardiff Bay. The Vale always rejected these requests because “One does not have the right to a view”, or words to that effect.
    I wonder what has changed now ? Different owners of the houses ? Different friends……………..

  6. IanC says:

    I have a much better view now from my flat, thanks to the Vale.

  7. LeighA says:

    For everyone’s information, there has been a number of woodland management reports covering the escarpment over the past 10 years all of which have recommended effective management in the form of coppicing, pollarding and removal of dangerous trees. All of these reports have, until now, been ignored. If the work had been carried out when originally recommended, well before Penarth Heights was built, we would now have a well managed, safe and attractive amenity. The latest report by Mott MacDonald, one of the worlds largest consulting and environmental engineers, raises safety issues that cannot continue to be ignored. The sooner the work is completed the sooner the escarpment will regrow and create an improved environment for all concerned, including the birds and wildlife that live on the escarpment.

  8. Colin says:

    Its going down, I’m yelling timber.

  9. Kenny E says:

    LeighA, is it really true that the lumberjacks who cut down these trees were recommended by our Member of Parliament?

  10. cheryl7brown says:

    I want to know what they will do to make up for the loss of trees in the area – what new planting programmes they have? Does anyone know – or hasn’t this been considered?

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