Hazelhurst Nursery - with the gardfen Tree House - has been in breach of planning permission for 10 years - according to the Vale of Glamrogan Council - but there's nothing that can be done about it.

Hazelhurst Nursery at 120 Plymouth Road has been in breach of planning permission for 10 years – according to the Vale of Glamorgan Council – but now there’s nothing that can be done about it.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has had to drop enforcement action against the Hazelhurst Children’s Nursery at 120 Plymouth Road Penarth  – because breaches of planning permission were left to go unchallenged for too long.

In 1994 the nursery had received planning permission from what was then the Vale of Glamorgan Borough Council, allowing it to have up to a maximum 50 children on its premises .

The ValeCouncil also received a complaint about "advertising signage" at the front of the property

The Vale Council also received a complaint about  signage but say there is “deemed consent” for this

In recent months however some local residents – concerned about local traffic congestion during drop off and pick up times – came to the conclusion that there were actually more than the maximum of 50 children actually attending the nursery each day.

They brought to light an inspection by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales carried out in 2014 which reported that  Hazelhurst Nursery “provides full day care for a maximum of 70 children under 8 years of age” . That was  20 more than the maximum laid down in the 1994 planning permission.

An enforcement contravention inquiry was then put in train by the Vale of Glamorgan Council. It has now discovered that the nursery “has been operating in breach of condition 3 of  permission for in excess of 10 years”.

The letter from the Vale of Glamorgan Council explains why no action can be taken about the planning breaches.

The letter from the Vale of Glamorgan Council explains why no action can be taken about the planning breaches.

However the council’s  ‘operational manager development management’ – Robert Lankshear – says that, because the nursery has been operating in this way for that length of time, it is now “immune from enforcement action by the local planning authority ”  (i.e. the Vale of Glamorgan Council).

A resident had also complained that a tree-house structure had been erected in the garden of the premises – apparently without planning permission.  Mr Lankshear goes on to say in a letter to a local resident that in fact the tree house structure in the front of the site has been there since “at least 2008”  and that it too is now “immune from enforcement action”.

As a result there is no enforcement action that the council can now take against the nursery.


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  1. Alex says:

    Lolling at the person who complained about the treehouse and got shot down! That has made my day

    • Gareth says:


      • snoggerdog says:

        slow day (like every other day) in penarth thats why! brackets mad me!

      • Alex says:

        Because they have nothing better to do than try and use pernickety planning laws to make changes that make no difference to anything except to spoil kids having fun, but were unable to

      • Barney G says:

        alex I think maybe you missunderstand the purpose of this nursery, its not just a fun thing for kids, its a one million pound business that can’t be bothered to put in a planning application.

      • Alex says:

        Only after reading the comments just then did I find out that it costs £225 a week (!!!) (£215 – 227.50 according to their website) to send your kid there. My opinion has changed somewhat. Stop screwing over the workers who need to leave their kids somewhere for the day!

  2. Ivor Bagman says:

    What the council did to
    St Aubins was abysmal.

  3. Frank Evans says:

    Never mind about the tree house, small matter.
    But charging £225/week for 70 kids is a big business!!
    They can’t be bothered to apply and pay for planning permission, another example of Penarth Greed.
    I’m afraid this is why our council tax goes up every year.

  4. The Town Fryer says:

    The original planning documentation states that “only the ground floor shall be used as a nursery”
    Has not the first floor been also converted too? with not a single building or planning application going in to the Vale in 22 years. This seems a strange considering the amount of internal work that has gone on. Still they are only looking after our small kids.

    The tree house does not look out of place, but could parents when dropping off their precise little darlings try and park with the car seat to the pavement side? I too drive by sometimes and it’s an accident waiting to happen on this corner.

    • Grapas14 says:

      I agree completely with your points regarding planning, and yes the first floor has been converted. On the note of parking with the car seat to the pavement side, it’s not that simple, as a mum of 19 month old twins (my children do not attend Hazelhurst but another Penarth nursery), I need two car seats in the rear of my car, therefore inevitably one has to be on the roadside (not just applicable to twins as many parents have two children requiring car seats). I face the issue every day of getting one of my children safely into the roadside car seat, and we have actually been hit once by a car that came flying down the road paying no attention whatsoever, despite the fact that I am constantly aware of oncoming cars and do everything possible to keep us and the car door out of the way. Lack of safe parking and sufficient lighting is a problem around many nurseries and schools in the area, affecting parents, children and local residents alike.

      I love Penarth for it’s wonderful old buildings and character, however most of these buildings were not originally built for commercial purposes, it seems little thought has been put into the conversion of some premises and the knock on effects.

  5. Ivor Bagman says:

    Council ?
    Really odd –
    U allow monstrosities .
    Can you explain how you have
    Ignored some properties
    For 40 or more
    YEARS !!

  6. Steve says:

    Can’t wait to see what they do next….log flume? roller coaster? merry-go-round?

  7. J.J. Henry says:

    A complete disgrace on behalf of the owners.
    If they have not applied for planning in 20 years then do they even have a valid fire risk assessment for the 1st floor extension to the nursery which doesn’t have planning. Isn’t it the local authority which provides guidance on such matters.
    I used to think Hazlehurst was a well run nursery but I find this news astonishing.

  8. CelticMan says:

    Sheer greed – close it down!

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