Stephen Doughty's attempt to trip the Treasury up over the Chancellor's visit to Cardiff has failed.  complained

Stephen Doughty’s attempt to trip the Treasury up over the Chancellor’s January 7th visit to Cardiff – after not being told in advance that he was coming – has failed.

The Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth Stephen Doughty – who claimed he should have been officially informed in advance of a visit to Cardiff  earlier this month by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne – has now received answers to a series of written questions he’d tabled in the Commons about the visit.

Doughty had asked whether any of the costs associated with the  event were met from the public purse, how many civil servants attended, whether invitations were issued by the Treasury and  how many civil servants accompanied him on his visit to Cardiff on 7 January 2016.

Harriet Baldwin replioed to a series of written questions from Doughty about the visit

Treasury Secretary Harriet Baldwin replied to a series of written questions from Doughty about the visit

Harriett Baldwin, the economic secretary to the Treasury has written to Doughty to tell him “Consistent with all official events, the Chancellor was supported by a small number of officials from his private office and the Treasury press office” .

She told Doughty “Costs associated with the major economy speech at the St David’s hotel in Cardiff were met within the existing events budget at HM Treasury.

“Invitations” she said “ were not issued by the department.”


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  1. papa Lazarou says:

    All a bit silly, the business community new in advance of his arrival, maybe mr Doughty’s secretary needs to be a bit more proactive.

  2. Ianto says:

    Silly man, business community knew well in advance. Pity he isn’t more in tune with his business constituents.

  3. storm-in-a-tea-cup! says:

    Maybe someone from the treasury should have left a post-it note on Mr Doughty’s car!!!!!

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