All smiles on the doorstep - but people aren't persuaded - says Labour MP Stephen Doughty (left) seen here with Cllr Gwyn Roberts (Labour St Augustines) and Cllr Peter King (Labour Cornerswell)

“Surprise! Surprise. It’s us!” .All smiles on the doorstep – but Labour “isn’t getting its message across” – says Labour MP Stephen Doughty (left) seen here with supporters including (centre) Cllr Gwyn Roberts (Labour St Augustines) and (right) Vale Cllr Peter King (Labour Cornerswell)

Stephen Doughty, the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth  – who resigned from his role as junior foreign affairs spokesman earlier this month –  has admitted that the Labour Party is  “struggling to connect with voters on the doorstep”.

Doughty describes Labour’s latest opinion-poll figures (which show Labour trailing the Tories by 8 points)  –  as “deeply concerning” and says British voters have “serious concerns” about Labour’s positions on security and defence.

Doughty – who regularly campaigns with fellow Labour Party members on constituency doorsteps at weekends – says that “from speaking to people in my own constituency, there are significant concerns about Labour’s position on matters of security and defence and we do not appear to be getting across our messages on the economy “.

In an interview in WalesonLine he says he  hopes Labour will perform well in the elections for the Welsh Assembly and the other devolved assemblies in May.

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  1. The Town Fryer says:

    Never mind about “post-it-note-gate”
    I would cross the road if that lots came towards me!
    Are you sure this wasn’t an episode of Dr Who being filmed?
    The revenge of red rosettes….

    • Philip Rapier says:

      This is simply not true everywhere and certainly not London and Manchester as according to Ladbrokes – who incidentally had the General Election about right and are rarely wrong. Also the-
      ” Oddschecker” website collate all betting averages offered today as
      London Mayoral Election 2016
      View all odds Winning Party
      Labour (4/6), Conservatives (6/4), Any other (25), Liberal Democrats (100)
      View all odds Next Mayor
      Sadiq Khan (4/6), Zac Goldsmith (6/4), George Galloway (50), Michael Liebreich (50), Ken Livingstone 66/1
      Greater Manchester Mayoral Election
      View all odds Winning Party
      Labour (1/4), Independent (4), Conservatives (16), UKIP (16), Liberal Democrats (50)
      View all oddsNext Mayor
      Sir Richard Leese (5), Tony Lloyd (5), Ivan Lewis (10), Sir Howard Bernstein (12),

      • The Town Fryer says:

        Sorry, Philip what on earth are you on about?

        Have you joined Ladbrooks or something?
        Have all people who work for Labour gone off the rails this week.

        Remember, comres/dame margo beckett says you have to take 10% off the published opinion polls for Labour, cause Labour supporters are willing to answer the phone and speak to just about anyone! They explained it as other supporters were more likely to be in, but I suspect it might be more to do with the letters I and Q

  2. snoggerdog says:

    thats not a smile,thats showing your teeth.

  3. Spence says:

    What do they expect? The amount of ‘consultations’ they put out and then ignore the concerns of the electorate as they continue with their ill-advised vanity projects then have the temerity to knock on doors come election time and tell us they are listening! If there is any justice they will reap what they sow come election time!

  4. Jonnyoneye says:

    Is this any wonder when you have local councillors like Ms Burnett throwing a tantrum over a bit of 4″ x 2″ yellow post-it-note, which she claims is a threat to her safety ?
    The general public want to be represented by people who do not throw the dummy out of the pram over what was obviously a very minor prank.
    Give us people who we can trust to represent the voters views, behave as adults and not tow the party line all the time and you might find that you get some grass roots support !

    • Lindsay says:

      Dear oh dear, not another thread that drags in the “post it note” issue. Just in case we might have missed it elsewhere!

      • Jonnyoneye says:

        Most who look at this website will not have missed it, but obviously our local Labour MP has, because if he has to question why his party is failing to connect with voters, he cannot have seen or at least understood the relevance of one of his fellow party members and not just a member, but a councillor, behaving like a completely spoilt child over a small piece of paper stuck to her windscreen.
        A great advertisement for the calibre of people on offer within his party and eventually to the electorate. Hopefully that should give him the answer to his dilemma, but I somehow doubt it.

      • Lindsay says:

        I don’t expect Mr Doughty, or any other movers and shakers, spend a lot of time on here. I’m not sure who does with the multiple identities, but an unmistakeable style, conducting discussions with themselves.

      • The Town Fryer says:

        Lindsay, presumably you have seen, read and always act on the e-mail from CLP regarding social media?

        You would have some credibility if:
        A) you weren’t anonymous too.
        B) you didn’t always stand up for everything Labour no matter what.
        C) you don’t always think everyone who questions you is the same person.

      • Jonnyoneye says:

        Well I’m the same person…….I think ?
        Blimey, i’ll have to write my name on a post-it-note so that I don’t forget which name I’m writing under next time 🙂

      • Lindsay says:

        Last word on the matter from me, but I’m sure one of the other correspondents will want the final say. I seek no credibility, simply to present the other side of a very one sided coin. I know that life is more comfortable when confronted by nodding dogs but I have no idea why an alternative view should be regarded with hostility. After all, fairness and balance are by-words of PDN. I am not anonymous, I am Lindsay, but I doubt you are the Town Fryer unless PDN biz watch has missed a new chippy. I have never explicitly “stuck up” for any Labour policy or politician, let alone “everything……no matter what”. I don’t think everyone who questions me (although it is usually me doing the questioning) is the same person but I’m absolutely sure a lot of them are.

  5. JK says:

    I’ve tried contacting him via his website, email and Twitter accounts regarding his decision to resign on live television. He is my MP and his behaviour around this was disgraceful and an affront to any political party. As my MP I am deeply dissatisfied with his behaviour. He points, at length on his website, about the rationale for resignation but not the manner.

    There has been no response from any channel from him or his team; his Twitter feed is full of really important information such as the latest Bluebirds’ team selection. A true man of the people.

    We get the politicians we deserve. Let’s hope he knocks on my door.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Well I wrote to him and immediately had a long and detailed reply. He has already spoken to the relevant minister and is going to meet with me to learn more of the issue. So give credit where due. N.B. I am NOT a Labour voter

  6. Ian Perry says:

    The calibre of candidates and some elected politicians leaves a lot to be desired. If Stephen Doughty really thinks that the disconnect is because of the national issue of security and defence, then he probably is going to keep on wondering why Labour are unable to differentiate themselves from the Tories.

    There are many reasons why people continue to vote for the blue team, rather than the red team – and part of that is the red team trying to be like the blue team.

  7. AK says:

    I think most politicians whether they be Town Council, District Council, WAG, Westminster or EU (crikey, how many levels do we need ?!) struggle to engage with the voters except the die hard supporters of a particular party.

    Local politicians (which I count at the first two of those levels) should once elected be working for the good of their local constituents, not some big national agenda of their party.

    When they start the Punch and Judy stuff (or insert own choice of names!), then this voter turns off.

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