Old Victorian homes in Penarth incur staggeringly high levels of Council Tax

Some old Victorian homes in Penarth incur staggeringly high levels of Council Tax

Home owners in Penarth are being cold-called and told that  – on payment of a fee – they can have their Council-Tax banding professionally investigated with a view to getting it reduced .

PDN has been informed that a householder in his late 60s received a call from a female representing a firm called “All Claim Solutions” offering to “reduce his council tax

The householder was told that if he would provide his debit or credit card details, a charge of  £69.99 would be deducted and that the company would then carry out an investigation of his property banding and provide all the information necessary to lodge an appeal against the current valuation.

The Allclaim Solutions logo. ALthough it gives a London address the firm is actually based in Brighton.

The Allclaim Solutions logo. Although it gives a London address the firm is actually based in Brighton.

In this case the householder asked the caller whether she worked “for the council” . She replied that she didn’t but said that her company “shadows the councils” – and provided a (genuine) telephone and a company registration number.

A Penarth pensioner's email relates the conversation with the Allclaim Solutions

A Penarth pensioner’s email relates the conversation with the Allclaim Solutions

The householder asked to be called back at later date and rang the Vale of Glamorgan Council. The council told him they believe the scheme was  “a scam” and he was asked to call the council again if any further approaches were made by the firm.

PDN investigations show that “Allclaim Solutions” (there are other similarly-named firms) is a private limited company registered at Companies House. The company’s  address is given as 20-22 Wenlock Road, London – but this is in fact a “virtual office” which provides a mailing address, telephone reception and call-forwarding facilities for a large number of companies. [ PDN Note There is nothing unusual or illegal about this. Many small companies to do this in order to provide themselves with the perceived advantage of a Central London address].

Companies House say the registered office of Allclaim Solutions is in Chichester but a spokesman for the firm says the operational base is actually in Brighton, Sussex. Although – unusually – the on-line “filing history”  doesn’t include details of the company’s directors, Companies House say there is one director on their files – a Mr Ashley Davis.

“Chris”  – a manager at  Allclaim Solutions says it only does the administration for its clients and provides a package including all the necessary paperwork. However it stresses there is “no guarantee” of a rebate or reduction in banding .  It is the client – and not the firm – who actually submits each banding appeal.

Allclaim asserts it is successful in “about 80% of the cases they investigate –  inasmuch as they find evidence and provide calculations which appear to justify a lower valuation, but the firm admits that it generally does not get feedback from its clients as to whether their appeals have ultimately been successful or not .

In fact there is considerable scope to challenge Council Tax Banding valuations in Penarth and elsewhere Wales because the original bandings were the result of the notorious “drive-by” valuations carried out by the Welsh Labour Government –  nominally based on the value of each home as it was on 1st  April 2003  . This involved the inspectors driving around towns and cities in Wales and valuing individual properties without bothering to get  out of their cars.

The Welsh Government's Council Tazx valuation banding system is based on property values as they were on April 1st 2003

The Welsh Government’s Council Tax valuation banding system is based on property values as they were on April 1st 2003

All the bands are identified by a letter – “A” being the lowest and  “I” being the highest-valued homes . There are several homes in Penarth which are classified as being in the “I” band. (The English bandings only go up to “H”).

PDN Note: Householders who want to challenge their Council Tax Banding don’t need to engage the services of any company to lodge an appeal  on their valuation . They can do it free of charge  by contacting The Valuation Office in Cardiff.  All the necessary information is available on  https://www.gov.uk/council-tax-appeals/challenge-your-band


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  1. John says:

    Company’s Trade Address
    26A Meeting House Lane, Brighton, BN1 1HB

  2. John says:

    Companies trade address
    26A Meeting House Lane, Brighton, BN1 1HB

  3. Beverley says:

    I have just this morning received my ‘pack’ from All Claims Solutions, we decided to go for it even though it did seem too good to be true. We received our pack 4 weeks after purchase despite being told it would take two weeks. We have received this ‘pack’ which we were told would include a letter that we would need to sign and send to our council and we didn’t need to do anything else. However, it turns out we also need to get a valuation which, we do not want to do. This ‘pack’ is about 5 pages in a bound booklet and is what cost us £70. We were told we were eligible for nearly £3000 refund and they felt very confident we would win, but we’re actually only just within the valuation banding and arguing it would be futile. We were told that we had fourteen days to cancel but funnily enough, the pack took more than that to get to us. We were told that we would be sending this letter they write for us to sign, to the council. But it’s actually HMRC that deal with it. It’s all a load of rubbish and I warn anyone – DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE. Take it from my personal experience it just isn’t worth it.

  4. Graham says:

    Thanks Beverley, just had the cold call from them. The old adage if it seems to good to believe then then !!!!!!!

    After reading your comment and knowing my area well I have also declined to proceed.

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