No. 65 and the entrance of No. 65a Tennyson Road . (Google Earth)

No. 65 and the entrance of No. 65a Tennyson Road . (Google Earth)

In a decision which could affect a number of Penarth properties with separate annexes – a Tennyson Road householder has lost his appeal against the refusal of the Vale of Glamorgan Council to allow an annexe to be  rented out to a third-party.

Permission to build a “granny annexe”, at 65 Tennyson Road, Penarth (a right-to-buy council house) ,  had originally been given in 2000  – following an application  by a previous purchaser of the property.

The condition imposed by the Vale of Glamorgan Council when the original permission was given to build the annexe

The condition imposed by the Vale of Glamorgan Council when the original permission was given to build the annexe

The current householder had  applied for a “variation” on the condition (imposed when the original planning permission for the annexe was granted)  which would enable the premises to be rented as a “separate unit of accommodation”.  It’s a scenario which is not uncommon in Penarth and the eventual decision may well impact on other, householders with similar annexes.

A “paved parkway”, accommodating two cars, is at the front of the property but  the application documents  state that tenant parking would have to be on the main road . The annexe (No. 65a) already has a separate entrance from the main house (No. 65) . An internal door which currently the two properties would be “locked and secured” to “maintain privacy” for a tenant.

When the application was considered by Penarth Town Council’s planning committee couoncillors had recommended that the Vale of Glamorgan Council should refuse the scheme – which, in due course, it did.

The householder then appealled to the Planning Inspectorate explaining that the annexe had been used to provide accommodation for his elderly mother but it was “no longer needed for that purpose “ and that he would now like to “rent it out as a  separate unit of accommodation”.

The householder had told the inspector that the proposed use would be similar to its previous use by his mother but the inspector said “ I do not agree with that. The previous use was by elderly close relatives of the family living in the main house but use of the annexe by a complete stranger would be quite different in character, particularly in respect of privacy and amenity”

Tomorrow Penarth Town Council’s planning committee will hear a report confirming that the appeal has been dismissed and the householder may not rent out the annexe as a separate unit.


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  1. Angela Merkel says:

    Aren’t we supposed to have a housing shortage? Or did I misremember that? Sorry if we don’t, my mistake

  2. Barney G says:

    this is sexist, we grand dads have rights too you know!

  3. anne says:

    No to garden grabbing/ infill. This flat could be used by a couple with 2 cars with no parking space . there are detrimental effects on the neighbours and the character of the neighbourhood and Penarth. This is especially so in conservation areas where there presently controversial applications for a house in an alley and large extensions.

  4. snoggerdog says:

    upwards,outwards,front&backwards,underneath,in the garden,before long this septic isle will be choc a bloc with humanity & your shed will be your castle!

  5. AK says:

    Seems fair enough – you have a Granny annexe to house an elderly relative, not as a rental flat.

    If Granny dies, you leave it empty, rent it to the kids, convert it to additional space for your family home – or sell up and move.

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