St Aubin's Nursery on Archer Road, Penarth

St Aubin’s Nursery on Archer Road, Penarth

The St Aubin Nursery at 34 Archer Road, Penarth has emerged well from an unannounced inspection by the  Welsh care watchdog – the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales

The CSSIW report says the nursery – operated by St Aubins Nurseries Ltd –  is registered to provide day care for up to 116 children aged between 6 and 8 years of age

Some Welsh was used at St Auibins and some staff are bilingual

Some Welsh was used at St Auibins and some staff are bilingual

The report says the  nursery “is located in a large period property set over three floors with access to a large, secure, outdoor play area” .  The nursery has ” streamlined the recording of information, because of the “volume of nappies changed” revised its disposal arrangements , and decorated the interiior including a newly refurbished art room and undertaken a hygeine audit .

There were “no issues of non-compliance” identified during the inspection but the CSSIW recommends that to “improve privacy for children”, the nursery moves ahead with improvements to the  “layout of the pre-school and toddler toileting areas”.

The inspectors found the children “benefited from a warm and respectful approach from staff and presented as secure, happy and settled with the carers in their environment.” and had an “extensive variety” of activiities and resources provided for them.

Security is a priority the report says with a daily fire register being help,  fire drills being carried out monthly and “lock down’ procedures are also practised in case of an emergency.

The CSSIW report on the St Aubin Nursery in Archer Road, Penarth

The CSSIW report on the St Aubin Nursery in Archer Road, Penarth

The CSSIW says “Incidental Welsh was seen to be used frequently (e.g., colours in Welsh) and there was bilingual labelling on some equipment and walls”. The report says “Some staff members are fluent Welsh speakers and can provide a service in Welsh if requested.

The report notes that good health and hygiene is practised and promoted with children encouraged to wash their hands before eating and to clean their teeth after meals. The nursery has a Food Hygiene rating of 5 (the highest ranking there is).

The full report for St Aubin Nursery is on  http://tinyurl.com/zqjq5nx

PDN NOTE: There appears to be nothing in the planning permission granted to the nursery which specifies a limit to the number of children which can be accommodated.

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  1. The Town Fryer says:

    Is this another Day Nursery without the full planning permission for the 116 children?

    They put in a planning application in 1998 to use the second floor as a store room/day club, which was granted. They stated in this planning document that the total number of staff working in the Nursery was 3.
    Another application in 2010 to retain a large wooden classroom out building, which was refused.

    I can’t believe 116 children using 3 floors and multiple rooms can be looked after by only 3 staff.
    Again as in Hazlehurst these are big businesses.

    Fees are £230/week for the 116 Children, this is over £100,000 a month!

    • newsnet says:

      PDN Note: The number of children at the St Aubin Nusery has increased to 116 from the 111 reported by CSSIW in its inspection in January 2012. The CSSIW – oddly – does not actually quote the exact number of staff at work in any of these establishments but says that it does require each nursery to have the correct ratio of staff to children. However the CSSIW does not say in its reports what that ratio is actually supposed to be.

  2. The Town Fryer says:

    Info from NiDirect UK:
    Wales might be slightly different, but should be similar.

    There are strict guidelines on the ratio of staff to children:

    for under two year olds – one carer to three children
    two to three year olds – one carer to four children
    three to five year olds – one carer to eight children


  3. Geoff Potter says:

    The CSSIW did have a stipulation that local planning conditions must be met, but they sent out a letter on the 18th Jan 2016 (see below) that this is not the case anymore. They go on to say the Welsh Government will issue a revised circular to local authorities, soon. Amazingly they also say one of the reasons for the change is the cost and difficulty in new child minding premises getting the correct planning! You could not make it up, devolved (ir)responsibility in Wales.

    18th Jan 2016
    Dear Colleagues
    Changes to regulation and inspection of child care from April 2016: Planning
    We can now confirm that we have reviewed this position and we will not require any
    declaration in respect of planning.
    As a regulator, our role is to ensure that the premises are safe and suitable for the
    provision of care, taking into account the maximum number of children you will care for at
    any one time and the available space for each child. Regulations and the National
    Minimum Standards for child care are being revised to reflect the new policy. The current
    standard NMS 22.4 – ‘local planning and building control requirement must be met’ will be

  4. Mary says:

    the “volume of nappies changed” …. how many nappies need changing on six to eight year-olds???

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