Something appeared to be missing from Penarth Town Centre today. At long last, the Christmas lights had gone.

Something appeared to be missing from Penarth Town Centre today. At long last, the Christmas lights – many of which had never worked anyway – had been taken down.

The town centre of Penarth looked a little different today – even though it wasn’t easy for shoppers and visitors at first to put a finger on exactly why.

At long last Penarth’s Christmas Lights  – the switching-on of which had to be unprecedentedly cancelled because of torrential rain and high winds in November last year – have, at long last,  been taken down.

Half of the Windsor Road Christmas LIghts didn't work

Half of the Windsor Road Christmas Lights never worked

Most people probably didn’t notice because – for much of the time they were up, Penarth’s Christmas lights  weren’t working properly anyway.

Two prominent rows of lights in Windsor Road, between the roundabout and WH Smith were early failures.  So were the lights in part of Stanwell Road and part of Glebe Street .

Some of the lights were coaxed back into action.  Some flickered back into life for a couple of hours but then packed up completely. The faulty strands in Windsor  Road remained dead for two months.

The headquartyers of Penarth Town Council at West House iin Stnawell Road . As soon as the Christmas Lights went on there - they fused the entire building

The headquarters of Penarth Town Council at West House iin Stanwell Road . As soon as the council’s Christmas lights were switched on  – they fused the entire building

Meanwhile at the headquarters of Penarth Town Council  the Christmas lights, which had been artistically draped around the robinia tree in the front garden,  caused even more havoc.

As soon these lights were switched on,  not only did they fail but they also short-circuited the mains power supply inside the council HQ itself –   leaving the entire building without power.

The Christmas lights had to be permanently disconnected from the mains before power could be restored to the building and normal council business resumed.

The unfamiliar face peeking around the leanign Christmas tree is the Town Clock - which should be visible again once the Christmas tree has been removed.

The unfamiliar face peeking around the leaning Christmas tree is the Town Clock – which should be visible again once the Christmas tree has been removed.

The only reminder – and remainder – of Christmas in Penarth now is the unlamented leaning Christmas Tree – stripped of its lights and awaiting removal sometime tomorrow or maybe later in the week by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

When it’s gone Penarthians will once again be able to see what time it is on the hidden Town Clock – and perhaps note that the annual removal of the town’s ‘Chrissy Decs’ – which usually brings down the curtain on local Christmas festivities at the end of January or the beginning of February – is a sure harbinger that spring is on the way.

…Also on the way are negotiations for a new tender to supply the 2016/17/and 18 Christmas lights.


Penarth’s 2015 Christmas Tree was finally removed on Thursday January 28th 2016 .

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  1. Ivor Bagman says:

    Christmas is every day in Penarth
    Most people are lit up
    Or sparked out !

    • Philip Rapier says:

      May I wish all PDN readers the sincerest joy and blessings of The Third Sunday in Epiphany but……….
      What the Dickens? The decorations are still up on Cardiff Castle perhaps it is a Tale of Two Cities (hopefully soon to be one dynamic prosperous Economic City Region after Local Government Reform in May)
      Bah Humbug! I know exactly what you mean though Jacob Marley came round the house other day said he is fed up with Scrooge giving Bob Cratchit Christmas Day off now as a regular event and shouting out of the window to Tiny Tim. Sending the poor boy off to the Coop in Windsor Road for a Turkey ihas to stop. Little Nell is on Hard Times. Miss Haversham refuses to buy a Christmas Cake and keeps trotting out that Wedding Cake with the cobwebs on. Surely she could sell it to the old Curiosity Shop. Copperfield is still in debt however Micawber says something will turn up. I hope so because I have another sixteen episodes of “Dickensian” to get through on “i Player” before the end of January,
      Pip! Pip!

      • Abel Magwitch says:

        May I too wish you Phil Rapier all the greetings of this pre-election season in the good ole town of Penarth. I hope your prose style is not suffering by having to type these long and rambling monologues.
        Whom should we vote for is the question on mind too, shall it be the young pip with great expectations or some old horse man of the socialist who’s drama training somewhat gets mixed and dickensianised with reality.

  2. sjleworthy says:

    Has there been any official comment why our lights were crap?

    • newsnet says:

      No . As far as we know the matter has not been formally discussed.

    • AK says:

      I don’t agree that they were crap. They were OK for Penarth – or, they would have been had they actually worked.

      I think it was the installation and execution which was crap!

  3. Huw Williams says:

    Can I suggest that this year rather than of centre and vertically challenged Christmas tree, the Council buys four smaller ones and has one facing each of the roads off the roundabout – that we way we will still be able to see the clock.

  4. Stuart says:

    Could we have some Christmas symbology, and some other colours other than blue?

    Oh and ones that work!

    • Mark Foster says:

      No you cannot. The people who have bought the Tory and Labour Parties in the UK will not allow Christian symbols. The same goes for banning the Lords Prayer in Cinema adverts. Its against their pernicious multicultural strategy.

  5. sjleworthy says:

    maybe we can have the lights in Welsh next year too

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