To be fair the flashers on this lorry were on =- so there must have been a dire emergency for it to have needed to stop here.

This lorry’s flashers were on indicating that there must have been some sort of dire emergency for it to have needed to stop where it did – on the zig-zag – just outside the chippy – at lunchtime .

Plassey Street in Penarth is evidently continuing to present a stiff challenge to those drivers who just can’t be doing with leaving their vehicle  several yards from where they need to be .

This car also uses the "flasher alibi" - and also appears to have his reversing lights on - but the car is stopping drivers coming in the opposite direction from seeing if there is anyone on the crossing

This car also uses the “flasher alibi” whilst stopped on the zig-zags. It also appears to have brake lights and reversing lights on – but is actually stationary  – and stopping drivers coming in the opposite direction from seeing if there is anyone on the crossing.

The police could issue a Fixed Penalty Notices – carrying 3 penalty points  – but as local police have told Penarth Council – they have to use a squad car to get from the police station to Plassey St and then find somewhere to park that before the can start taking any action …and by then, errant motorists have been known to  unsportingly drive away.

The other popular pavement build-out for parking is at the junction of Plassey St adn Albert Road where a dropped kerb makes it easy to drive onto the pavement

Another other pavement build out proving popular for parking is at the junction of Plassey St and Albert Road where a dropped kerb makes it easy to drive onto the pavement – and almost avoid the double-yellows

Another attractive parking spot turns out to be on the  dropped kerb on the “build-out” just at the junction of  Plassey St with Albert Road . The handy thing about dropped kerbs – the ones with the dimples for the sight-impaired on them – is that they make it easy to drive onto and off the pavement without any nasty jolts. …The downside is that they’re surrounded with those pesky double-yellow lines – but again it wasn’t a day when the Vale’s enforcement officers were in town .

The good news is that not all cars attracting attention in Penarth are illegally parked.

This creative "rat-look" Volkswagen is cleverer and funnier than it seems at first glance.

This creative “rat-look” Volkswagen is cleverer and funnier than it seems at first glance.

This painstakingly-prepared “Rat-look” vintage Volkswagen – at the kerbside near Monty Smith’s – has  a roof rack carrying a bike, a surfboard, and displays a wide variety of stickers including “This vehicle is not abandoned”, “Cool as Penguin piss”“In cable-ties we trust”  and “On an adventure – before dementia”.

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  1. sjleworthy says:

    cant blame these morons. why change a habit if you’re being invited not to do so?

  2. AK says:

    I thought the built out kerb and double yellows at the Glebe Street/Plassey Street junction were exclusively for the use of the taxi companies.

  3. Christopher David says:

    They may have dropped an H off the VW number plate 🙂 So- scrap private parking for residents in the area to the detriment of road tax (emissions charge oh pedantic ones) paying motorists, so they can park in safety- for all.

  4. Christopher David says:

    Ah no- I specialise in asset finance training, You can contact the council. I understand they have excellent adult education classes in several languages for the less able amongst us. Don’t be embarrassed we all have our weak points.. 😉

  5. Tony says:

    Penarth is a great training ground for new drivers with a variety of hazards-cyclists doing their own thing,drivers parking on zig-zags and even ON Pedestrian crossings (yes I mean you!-the lady who parked on the zebra and then nipped into Boots last week).Then we have the big lorries delivering to Euronics and the pub, essentially making Windsor Road single file. Pedestrians are not blameless,they cross between the crossings and frequently catch up on all the gossip on the pavement near the Crossing-they then walk across the road without looking once they have finished their conversation-causing drivers to do emergency stops-the mystery is that all this mainly occurs without mishap.

  6. Christopher David says:

    Ah that’s nice Lindsay but honestly- you wont need my help. I’m advised the teachers are excellent.
    Yes Tony- well observed and true, far too many people in the country. Introduce modern eugenics I say. Hah, that’ll get the reaction-ists (sic) going.

  7. Sue@56 says:

    One crossing would be sufficient for the shopping area in Windsor Road and this should be a lights controlled crossing, not zebra. Zebra crossings cause traffic mayhem with pedestrians walking across them every few minutes .

    • Jo jo says:

      What ??? So it’s the pedestrians fault now???? Ridiculous!!!! It you cant handle it or don’t have enough patience to drive through a busy village safely, please leave the car at home as you shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a motor car!

  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    I think Sue@56 that you mean every few seconds!

  9. Natasha says:

    its awful in Penarth town to drive and even in Cogan where I live there is never anywhere to park so people end up parking on corners, pavements you name it and don’t even think of driving down dock street. Some idiot seen me half way down it and decided to carry on entering the road, which ended up me having to reverse the whole way back down.

  10. Hels bells says:

    We have stopped going to Penarth for coffee/shopping due to the parking issues! It’s a nightmare and I am sure it is having a detrimental affect on local trade.

  11. AK says:

    I was in a heated debate in Plassey Street chippy last night – there was a Range Rover parked barely beyond the crossing, in the zig zags with its hazard lights on.

    When I went into the chippy, I said to no-one in particular ‘some people would drive up to the counter if they could – do you see where that eedjit has stopped’

    The eedjit in question (7 FET or similar reg) took offence and tried to argue that he wasn’t actually on the crossing.

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