Hinkley Point nuclear power station seen from Penarth

The Hinkley Point nuclear power station site seen from Penarth

A decision to build  two more  nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point – just 16 miles across the Bristol Channel from Penarth – has been deferred until next month.

There are already two existing nuclear power stations on the same site.

  • “Hinkley Point A” is an old Magnox station built in the early sixties which no longer produces power and is the process of being decommissioned.
  • “Hinkley Point  B” is a so-called “second generation” Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor which is currently in operation. Building work began on this station in 1967 and it began feeding power to the National Grid in 1976 .
  • “Hinkley Point  C” is the new double-reactor station which the French energy company EDF  won planning approval to build in 2013  . It was said at the time  to be large enough  to power 5,000,000 homes – a figure since modified to 6,000,000 homes.
Hinkley Point C will be a double-reactor power station

Hinkley Point C will be a double-reactor power station

Hinkley Point C will have two “European Pressurised Reactors”  built by the French company Areva [PDN Note: no connection with Arriva Trains] which claims to be the world’s largest nuclear power company . Because of its two reactors Hinkley Point C will be two power stations in one.

This  new £18bn power station – seen as crucial to the UK’s energy future – had been expected to be given the go-ahead at an EDF Energy board meeting yesterday but the  company has to find £12bn to fund its share of the Hinkley project . EDF is said to be still in funding-discussions with its biggest shareholder – the French government.

EDF would have a 66.5% stake in Hinkley after selling off 33.5% to a Chinese partner – the China General Nuclear Power Corporation.


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  1. Tim Hughes says:

    Parked my caravan next to Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station last summer. It stopped producing electricity 25 years ago and the information board said they hope the site would be cleared by the start of the next century. The car park was full with 700+ workers still working on decommissioning. We really need to sort out what to with the waste before we build anymore.

  2. G. Jamieson says:

    Why not use tidal power as the Bristol Channel has the second highest tide in the world ? Also I would not feel happy about the Chines having a 33% stake in this new power station.

    • snoggerdog says:

      i was under the impression that just about everything of our assets & companies were sold off,or run by the rest of the world (except lloyds bank,delayed) lm in the middle of negotiations to lease,with the promise of ownership in the near future of s.doughty to the north koreans but they are asking a ridiculous amount of money so far.

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