What the new Brew Stone restaurant would look like in place of the old Blockbuster premises

What the new Brew Stone restaurant would look like on Hickman Rd in place of the old Blockbuster premises

Cllr Burnett suggested that Prezzo set up in the old Blockbuster store

The old Blockbuster store

It’s taken a while – but a planning application has now been made for “change of use” of the old Blockbuster Video store  into a Brew Stone pub/restaurant at 38 Windsor Road – although in fact the main entrance will be – as now – in Hickman Road .

The premises had originally undergone a similar application when Domino’s Pizza been interested in setting up a takeaway on the same premises  – but those plans didn’t come to fruition .

The latest plans provide for a change of use to a A3 restaurant, an “outdoor seating area”, the “conversion of first and second floor to seven bedroom flat” , and a new shopfront which will harmonise better with the surroundings than the old Blockbuster store .

Brew Stone’s original interest had been flagged up in February last year when it first announced it was intending to set up on the corner site (See PDN .

Brewstone already has a cafe / wine bar in Swansea -

Brew Stone already has a cafe / wine bar in Swansea –

Brew Stone already has a successful establishment n Swansea and is planning to develop the Penarth outlet as the foundation of a restaurant chain . It says it specialises in wood-fire cuisine, fresh salads, coffees, quality wines and craft beers. A new flue will be installed for a “wood-burning pizza oven”.

The application says “ adding a new restaurant in this area will develop Windsor Road as a pub for eating and drinking to the general public. The idea is to promote and unite all businesses on Windsor Road as a social realm with evening vibrance, energy and activity “

The application has yet to come before Penarth Town Council or the Vale of Glamorgan Council which will make the final decision.

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  1. Frank (yawn) Bird says:

    Just what Penarth really needs, another restaurant !

    • Eyes and Ears says:

      You’re right we should leave it empty

    • Aahjnnot says:

      It might not suit you, but it works for me.

      Penarth has benefitted from several new casual dining places in recent years. Places like the Windsor, the Pilot, Bar 44 and the Glendale wine bar seem to always be busy with happy customers who pay no attention to your eye-rolling sneers.

      I expect that I’ll spend far more time and money in the Brewstone than I ought.

  2. Christopher David says:

    Ahhh Penarth / (OK really feckless VOG) hotch potch planning. A pizza this and a pizza of that.

  3. 7 Bedroom Flat? I do hope that this is a typo!
    As to another restaurant, it would appear that the High St can only sustain those businesses that sell a product that cannot be bought online.

    • newsnet says:

      Christinehavard: Umm no – it’s not a typo. The plan is to have four bedrooms on the first floor and three bedrooms on the second floor.

  4. Christopher David says:

    Can’t you buy a pizza online? I don’t know I’m not a fan of the stuff, cheese on toast or Welsh rarebit with topping if you must beat pizza hands down- but hey its an idea eh! But a pizza restaurant on the high st where one can be seen like the Friends fans in the coffee shop. Wow living the dream 😉

  5. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Another beeeeppppping restaurant!

  6. hughcurrell says:

    Why do people object to restaurants so much? Sure, I can think of a few things we could have as an alternative but I enjoy the variety of restaurants in Penarth in general.

  7. Christopher David says:

    I concur ColaniXL. Yes my comments are meant to be jocular- at least these companies pay full business rates unlike charity shops who enjoys massive rate subsidies but pay their directors huge salaries, the big ones £100,000 to £500,000 PA!!
    All we have to do now is force the big companies to pay full taxes in the countries they operate in. So welcome pizza shop.

  8. Cathy says:

    Much better than an empty shop, or even another charity shop. Interested to know what is coming into Robert Smith’s old garage as workman have been there for months and months

    • Steven says:

      I sure the workers were using it as a base whilst doing up the house next door? Nothing has changed in the interior of the old garage if you look through the gaps in the black out film

  9. Frank Evans says:

    I get confused with all the brew stuff. This is not connected with brew house is it.. At least it’s semi local and not another chain. What will I tell the taxi driver now? Turn right at blockbusters won’t work anymore. …

  10. Bevans says:

    I think it will be brilliant to have a new restaurant / bar there. Yes there are one or two decent places to eat in penarth but it’s great to have some variety. It’s a town centre and shops and restaurants are what’s normally found in town centres!!

  11. Jo jo says:

    More parking chaos then?

  12. Brew Stone says:

    we’re really glad to see some positive comments from the local community, perhaps if it helps understand the place that bit better, we’re an independent Welsh Co, the daughters of 1 of the owners go to school in Penarth so there’s been a connection with the town for a while, Brewstone is a place for wood fire cuisine, (not just pizza) Craft Beer, Artisan Coffee and Cocktails, we’re hoping to trade from 7am for Breakfast until midnight with the kitchen open until 11pm… our current Brewstone is located in Uplands in Swansea and has been nominated for a Building Control Award for Best Small commercial project this year so we’re hoping to deliver something equally nice (or nicer) in Penarth… if you fancy a little rd trip come and see us in Uplands and hopefully you’ll like what we do 🙂

    ps. we’re not an estate agent so the 7 bed accommodation above is for some of our team as we’re hoping to bring in excess of 21 jobs for the area which will be a significant & challenging recruitment process so the accommodation will be a great help as Penarth is a beautiful but not so cheap place to live…

    • Matt f says:

      Welcome to Penarth, I think it is great to have another restaurant in the town centre. It will upgrade the centre with a fantastic company that I have had the pleasure of meeting in uplands, lovely food, drink and atmosphere.

      P.S. Just a word of warning there is an army of old moaning residents that want Penarth to stay the same as it was decades ago. Hopefully some of your grub will chear them up and change opinions.

      Good luck with the build 🙂

      • Brew Stone says:

        well Matt, thank you for the kind welcome, really glad you were well looked after in Uplands… hopefully that will be the base standard in Penarth 🙂

    • Aahjnnot says:

      Welcome to Penarth! There will always be a few whinging comments from people who despise the 21st century, but everyone I speak to is looking forward to your arrival. I live about 2 minutes walk from the planned development, but, despite Jojo’s slightly sour remark, I am very happy to put up with a few extra parked cars outside my house if it means I get a decent pub/restaurant on my doorstep.

      Do you have an estimated opening date yet?

      • Brew Stone says:

        thanks Aahjnnot, we’re not too worried about negativity per say at this stage as BrewStone has working with the local community as a key centrepiece that determines a lot of how we work and what we do, i suppose there’s plenty of positive in seeing people so passionate about their locale even if at this stage they view us with scepticism. as for parking we do agree that this can be an issue for some in the local community. At this stage we can just hope that the leadership in our local authorities can plan accordingly and future proof Penarth as a forward thinking progressive town that can solve these type of issues without loosing it’s charm & character 🙂

    • CelticMan says:

      I wish you every success but just wish that VoG would deal with parking in Penarth – not your problem, I accept. Had the misfortune to eat in the renovated Windsor a weeks ago and think you do not need a Mitchelin star to beat the nearby competition.

      • Brew Stone says:

        thanks CelticMan, we as part of the community, will try our best in representing our stakeholders (neighbours included) in any local authority forums where our opinion may be canvassed and hopefully positively contribute in finding win win solutions that can help all of those impacted by businesses in our town. this is something we’ve done before and hope to do again 🙂

    • Willy Wonka says:

      Welcome to Penarth and I wish you much luck. The high street in Penarth has dramatically improved over the years. I now have English friends that want to come down to stay with us for the weekend so they can dine out in Penarth. And they live in Cheltenham!

      I think it is great that you are investing significant capital and resource into the area and I think your offering will be unique and join the roster of other unique places in the high street in which we like to dine like Bar, Mint & Mustard, Fig Tree etc etc. Good luck and we will be coming to try your place out. Ignore the nay sayers, we’d never have got to the moon if it were for them,

    • Grapas14 says:

      Another vote for Brew Stone here, I for one would be very happy to see the old Blockbuster renovated bringing further improvement to the high street. I like the sound of thier food and drink offering and hope to see them open soon 🙂

  13. Christopher David says:

    Actually sounds quite nice- and as I said before proper business rates paid unlike the charity shops. 21 + jobs is great too. I just hope your not doing the Ditch sandwich? 🙂 Good luck

    • Brew Stone says:

      haha, i don’t think we would know where to start with the Dutch Sandwich as it’s sounds a bit mind boggling however, fair play to Crickhowell for creating a movement 🙂

  14. Christopher David says:

    Dutch sandwich I mean ha. Typo.

  15. sjleworthy says:

    i say bring back the good old fashioned video shop. selling videos 🙂

  16. Better late than never – but welcome to the neighbourhood from Team Bottle Shop!

    best of luck with the venture – we are sooooo pro more exciting food and drink offerings 🙂

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