The new photo booth in Penarth Post Office

The new photo booth in Penarth Post Office

A new DIY photo-booth set up this month in Penarth Post Office in Glebe St is reportedly attracting plenty of business from local customers.

The “Photo-Me “Booth  is located inside the Post Office where the abortive  – and long-since dismantled –  e-cigarettes counter once used to stand.

Since the closure of Dawson Strange Photography in Windsor Arcade the only town-centre  option for people wanting passport pictures or ID photos taken in Penarth has been  the personal photographic portrait-service provided at Kitchener and Thomas – which continues to thrive.

Customers can choose between passport-style photos and "fun photos"

Customers can choose between passport-style photos and “fun photos”

However now, for people who would rather do it themselves – the Photo-Me franchise at the Post Office offers a DIY alternative. There’s an adjustable stool to get the height right and customers can see what they look like on the built-in screen and check their pose before they press the button .

What they get is a set of photographs in the standard 45mm high X 35mm wide format suitable for passports and other forms of ID.

…A word of warning though – customers are advised not to smile.  Smiling photos won’t be accepted by the Passport Office. For passports, the photos have to be a close-up of the subject’s full head and upper shoulders, facing forward,  looking straight at the camera and should  have a “neutral expression”.

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  1. Brickie says:

    Tip to those responsible at Penarth PO: please can you tidy it up. It’s full of tacky junk flung onto shelves with no thought to display. (Last time I went in, there was a pile of dusty leaflets on the window shelf.) There must be someone who works there who could apply a little imagination?

  2. Fiona Whitfield says:

    Opening on time would help too when I have to open the shop I work in at 9.30, but good as my Daughter ,17 can now go in here and then get her rail card all at the same time

  3. Martin Coffee says:

    I’m glad to hear their Efag department has gone. They’re get my custom again now.

  4. Louise says:

    I’d much prefer to get my passport photos done by the lovely staff at Kitchener and Thomas and be sure the photos are done properly and will be accepted by the passport agency.

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