This new dormer development is at the rear of 48 Wordsworth Avenue, Penarth

This new dormer development is at the rear of 48 Wordsworth Avenue, Penarth

Enforcement contravention action has been launched by the Vale of Glamorgan Council into a dormer loft conversion at 48 Wordsworth Avenue in Penarth.

Extensive building work appears to be in progress on the property and a new rear dormer has appeared at second floor level – set into the rear roof plane.

Considerable building work appears to be under way on the property with new roof lights having been installed on the front roof plane.

Considerable building work appears to be under way on the property with new roof lights having been installed on the front roof plane.

No record of a planning application for such a development appears on the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s website although building control approval was given by the Vale in August 2015 .

The Vale Council says an investigation has begun into the development.

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  1. sjleworthy says:

    it’s hardly a dilemma – if there’s no planning applied for it’s an illegal operation. black and white.

  2. CelticMan says:

    No planning, no dormer – easy as that!

  3. Minime says:

    Maybe people think top floor alterations are above the law! Its happening everywhere. Take a look at the ugly HMO on Plymouth Road – some equally ugly replacement uPVC windows going in this week without planning application. Conservation Area? What Conservation Area….we are greedy landlords, we don’t have to comply with the rules.

    • 249ers says:

      I totally agree you have to have planning permission but after a protracted application process requiring detailed specifications we were refused permission to change our small top windows. We are surrounded by others who have replaced their windows with a variety of PVC frames, few of which, in my opinion either suit the building or could have been approved! To have our changes approved the window frames would have taken up most of the window space, but this was not a consideration. We did not replace our windows we value our light and put up,with the draught!
      Maybe if planners used some common sense people would not be tempted to build without planning permission. I say again I do not approve of changes without planning permission.

  4. Ivor Bagman says:

    I can see no problem.
    Who owns the house?
    It is only an improvement !!
    Unlike the Northcliffe development
    Which is overdevelopment !!!!

  5. Martin gossage says:

    We should apply the Italian legal principle of no new dormer windows without consent …nessun dorma ..and not make a song and dance about it.
    The councils need to be firm .Ironically the ” school broken windows effect” is in play here ie ” most of the windows are already broken , another won’t matter , give me that stone ”
    Congratulations to those who resist but a” windows effect tipping point ” will be reached without stern action taken .

  6. Over Thomas says:

    It’s not just the Dorma at question here as they have altered the roof line as it was a hipped roof like the adjoining property and now a pine end.

  7. Loft Pro Cardiff Ltd. says:

    Can I set the record straight here. Householders enjoy certain Permitted Development rights under The Town and Country Planning Act, that do not require full planning consent. With regard to roof extensions, PD rights make provision for this type of hip to gable extension with a rear dormer providing the volume addition to the roof scape is less than 50m3 and other design criteria are met. As a member of the professional company that has delivered the quality loft conversion in question, I can assure the previous commenters that this is the case. No record of a planning application will be available as it is not required. The enforcement section, however, are obliged to investigate any report from a member of the public who suspects a development is not regularised. They will make a site visit, confirm measurements and contrary to the report above, no action will be necessary. It is a shame Penarth News found it necessary to report this ‘non-story’ in what we consider an irresponsible manner, serving only to embarrass the home owners (who have done nothing wrong, merely exercised their rights), brought the good reputation of a company into question (not to mention the possible financial repercussions) and wasted local taxpayers money! ( I shudder to think of the cost investigating every proposal carried out under PD rights would generate) The planning process can seem complicated to a layman, but we would encourage them to seek advice with regard to the facts before trial by media. Furthermore, there are existing examples of this type of development on Wordsworth Avenue – not to far from where the photo was taken.

  8. bluebiker says:

    Loft Pro does PD apply when the property in question has already had a number of extensions? Why did a householder apply for planning permission for a very similar development on the same road? It should be noted that this was refused by the council and also on appeal. I don’t think a visit from a planning officer is going to cost the earth and will hopefully iron out the concerns of previous contributors.

  9. Loft Pro Cardiff Ltd. says:

    Hi blue biker, the rules governing permitted development changed in April 2014. It is now permissible in a lot of cases to extend the roof form under PD rights even if the property has been previously extended in some manner. Prior to this date, if the house had been previously extended it could well of required planning consent. The property your talking about may be able to take advantage of PD rights now – if you forward specifics would be happy to advise.

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