Staff at work at a polling station in Penarth

Staff at work at a polling station in Penarth

Up to 40 Vale of Glamorgan council staff who are appointed as temporary presiding officers or poll clerks in Penarth for the forthcoming Welsh Assembly and Police Commissioner elections on May 5th this year are to be paid double salaries.

On May 5th the polling stations in the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency are to be run by Cardiff Council – and it’s Cardiff Council that will employ the polling station staff – including the Presiding Officers at all the stations – and the “poll clerks” 

photo5290However the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council’s ruling ‘cabinet’ has decided that if Vale of Glamorgan staff are hired by Cardiff Council for the day , then those staff should not have their Vale salaries docked for the day – even though they’ll also be paid by Cardiff Council.

The Vale Council ‘cabinet’ has agreed that all staff engaged by Cardiff Council for polling day in Penarth will  be entitled to claim “leave with payon Thursday 5 May 2016 “ if they were appointed as Presiding Officer or Poll Clerk at polling stations in the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency, and employed by Cardiff Council.”

Until now the Vale Council’s so-called “Special Leave Scheme” hasn’t covered situations in which Vale of Glamorgan employees undertake “election roles” with neighbouring local authorities – like Cardiff.

Cllr Neil Moore (Labour Cadoc Ward Barry ) Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council

Cllr Neil Moore (Labour Cadoc Ward Barry ) Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council

The Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council , Cllr Neil Moore (Labour Cadoc Ward, Barry) said the arrangements  only cover polling stations in the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency and nowhere else in the Vale .

If a similar situation arises in respect of the Bridgend constituency then a separate report will be considered by the ‘cabinet’.

Between 35 and 40 Vale of Glamorgan Council Staff are expected to be hired by Cardiff Council to work as presiding officers and poll clerks on May 5th .

It’s now emerged that similar arrangements were put in place for Parliamentary Election in Cardiff South and Penarth May 2015 .

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  1. Jonnyoneye says:

    What an extraordinary situation !
    If it were in the commercial world, the employing company would hire out their employee to the other company for the day at cost, plus what they wanted for a profit margin, plus a small percentage for covering administrative costs.
    Obviously these councils, VoG in particular it seems, have too much money to throw around, yet they are always pleading poverty. Incredible state of affairs !
    Nice if you are one of those employees taken on though. Give us a start mate !

    • When Local Authority staff undertake election duties, ‘leave with Pay,’ is common practise throughout England and Wales, with all flavours of authority.
      This arises out of a simple supply and demand issue just like in the famed private secto., Not that many people want to start work at 6.30 in the morning and work through to 10.00 in the evening without breaks, (15.5 hours), and if you don’t pay enough you don’t get enough people doing it.
      Anyone can apply for the job, so if you’re want to do it Jonnyoneye there’s nothing stopping you.

      • Jonnyoneye says:

        Well, this ‘common practice’, as you put it, is obviously flawed in the real world, but then when dealing with local authorities, or national ones for that matter, there seems to be many things flawed, especially when it comes to spending tax payers money on ‘nice-to-have’s’
        You refer to supply and demand of labour and this is true of most industries at some point, but like I said in my earlier post that seems to not carry favour with you, the normal method would be for one business to hire out to the other at a cost + profit basis, not a cost + cost basis as seems to be the case here – cost + cost being a double cost for the taxpayers in their respective areas, not of course out of the councils own business pockets, because if this were the case, i’m sure that it would be stopped rapido !
        As for people working from 6.30 until 10pm without a break, that is illegal and any local authority worth it’s salt would not allow this to happen. Paid between 06.30 and 10pm, yes, but without a break, no.
        Remember of course, this is only one day in every few years and if someone cannot put in a 15.5 hour day every couple of years (with breaks), then obviously they should not apply. I expect that the double pay makes the difference. If they were on say 10 quid and hour, that equates to over 300 for the one day and I know plenty of people who would do the job for that…… fact, they would be happy to work 5 or more days a week for many weeks or months for that rate !
        As for me, I don’t need a job thank you and I work many 15 hour plus days in a year and in far more physically demanding work and extremes of weather than one would experience in a nice warm and dry hall in the middle of May, I only wish that I had the double pay each time I did work these or more hours, that would make it very worthwhile !

  2. Christopher David says:

    Well well are we surprised. This council pays several “managers” over £100,000 PA + perks and still can’t manage a meals on wheels budget. As for councillors. The details show that council tax payers stumped-up a total of £841,249.80p for councillors salaries, allowances and “other expenses” last year . All the figures given above apply to the 2013-14 financial year only and do not reflect councillors current salaries and allowances. Source PDN. Councillor Moore- He was paid a total of £47,499.96. Not bad a for a bit of part time – time spent partly banging on about minor issues that shouldn’t need a debate and shouldn’t be draining the public purse. But they don’t care- its not their money- YET!.

  3. AK says:

    With perks like these, plus a nice pension plan, it’s no wonder that you rarely see real jobs advertised with the Council these days. They all just reorganise and reshuffle and create a new position or management tier.

    Jobs for the boys !

  4. Mark Foster says:

    I specifically recollect at the last May election going on an expedition and hacking my way through the Cosmeston jungle to locate the hidden polling booth lost in the forest specifically to prevent people in Lavernock Park exercising their democratic right to vote for a British Nationalist party in opposition to the incumbent VOG Labour Party.

    Moore had organised two of his besuited minders to defend the booth and I specifically remember their eyes boring their way though my back to determine if I were one of them or one of us. I had absolutely no confidence that these apparatchiks would actually not remove my vote from the box.

    The Royal Prerogative was put in place by wiser minds than ours for specifically the situation in which we British now find ourselves, in which our democratic process has been corrupted, gerrymandered and destroyed by alien people conspiring over 70 years in their own peculiar supremacist self-interest. The monarch, Defender of the Realm and Defender of the Faith, absolutely must shut down the Welsh, Scottish and Westminster parliaments, replace the Police and Crime Commissioners with officers of the British Army, replace the BBC with an independent broadcaster from PDN if you will and rule by beneficent totalitarian degree of her son and grandchildren. Put to the vote, I am sure the vast majority of the British electorate would support this straightforward solution, if the problem were explained to their lesser intellects. Mark my words, the cyclical processes of history shows us that failing this you British will have even less say in your future than you do now, and that you are essentially doomed as second class citizens to a life of subservience with Penarth ending up like Grangetown or South London.

  5. John Price says:

    Should this waste of public money be referred to the Wales Audit Office?

    • Christopher David says:

      That a good idea- will you do it?

      • Colin says:

        Use postal voting or electronic on-line voting. Huge costs saved (portacabin hire, toilet hire, staff hire,) plus, there’s no attitude with over important, jobs worth staff!!!!

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