Emma Smith - whose appointmnet as Penarth's new Town Clerk has been announced today

Emma Smith – whose appointment as Penarth’s new Town Clerk has been announced today

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Principal Business and Employment Officer – Emma Smith – has been appointed the new Town Clerk for Penarth.

In her former role as “Town Centres Manager” for the  Vale of Glamorgan Council,  Ms Smith was involved in several initiatives with Penarth Town Council including the Town Centre Framework.

She says “I am very pleased to be joining Penarth Town Council as its new Town Clerk. As local government is moving towards unprecedented change, it  is an exciting time to be working within the community and focusing upon
Penarth’s current and future success”.

Deputy Mayor of Penarth and Leader of Penarth Town Council Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines)

Leader of Penarth Town Council Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines)

The Leader of the Town Council, Cllr  Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines) , said “ I am delighted that the Council will have the benefit of Emma’s experience both of Penarth and the wider Vale .Town and Community Councils will have to be ready to play a constructive part in shaping their futures as the reform of Local Government develops over the next few years’. With community support and Emma’s experience we should be well placed”.

It’s planned that Emma Smith will join the Town Council at the end of February or early next month prior to the retirement of the present Town Clerk  Shân Bowden at the end of  March.

Emma Smith  worked as a human resources assistant for Barclays Bank PLC from 1987-1988 . In April 1989 she became a personal assistant  at the law firm Loosemores before moving to solicitors Edwards Geldard in 1990 as personal assistant to the senior & managing partner. From 1996 to 1999  she taught English at a primary school in Grenoble, France. Emma Smith joined the Vale of Glamorgan Council as workshops manager in  2003. In 2005 she was appointed town centres manager for the Vale of Glamorgan; in 2008 was appointed council principal officer, economic development in the Vale of Glamorgan Council and became the council’s principal officer business & employment in 2013.

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  1. Mr Augustine says:

    Shan Bowden has been a good Clerk and I hope the progress she and Keri have made will not be undone. Amazing a replacement has been found so quickly. Closing date for applications for this post was Friday 22 January and by Monday 1 February Emma Smith’s appointment is announced in the press. Not sure what she has achieved as town centre manager for the Vale – the empty units, particularly in Barry, and chewing gum and dog muck smeared pavements should make her ashamed. I’d be interested in knowing the background of the other five applicants. Surely governance experience would be a prerequisite for this post, but Smith has no experience of managing democratic procedures. I’m told she is a Barry resident and part of Lis ‘Post it note’ Burnett’s Planning/Economic development empire at the Vale Council. I hope for everyone’s sake in Penarth she hasn’t been parachuted in to this post by weak councillors, who like to give jobs to staff who agree with everything they say and who would never speak out against poor practice. A list of staff who ‘work for’ Burnett have gained promotions recently – if only she knew these people fawned over the Conservatives when they were in power and have manipulated her in the same way. It’s now up to the people of Penarth to make sure Smith knows her £45,000(!) a year post isn’t a sinecure and we expect to see hard work and results. Thank goodness we have PDN to keep an eye on Penarth Council.

    • Bobby says:

      You make it sound like she’s been going around smearing dog muck on the pavements of Penarth!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Good heavens, the lady has not yet got her feet under the desk and you pen a rambling piece seeking to undermine her. Like you, I know nothing about her but she seems admirably qualified for the job.

  3. Martin gossage says:

    So MR A I couldn’t work it out.Good appointment or not?

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