It doesn't really mean "Welcome to Penarth - it should read "Welcome to Penarth Heights" but Crest Nicholson seem, to have run out of lettering

It doesn’t really mean “Welcome to Penarth” – it should read “Welcome to Penarth Heights” but Crest Nicholson seems to have temporarily run out of lettering

The planning application may not have been considered by Penarth Town Council or by the Vale of Glamorgan planning officers yet – but it seems as though Penarth Heights developers Crest Nicholson just couldn’t wait to get their new signage in place.

The new signage installed on the side of the Penarth Heights sales office in Gibson Way reads “Welcome to Penarth”  – which might strike local motorists as slightly odd as the location of the housing estate could hardly be called the gateway to the town .

IMG_0007However not all the signage is yet in place . Underneath the word “Penarth” there’ll be a further line of lettering – spelling out the word  “Heights” – although it’s still to be seen whether  Crest Nicholson are going to wait for the pernicknity formalities of getting  planning permission before actually finishing the job.

There’s probably enough wall still to spare to also install a Welsh-language translation – although, as far as PDN knows, none is actually planned.

Meanwhile locals already living on Phase Two of the estate say that what’d they’d really like to see is more signage for the streets so that people can not only find their way to Penarth Heights but also track-down the precise dwelling they’re looking for.

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  1. Gobsmacked says:

    I counted 33 Crest Nicholson signs and flags along Harbour View Road. That’s one every few yards, which is really taking the …

    If they want to help sell their homes, instead of putting-up signs, why not make Harbour View Road and Plassey Square look less like a war zone and do something about the roads and pavements?

    • hughcurrell says:

      That’s a bit harsh, I can only assume you’ve never actually seen a war zone to draw such comparisons!

      Although I agree, the pavements do need a bit of work – surely the council’s problem though not Crest’s? The roads – yes they have been damaged by heavy duty vehicles so maybe Crest should amend once all works have completed. No point fixing roads now to be ruined again.

      • Gobsmacked says:

        Nothing wrong with a little hyperbole!

        I’ve been trying to find out if any section 106 money has been put aside to repair the damage around the square. There’s not much information out there, and what there is seems rather vague.

        I hope the money exists to put things right and that there is a proper plan of action scheduled by the council.

        It all looks so shabby at the moment with broken pavements, pot-holed roads, missing kerbs etc. Plassey Square is a special place and it just looks battered and neglected at the moment. And covered in signage!

      • Cymry Llundain says:

        Section 106 money shouldn’t be used to repair damage to roads and pavements caused by a development. There SHOULD be a standard condition in any planning consent stating that the developer is responsible for repairs. The pavement on Harbour View Road is now unsafe and needs immediate attention. So what If that means that Crest have to make repairs now and then later once the development is over.

  2. Martin gossage says:

    Is it just me but this “welcome to Penarth heights ” seems somehow threatening and separating off the community behind the sign from the rest of the town. What they should have done was put a sign visible from the link Rd saying” welcome to Penarth , don’t worry , not all the homes look like this eastern block utility ” ps how long before someone on Penarth heights adds a dormer window???

  3. Fiona Whitfield says:

    I have lived here for 14 months((im glad to live back in Penarth , from Dinas no matter what the house looks like) and we havnt any road signs in my street, my uncle came down from nottingham for the rugby last year and couldn’t find me! He gave up in the end and went home!

    • Don says:

      I take it your comment about him giving up and going home is a joke. But you’re right more signage is needed on the streets

    • Martin gossage says:

      Apologies needed .Sorry for saying it looks like eastern bloc etc.Of course it’s the residents who make the place and your home is your home .Guess we are really having a go at the council for seemingly letting Crest run riot .
      Ps I grew up on an ” eastern bloc” estate in Birmingham

  4. Fiona Whitfield says:

    See they’ve put heights on it now

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