The "Sugo" restaurant is about to become the upmarket "Etc." bar/restaurant

The “Sugo” restaurant is about to become the upmarket “Etc.” bar/restaurant

A new “conceptual restaurant” and cocktail bar – to be called “Etc.” (etcetera) is to be launched in Stanwell Road, Penarth at the premises near the railway bridge formerly known as the Sugo restaurant.

Local businessman and interior designer Alex Mules is the man behind the new venture . He’s currently refurbishing the premises in what’s described as a “sleek modern style” with a view to a launch in March.

Mr Mules is working with award-winning consultant chef Stephen Gomes on the development of the “upmarket fine-dining” which will be offered to customers at the new restaurant.  Mr Gomes is the winner of the Ethnic Chef 2015 Guild of Chefs Award and is  said to be  amongst the first chefs to experiment with natural food science in his dishes and is a passionate advocate of “molecular gastronomy”.

One of the signature "smoke-infused cocktails" which will be available to customers at "Etc."

One of the signature “smoke-infused cocktails” which will be available to customers at “Etc.”

The bar will serve  “signature smoke-infused cocktails”, and is being designed to be “chic” and “somewhere to enjoy a special celebration or after-work drinks.”

Mr Mules says “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed designing the restaurant and bar areas – but now I can’t wait for us to open.”.  “I’m thrilled to be opening this exciting new venture in my home town of Penarth. And collaborating with Chef Stephen for our menu is a dream come true. His imagination and skills can be seen throughout our carefully thought out menus, which focus on stunningly prepared, innovative dishes that will visually delight and give our customers a wonderful dining experience. As well as our restaurant menu Chef Stephen has also come up with a creative menu of smaller plates and dishes for sharing, to be enjoyed whilst sipping Champagne, a cocktail or a favourite glass of wine.”

Master Chef Stephen Gomes commented “I’m delighted to be working with Alex in this exciting venture. We have the ideal fusion of flavours, and the combination of Etc.’s great, fun food, and exciting new drinks, will undoubtedly be magical.”

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  1. Jonnyoneye says:

    I wish anyone starting up a new business the greatest of fortune in their endeavour, but ‘molecular gastronomy”, isn’t that food with molecules ? Doesn’t all food consist of molecules, or this a form of cooking Moles in cules, rather than the oven, that I have not heard about yet ?
    And, “signature smoke-infused cocktails”, I thought that smoking was banned inside bars and restaurants ? Is this a modern form of the hubbly bubbly pipe famed in the hippy era ?
    Obviously i’m out of touch here and i’ll return to my decent pint of bitter and Clarksie pie………….except that I don’t like those anymore. Just the pint then please.
    Good luck guys !

  2. David Moorcraft says:

    Good Luck to them, but , Gosh ! , aren’t we well catered for with “fine dining experiences” in Penarth now ? Compared to the very limited choice of just a few years ago , we now have Gastropubs , Pier 64 and the Custom House , the Glendale , James Sommerin and the Fig Tree to name just a few. Is Penarth becoming a “Foodie” attraction ?

  3. Des Lloyd says:

    It seems that Penarth is becoming known as a place for dining out. No bad thing if it extends town centre activity beyond normal shop hours.

  4. Christopher David says:

    Indeed the very best of good luck Mr Mules. Very brave though with a menu like that. Still proof of the pudding and all that. I hope to give it a whirl subject to you publishing the menu. Please don’t price out the wine like the new Windsor. Large glass of house red last night….£10.50. I pay about £1.70 for a bottle of this stuff. Yes you have to factor in overheads but that’s ridiculous. Great bar staff- tidy chaps but I wont rush back.

  5. Lynne Randall says:

    I can’t wait to sample the exciting new menu…No doubt Alex’s design for this well loved venue will be amazing. It will be a great place to get togeather with friends. Good luck in the new venture! 🌟 🍾🍷🍸🍹🍽 🌟

  6. Lace Perrett says:

    Sounds great look forward too giving etc a go 🙂

  7. Jo says:

    I live in Penarth & have done my entire life & am fed up with all of these new fine dining restaurants. Why can’t there be more more places for a family of four who don’t earn a huge wage to
    just be able to go out for a meal without having to spend a whole months wage? #will
    never be able to afford the pleasure of this new restaurant with my family!

  8. Christopher David says:

    Jo there are plenty of places you can get fish or pie and chips for four. There’s no problem. We can’t harp back to the 50’s and the terrible boring food some had to endure. In any case- beans on toast or whatever most can do at home. The point of having diversity in restaurants is to experience food we cannot or do not cook at home.

  9. Grapas14 says:

    Good luck to the new business, not my cup of tea but does sound very interesting and hopefully there will be enough people to support them. As I have said before I think the development of the restaurant scene in Penarth is very exciting; I was born and raised in the Gwent valleys and have seen my hometown deteriorate terribly since the masses of industry closed down and there has been little positive redevelopment, Penarth is a stark contrast to this and I think it is wonderful to see the town being reinvented.

    I would also back Jo’s comment for more family friendly cafe / restaurant facilities, like it or not Penarth does now attract many young families into the area and I think somebody is missing a trick here from a business perspective. Would love somewhere within Penarth that I could take my two toddlers on a weekend without feeling like we are annoying other diners, a Cafe Junior in Penarth maybe? Entrepreneurs take note 😉

  10. Just want to say welcome to the neighbourhood and good luck with the venture!
    sonds like youve got a good idea of exactly what you want to do and we will look forward to seeing it in practice.

    im all for anyone having a stab at something and think it great for Penarth genarally that people want to open up here.

    : ) Team Bottle Shop

  11. Christopher David says:

    Jo & Grapas, you have plenty to keep the youngsters away from the adults and a not too bad price. To start with the Harvesters and Capn’s Wife- lots more eh!. Hope you can supply them wine we can afford Bottle Shop. Or will we get yet another restaurant charging £16 for a house wine like Bordeaux Superior I pay £1.70 for. Corkage is one thing but taking the pee like a lot of eateries in this country is another…..! Maybe a USP you could both advertise and take advantage of eh. I’m looking forward to seeing how this pans out- certainly adventurous.

    • if your paying circa £1.70 your obviously not paying uk duty? (£2.05 ex vat)
      sadly uk alcohol duty is up at the peak of the EU despite our consumption not being so..
      even if the bottle, label, shipping, grapegrowing winemaking, marketing and retailing is free a uk bottle of wine would cost a min £2.46

      it is what it is though hence on a £5 btl of wine literally pence is going into the juice in that btl….

      the upshot is that price bounces up the chain which is why soo many on trade places charge £15-18 for what essentially isnt very good wine.

      if you want to stay legal and look after the taxman, overheads and pay your staff unfortunely it all costs.

    • Lindsay says:

      £1.70? More details please. Doesn’t sound like a Penarth price to me

  12. Sam Clements says:

    At last, someone who is forward thinking in Penarth!!!
    Good luck Alex. I will certainly be using this restaurant. I can’t wait to hear more about the menu and drinks that will be available.

  13. Stu Davies says:

    Really looking forward to this, love the signage on the property at the moment, very mysterious!
    Can’t wait to see what it’s like and to try a smoke-infused cocktail 🙂
    Good luck Alex

  14. Christopher David says:

    Bottle shop and Lindsay- well done. The clue was in the name- for the record the word Superior in the title means something quite different in France where I’m lucky enough to live some of the year and buy my personal stocks. Sorry Bottle shop I am not a customer- directly. Yes indeed we are ripped off by the Gove here re duty prices. Yes even with a bottle price of c £2,40 the wine is worth pence- thanks for the heads up! However a standard – ish £16 for house wine in a restaurant is taking the pee- its a rip off. Now whilst I get the gist Bottle shop can you interpret this sentence please. “it is what it is though hence on a £5 btl of wine literally pence is going into the juice in that btl” ? The maths don’t add up unless you’re taking not account your mark up? Or have I missed something? By the way- in France we- and by that I mean the French, Welsh English, Scots Irish, Americans, Dutch, Germans et al find our Bordeaux Superior at £2 a bottle or less perfectly acceptable. We consider 10 – 20 Euros a nice starter for an apero or dinner party, for that we can buy an estate bottled (obviously) Grand Vin- and if you feel you have better taste will fair enough good luck to you. Anyway Bottle shop my thoughts on a USP for you and Mr Mules with his new eatery were made with the best intentions.

  15. Christopher David says:

    Ps Bottle Shop, Lindsay and others- its the norm that those waxing lyrical over the 10 – 20 Euro Grand Cru at 7 are doing just the same a little later- well hours later when I’m pouring them the vin rouge from ltr bottles I pick up in the cave at say 1.50 Euros for said ltr. I don’t advertise the bottles or the names of those enjoying -quand versez (oops) in case some who’ve imbibed are reading this:-)

  16. Christopher David says:

    Oh very- since 1954. I just keep a small place there these days for my regular visits. 🙂

  17. Mary says:

    It looks shit

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