Cllr Judith Woodman appearing on today's edition of the BBC Sunday Politics programme

Cllr Judith Woodman appearing on today’s edition of the BBC Sunday Politics programme

Cllr Judith Woodman – who is leader of the Liberal Democrats on Cardiff Council – is to stand for election as the next South Wales POlice and Crime Commissioner.

Cllr Woodman was elected yesterday at the Welsh Liberal Democrats Conference in Cardiff as the official LibDem candidate for the SW Police Commissioner election. In a dig at incumbent commissioner Alun Michael, she says that if elected she would ensure the Police Precept is “not hiked up by the maximum amount year after year“.

Cllr Woodman's manifesto as candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner

Cllr Woodman’s manifesto as candidate for South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

Cllr Woodman has represented the Pentwyn Ward on Cardiff Council since 2003  and is the first Liberal Democrat to bid for election as South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner . In the 2012 election the Lib Dems did not field a candidate. The party’s official position is that they want to see the Police Commissioners’ roles scrapped – but as long as they exist, they  want one of their own in the job.

Cllr Woodman whose father, Gwilym Dunn, was in the Merchant Navy, is a member of the South Wales Merchant Navy Welfare Board. She is particularly proud of her council-house upbringing  saying “There is nothing wrong with a council estate and I actually feel I’m a better person for having been brought up on a council estate.

The candidates declared so far for the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner election in May are:-

  • Mike Baker (Independent ) (See
  • Alun Michael (Labour) – the incumbent and former Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth.
  • Cllr Judith Woodman (Liberal Democrat)


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  1. Christopher David says:

    Give them a try. Mr Michael is one of “The Club” – those empire builders and represents the one party state we have. Not healthy.

  2. Mark Foster says:

    Clearly it is stupid to allow politicians to run police forces because you end up with a police force that interprets the law according to its political allegiances and indeed uses policing to achieve its political objectives, for example in not publicising crimes against women and not pursuing action against immigrants as is happening in Germany now. This is in fact the definition of a Police State.

    You also need a professional person, not an amateur like Alan Michael or Judith Woodman.

    This is why Mike Baker is the only person qualified to do the job.

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