Windsors Gifts is to close its doors at the end of March

Windsors Gifts is to close its doors at the end of March

One of the most attractively-sited retail units in Penarth is to become vacant at the end March this year when Windsor Gifts (between children’s outfitters Funky Monkey and the Windsor Bookshop in Windsor Road)  closes its doors of the last time.

Proprietors Peter and Lynne Ellis   who run the shop – and at one time also ran two others in the area – are winding down and going to “retire” .

Peter and Lynne Ellis of Windsor Gifts, Penarth - preparing to put their feet up

Peter and Lynne Ellis of Windsors, Penarth – preparing to put their feet up

The energetic couple have been part of the thriving retail scene in Penarth for 20 years. Lynne and Peter once also ran the Chico Furniture outlet in Penarth Road and also had a shop in Dinas Powys .

They’ve now decided to start taking things a little easier and to gradually wind-down from the hectic non-stop job of running the popular Windsors Gifts and Home Accessories business- although Peter is going to keep one of his other enterprises in operation after “retirement”.

Windsors  carries a wide range of stock but one of the store’s signature specialities has been the supply of scented candles in many shapes and sizes. There’s now a special sale on to give loyal local customers and out-of-town visitors a final  chance to pick up some bargains .

The shop at 9 Windsor Road is immediately adjacent to the main bus stop and within a few feet of the  entrance to Windsor Arcade making it a prime candidate for retailers looking for premises with high customer footfall.

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  1. Jonnyoneye says:

    Very sad to see another locally run business closing, albeit for totally understandable reasons.
    Sadly the place will probably be snapped up by yet another chic eatery, or of course a charity shop, let’s hope not.

    • RetailGuru says:

      Regrettably, the vultures will circle around Windsors and snap up the closing down sale bargains.

      Just like Woolworths, people will say “such a shame” and “what a waste” and “hope another charity shop doesn’t come into town”, when the truth is that they will have never been into Windsors (before the closing down sale) and they will be the first in the queue when the charity shop opens!

      • Jonnyoneye says:

        I embarrassingly have to admit that I am one who has never been there, but I have looked for overseas branches in China and Finland where I’ve been living for many years and not found any sadly 🙂
        Seriously though, I come from Penarth and would love to see it flourish with ‘proper’ and locally owned and run shops and businesses, rather than the charity type (nothing wrong with those in moderation either), or national or international food chains. Having said all of that, Penarth is slowly developing into a centre for different types of food and restaurants and maybe that is the way to promote it, especially during those long summer evenings, when such places should be encouraged to open up on to the street, a la continent !

  2. sjleworthy says:

    Hope all goes well. Your Windsor road shop and Chicos on Penarth road provided numerous items for our house over the years. We’ll certainly miss you.

  3. Martin gossage says:

    Best of luck . Thanks for your regular support of Music in the Park . MGG

  4. Sue Tasher pickled pepper says:

    Such a pleasant chap, always has time to chat to his customers, glad they are retiring but wish them a lot of happy times ahead.

  5. Best of luck from your next door neighbours, Funky Monkey! Let’s hope that a decent tenant comes in….

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