Cllr Kevin Mahoney (UKIP Sully)

Cllr Kevin Mahoney (UKIP Sully)

Cllr Kevin Mahoney the UKIP Vale of Glamorgan Councillor who represents the Sully and Lavernock Ward  (adjacent to Penarth)  has announced that he is officially to “re-designate” himself tomorrow as an “Independent.”

Cllr Mahoney, a gas engineer by profession,  is making the move because  he is not prepared to associate himself with what he calls “those personalities described in the media, as candidates, who have been parachuted into Wales by the UKIP hierarchy in order to leapfrog local Welsh-based activists on the regional list for the May Assembly election.” 

Specifically Cllr Mahoney does not want to sanction the candidacies of potential UKIP candidates  Neil Hamilton, Mark Reckless, or Alexandra Phillips in the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections coming up in May.

The three UKIP candidates that Cllr Mahoney objects to being "parachuted" in to Wales

The three UKIP candidates Neil Hamilton, Alexandra Phillips and Mark Reckless who Cllr Mahoney objects to being “parachuted” into Wales to stand for election as members of the Welsh Assembly.

Cllr Mahoney says that “along with the majority of the British public, I despise the political class from all parties. I loathe their sense of entitlement and the fact that they arrogantly view local voters as being there for their own political career enhancement“. He says he had hoped that UKIP would “rise above the political cronyism” but says “I’m afraid that this is not the case.”

Vale Cllr Kevin Mahoney (UKIP Sully) giving evidence to the planning committee

Vale Cllr Kevin Mahoney  giving evidence to the Vale planning committee

Cllr Mahoney says he has always been independent and has never conformed to any whip or party line as a councillor – but when he stood for election in  2012 he “felt it only fair to the voters” to point out his “previous record of standing for election with UKIP in national elections since 2007”  as he believes voters normally have no idea of the political allegiances of councillors designated as independents.

[ PDN Note – currently out for consultation are new Welsh Government proposals which would require independents to declare their political allegiances] .

Cllr Mahoney adds that “I will be informing all members of the Vale of Glamorgan branch of my actions and the reasoning behind making them.”


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  1. Jillabong says:

    UKIP has become more popular in recent years. Was Kevin elected because people wanted him, or because he was the face of UKIP. If he now wants to be an independent councillor, he should resign his position, and stand at the next elections as an independent candidate. To switch allegiance once elected and in office is not really fair to the people who elected him as something else.

  2. AK says:

    Once they are elected, I don’t care what party banner the local councillors were elected under – just so long as they then work for the good of the community, and stop repeating the party line.

    It is a vain hope, I know!

  3. Christopher David says:

    Yes I too despise the political classes of whatever party or country. There’s an old saying in politics “who’s independent is he” I just hope Mr Mahoney doesn’t become a labour sop. Not because its labour but because Labour has a stranglehold on Wales and its unhealthy. In fact don’t just think of Cameron’s, Clegs and Milibands of the Eton-esque corrupted political world when you think of political classes. Think of the Kinnocks, Harts and just the plain old rank and file labourite running our country down.

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      Thank you for your response and opinion Christopher.

      Why on earth would you think that I would become a Labour sop? I spend most of my time exposing the hypocrisy and incompetence of the dark tyranny that the Labour administration cast over the Vale of Glamorgan.

      You clearly don’t recall the scores of times that I drove you home to your house in Cardiff after your evening’s celebrations up the legion during which trips you explained to me every aspect of your political views and that of the Assembly including your then possession of the WDA company title.

      A little less celebration and you would have been able to remember my views and standpoint which we discussed at length during those trips and that they were of course the opposite of those that you have expressed a desire that I don’t become a sop to now.


  4. Kevin Mahoney says:


    Thank you for your response

    I was elected in May 2012 6 months before the so called UKIP surge started prompted by the disgraceful Rotherham fostering story.

    I have no doubt that a number of people will have voted for UKIP rather than myself just as I know that a number of people declined to vote for me simply because I stood for UKIP. I regard Sully of course as my home village where I grew up so whilst not being egotistical enough to imagine that everyone did then or do now know me I have of course always been well known to a large number of people in Sully, Lavernock and Penarth.

    As readers of my website will be aware I have always acted independently for the residents of Sully and Lavernock without any reference to UKIP and as the report above points out felt obliged to point out my connection to UKIP at election time in my literature (as I had stood for election for the party in National elections since 2007) in order that voters would be aware of my continuing anti EU membership stance and other broad views.

    This is a luxury not afforded to voters being canvassed by the majority of independent candidates at election time who do not state the direction of their political views.

    I have not defected to another political party as of course hundreds of local and national politicians do during every election cycle so no voters interests are being misrepresented on the Vale of Glamorgan council as I will continue to act independently as I always have done carrying the same views that I was elected with as expressed to all those who voted for me at the time.

    I should point out that I was well aware that I would be removed as top of the UKIP list for South Wales central list following my public criticism of the party and other candidates in the national media but reiterate that I refuse to be associated with political cronyism that would effect others rather than myself as well as the Penarth and Welsh electorate.

    I could have kept quiet and more than likely ended up in the Welsh Assembly but am not prepared to compromise my principles of honesty and integrity in order to do so.

    My press statement is up on my councillor website


  5. Christopher David says:

    Sound promising. Time will tell. Where do you stand on our Welsh £15 billion budget deficit (which some don’t understand or deny) and wasteful spending ?

    • Chris Franks says:

      Where do you stand on the £1.5 Trillion National debt run up by Westminster which is increasing by £90 Billion every year? The pretence that UK financially is good but Wales is bad is not credible.

  6. anne says:

    UKIP councillor in candidate row removed from list

  7. Thomas Turton says:

    As a local activist for UKIP I am really sad to see you go Kevin, you are an extremely principled man and UKIP will miss you. As a resident of Sully I am really happy and feel privileged to have you as a Councillor and while I will not leave UKIP, wish you all the best. I can only hope that we get the right people in the regions now you’ve been removed. Continue to expose the lies and corruption in the Vale of Glamorgan council, and although unlikely I know, part of me will hope that you’ll come back to the party under the right circumstances.

  8. Christopher David says:

    I have to say Kevin that is a distant memory that’s just coming back to me, after all I had always enjoyed a long evening 🙂 . Now- I didn’t “think you would become a Labour sop”- I said I hoped you wouldn’t. There’s always pressure and that comes in different forms! You’re track record leads me to believe you will resist. The best of luck with it. We need independents- right up my street. Cheers indeed. Chris. Ps I still have a residence in Penarth so I’ll be sure to be mindful when it comes to the vote- just keep up exposing the hypocrisy and waste.

  9. Ian Perry says:

    Last April, Kevin Mahoney admitted that he had been wrong about the need for electoral reform. Now he admits that he was wrong to join UKIP… Perhaps he’ll soon admit he is wrong to think that there is a need for a debate on climate change?

    And perhaps he’ll admit that the EU is more democratic than the UK,with our councils with councillors unable to hold officers to account, Westminster, with the first past the post system, and the House of Lords… Unelected… Plus, given our size and number of MEP’s, it’s the UK that determines consumer and workers laws, protection and rules for many smaller countries.

  10. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Thank you for your observations Ian

    Here are my responses to the points that you have made

    1) I’ve no idea what you are on about in regards to my views on the need or otherwise for electoral reform, if you are willing to clarify your observation then I will be more than happy to give you my clear unequivocal response.

    2) I haven’t admitted any such thing, perhaps you might consider stopping attributing comments to others that you made up yourself, it’s not a very admirable trait. It is entirely down to UKIP and it’s members and voters that the people of Wales and the wider UK will get a vote for the first time in 40 years as to whether they wish to remain in an institution that the country was taken into without a mandate from the population. My position has not changed on this issue.

    3)There is always a need for a debate on climate change and how to deal with the consequences of change that has always taken place since the Earth was formed. Unfortunately the zealous campaign by those who used to refer to climate change as Global warming. has always blocked debate on the subject between the scientists on both sides of the spectrum that I’m sure the general population would like to see take place.

    I have mentioned in the past that attending Stanwell school in the mid 70s myself and my classmates were all frightened to death by the same teachers and scientists who now bang on about global warming who reliably informed us then that we were on the verge of a new ice age.

    As I sit here with my house literally rocking in semi hurricane winds and freezing driving rain I would prefer to witness debate between scientists presenting their case in regards to Global Warming or climate change before then making my own mind up on the subject rather than taking the word of someone on a news website in Penarth.

    4) There is no democracy whatsoever involved with the EU, as I’m sure that you will know, the only democratically elected part of the EU institutions is the elected parliament whose members are unable to propose or create any legislation whatsoever and whose suggestions of alteration of legislation put forward by the unelected eurocrats who do create our laws have no basis to be adopted and can and are regularly be ignored. One such example of course is that the parliament has twice voted with a massive majority to stop the appalling cost of the once a month transfer of the entire parliament to Strasbourg.

    The Eurocrats have immediately dismissed both votes and the circus continues to waste over £250m a year and of course contribute massively to the notion of man made climate change that you appear to hold.

    5 ) The UK has just 8% of the MEPs in the European parliament if every single one of them agree and vote together on every single topic presented to them then they can change nothing in Britains interests if opposed of course and as I’ve already mentioned these same MEPs are not able to propose any legislation whatsoever so any suggestion that these MEPs create legislation affecting anyone displays a massive ignorance of how the system works.

    I’m happy to meet and debate with anyone at any time in order to debate the subject and hopefully dispel public displays of ignorance on the matter.

    6) I am on record on both this site and my own website in calling for the scrapping for the disgrace that is the appalling undemocratic political cronyism that is commonly called the House of Lords.

    7) Councillors of course can hold council officials to account, myself and my fellow local councillor have recently instigated a comprehensive investigation into the actions of a senior council official which has stretched to over 8 weeks now and we await the results of that investigation before commenting or possibly taking further action

    Whether other councillors hold council officials to account as I do you will have to enquire of them in regards to any non action that you claim on their part.

    So all in all your non too admirable trait of apportioning statements, comments and views to others in regards to their general position does seem to say the least, a little wide of the mark in regards to accuracy and content.

    However I do welcome them and as regular readers of this site know am always more than happy to respond and debate, whether that debate will eventually lead to a consensus of agreement or disagreement is of course always dependent on the outcome but I welcome your comments and desire for clarification anyway

    Thank you once again for your enquiry.

  11. Christopher David says:

    I am no supporter on any of the “main” political parties. Our political system like our continued reliance on growth economics is no longer fit for purpose. We are held to ransom by the EU and the empire builders therein or associated with. So its with a sense of relief I see someone like Mr Mahoney who lasers through the smoke and mirrors and tells it how it is. I doubt I’ll always agree with him. But he does appear honest and forensic.

  12. Adrian Wragg says:

    Mr. Mahoney, I’m unsure what your “debate” on climate change would solve.

    According to the study “Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature”, published in “Environmental Research Letters” in 2013, over 97% of peer-reviewed papers stating a position relating to climate agreed it was changing due to mankind’s influences (with the remaining 3% including those who still counted mankind as a contributing, if not majority, factor). Maybe you’d take their word instead?

    As a side point, many media require both viewpoints to be presented. This leads people to believe that there are two equal and opposite “sides”.

    • KnockJohn says:

      Adrian, quoting Cooke et al is perhaps not the most convincing paper that you could have sited, it has been repudiated in the peer reviewed literature . Whilst 97% of scientists agree that the Earth has warmed over the most recent 150 years, similarly 97% agree that CO2 is a greenhouse gases, Similarly they agree that humans are part of the cause. As ever God is in the detail. Historically the world has always warmed and cooled. The effect of CO2 is logarithmic and scientists believe that we are near the saturation point. Calculations for the effect of doubling of CO2 vary greatly with many of the more recent studies coming in at below levels previously thought (approx 1.7°C) – to say nothing of water vapour, the strongest greenhouse gas. Then there’s Urban Heat Island effect of concrete and asphalt and other land use changes. However, there is no scientific answer as to how much of the warming is man made and how much is natural. Of course, any true scientist would rather continue to study to better our understanding rather than make ridiculous claims that “The Science is Settled!”.

      • Adrian Wragg says:

        I wasn’t aware that papers criticising it had been published, as I don’t have full access to academic archives any more. Looking at what’s been made public, the main dissenting voice appears to be Ruchard Tol, who appears to welcome the concept of climate change.

        I’m not sure who the rest of your comment is meant to be arguing against, although I’d query “scientists believe that we are near the saturation point [for CO2]” – do you have a citation for that part, and what the consequences of it may be?

      • Adrian – I think we all “welcome the concept of climate change” as you put it – and most of us welcome the idea of further research leading to further debate. As for the effects of CO2 there are many scientists continuing to research this topic as in this post by Judith Curry and Both of which seem to indicate that recent research in Climate Sensitivity (the effect of doubling CO2) is not as great as was thought in earlier papers – the effect is logarithmic as clearly presented in this primer .

        The more I look into the science, the more I recognize that it is not so much that there are two different sides, but it is more nuanced than that. The 97% accept the concepts that there is Climate Change, there are greenhouse gases, CO2 has risen over the last 150 years, Land use change affects temperature, Solar variability affects temperature et-cetera, et-cetera, et-cetera. How much of the warming between 1975 and 1998 is natural and how much is anthropogenic (and within that how much is CO2 driven) is very difficult to quantify and most people would be surprised at how little of the attribution has scientific rigour. That is where further study, greater research and scientific progress needs to develop. The Us & Them approach to science doesn’t really help. Let’s just use the Scientific method.

  13. Christopher David says:

    Mr Wragg and KnockJohn, you both appear to have academic knowledge of the subject, but the truth is its just that- largely academic. The population of Sapiens is growing quickly and is probably unsustainable. Resources are dwindling. Pollution is a problem on many fronts. So whilst even us laymen realise the worlds weather is cyclical we have to change our ways. We have to attempt to plan for weather changes and plan to reduce factors that may be contributing, for example pollution in all its forms. We have to stop being kidded by the corporations (and pocket politicians) that produce energy for the long term in unstainable and polluting ways. We need to couple that with a new non growth world economic model. So get your heads together and lets not squabble in the forefront of these problems chaps.

    • Adrian Wragg says:

      Just for the record, I don’t have the academic knowledge you mention, I just know where to dig for information and which sources are more likely to be trustworthy.

    • I do apologize Christopher, you are quite right. Yes there are many forms of pollution that need attention – micro-plastics in the seas being one that seems to be very worrying at the moment. It would be nice if a grass-roots organization similar to The Fife Diet could exist in the Vale of Glamorgan to at least address many of the sources of pollution. I would have thought the prevailing climate of the Vale would be ideal for such a movement.

      Anyway, Cllr Mahoney has now resigned from the party and will not be standing as a UKIP candidate in the forthcoming WA elections. Having now read his letter of resignation, I have to admit, he makes some valid points and I fully understand his reasons for leaving the party. I admire his principled stance and hope this serves him well in his future political life.


  14. Christopher David says:

    OK Mr Wragg point taken. I hope you find mine as valid. Knock John no apologies needed. I’m just hoping we can get some world consensus before one huge catastrophe happens and I don’t mean just another cyclical economic collapse. I doubt it though- too much greed and ignorance, although I see signs amongst the “youngsters” that thinking may be gradually changing. The thing is, will the “new thinkers” get into the board rooms of the conglomerates that really run the world? As for Mr Mahoney, he appears principled to me and I do like independents that are truly just that.

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