Penarth  Dinas Powys and Llandough  need a total of 543 new affordable homes - according to the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Penarth, Dinas Powys and Llandough need a grand total of 543 new affordable homes – according to the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

The Vale of  Glamorgan Council’s planning committee is to consider an internal council report this week which says that 368 new “affordable” homes are needed in Penarth .

The report also says there is a “considerable current need” for more affordable homes in neighbouring Dinas Powys and that a Local Housing Assessment carried out last year  that 559 new affordable homes are “required each year”.

In Penarth the council claims that the affordable units which are required comprise :-

  • 204 – One-bedroom homes
  • 117 – Two bedroom homes
  • 34 – Three-bedroom homes
  • 13 – Four-bedroom homes

The current guidelines already specify that 40% of homes on all new developments should be “affordable” .

“Affordable” is now defined as meaning either social-rented housing (rented to the occupier by housing associations) or “low-cost” housing (sold to the occupier). What are termed “low cost market” houses are bought through “Home-Buy” equity-share schemes or, at “discounted” prices in which the developers take a hit on the price. “Affordable homes” may be ‘affordable’ for the tenant or buyer, but they are less-so for the developers because they now have to be constructed to ‘Welsh Housing Quality Standards’ – thus making them more expensive to build than ordinary retail housing.

The Vale planning committee is considering an application to build 50 new homes obn land at near Cardiff Road/Cross Common Road, Dinas Powys.l

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  1. Derek P. says:

    Are more roads and schools going to be built, to deal with the extra people? Especially when the development in Sully gets under way, on top of it. The roads are absolutely choc-a-bloc in the morning and evening, and I understand that all the schools in Sully, Dinas Powys and Penarth are bursting by the seams. No wonder!

  2. Eyes and Ears says:

    The new estates leave space to build a new school and surprisingly build a few houses less than they need too. I’m Sure Dinas Road was supposed to have a school built. Might be wrong.

  3. Ivor Bagman says:

    And yet they denied a lady
    living in a studio
    In Plassey Street !
    Very strange .
    Each to his
    Own !

  4. Christopher David says:

    This has to be misreported. That’s 11,180 new homes- just affordable ones mind over the next 20 years. If its not then we really do need a breeding programme!

    • newsnet says:

      Christopher David : Your maths is correct – but it wasn’t misreported. The Vale of Glamorgan planning committee report to be discussed on Thursday this week quotes the following:- “There is a demonstrated need for additional affordable housing in the Vale of Glamorgan, as evidenced by the 2015 Local Housing Market Assessment (LHMA) which determined that 559 additional affordable housing units were required each year to meet housing need in the area.”

  5. Christopher David says:

    OK Newsnet. Given there will be a huge need for unaffordable housing as well, then a breeding programme for Sapiens it is !

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