Conservatives claim the  Welsh Assembly is a "part time" institution that knocks-off at 5 pm on Tuesdays

Conservatives claim the Welsh Assembly is a “part time parliament” that knocks-off at 5 pm on Tuesdays

Penarth Assembly Member  Andrew RT Davies (Conservative, South Wales Central)  has unveiled what is  described as “a radical programme of reforms to improve public engagement and accessibility with the National Assembly for Wales”.

Davies, who is the leader of the Conservatives in the National Assembly, says he particularly wants to tackle voter-apathy amongst young people in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Amongst the proposals are that  : –

  • The salaries of Welsh Government Ministers should be slashed by 10%
  • The funds top-sliced from ministers’ salaries should be used to supp0rt “youth engagement”.
  • A “full procedural review” should be carried out of  the way the Welsh Assembly operates.
  • A “Welsh Localism & Citizenship Bill” should be enacted which will  – he says ” seek to end the democratic deficit which exists in local communities such as the Vale of Glamorgan

The Conservatives say a  ‘Welsh Localism and Citizenship Bill’ would introduce community rights to “Bid and Buy” – allowing local groups to take over the ownership and running of key services.

The bill would also extend the remit of local councils ; make all commissioners – including the Police and Crime Commissioner   – accountable to the Welsh Assembly as opposed to the Welsh Government  and clarify the use of public referendums.

Andrew R T Davies (Conservative AM South Wales Central)

Andrew R T Davies (Conservative AM South Wales Central)

Andrew R T Davies says “Many people across the Vale of Glamorgan will have turned 18 in recent months, and have the chance to vote for the first time in May’s election – but won’t do so. That should trouble all of us.

“A Welsh Conservative Government in Cardiff Bay would cut ministerial pay by 10% across the board and plough every penny of that funding into giving young people a voice.”

Davies rejects calls to increase the number of Assembly Members . He says “that’s not going to improve engagement with the public. We need better politics — not more politicians”.

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  1. Christopher David says:

    Much to be recommended- not because its conservative but because we have a one party dictatorial Government in Wales that runs rough shod over its people. A 20% pay cut right across the board would be more like it. Stop those big bungs the likes of Edwina Hart are to receive when thy leave this year while we’re at it- very for the people that. Remember this is a government that just got “stitched up” to the tune of c £38 million over land sales. Amateur politicians and amateur senior civil servants being paid very large salaries but not capable. And now its being swept under the carpet. As for upping the number of AM’s, the USA has 319 million people and 100 Senators, so why would Wales need 100 AM’s for a county of 3 million? More empire building. More leaching from the public purse. We can’t afford more not needed AM’s with our huge budget deficit. It will just take more money out of services to line the pocket of the “Club” members. Back these ideas up regardless of politics just to break the dictatorship. Reform is needed, the public sector is out of control.

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