South Wales Police & Crime Commissioner Alun Michael wants freemasons in public bodies to declare their membership openly

South Wales Labour Police & Crime Commissioner Alun Michael wants freemasons in public bodies – including the police –  to declare their membership openly

Penarth’s former Labour MP and now Labour’s South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner – Alun Michael – is demanding that freemasons should be forced to publicly declare their membership of the movement.

Commissioner Michael – who is hoping to be re-elected in May – is calling for it to be made compulsory for all public servants, including police officers, council officials and politicians, to divulge their membership .

Commissioner Michael is setting out his arguments in tonight’s edition of the S4C Welsh-language current affairs programme “Y Byd Ar Bedwar” ( The World on Four).

A masonic ritual filmed for tonight's edition ogf "Y Byd Ar Bedwar" on S4C

A masonic ritual filmed for tonight’s edition ogf “Y Byd Ar Bedwar” on S4C

The Police Chief”s proposals have had a cool reception from the senior freemasons representing some 13,000 members in Wales .

Provincial Grand Master Gareth Jones as he appears in tonight's tv programme.

Provincial Grand Master Gareth Jones as he appears in tonight’s tv programme.

Provincial Grand Master Gareth Jones says  members of the order should not be forced to declare their membership – and says  that it’s  “a little offensive” for anyone to be instructed to declare their membership.

The Byd Ar Bedwar programme – which includes video of freemansonry rituals in rehearsal – has been told by Mr Jones that he sees  “ no reason at all why individuals should have to declare membership of freemasonry. I and my members in South Wales are happy to tell people that we’re freemasons and celebrate that. I think it’s the fact that one is being instructed to declare one’s freemasonry that is a little offensive.”

Mr Jones says freemasonry  “makes good men better men” . He says there is “nothing sinister or mysterious” about it. The “very small number of secrets we still have ” he says ” are simply modes of recognition.”

When Alun Michael was a Home Office Minister a legal requirement that  police officers should declare membership was challenged and overruled. South Wales Police has a “voluntary disclosure system” .  He now wants a common declaration system for all local authorities, police forces and health boards.

Y Byd ar Bedwar is on S4C tonight at 21:30. English-language subtitles are available.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I think Alun Michael should declare everything he does that is paid for by tax payers.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      We should perhaps consider the implications of the Liverpool Echo Headline below
      (4 Jan 2016)
      “Freemasons barred from investigation into alleged Hillsborough ‘cover-up'”
      The article goes on to say……
      “The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is currently investigating claims of a cover-up following the death of 96 Liverpool supporters in Britain’s worst ever sporting disaster in April 1989″ …………… and the Liverpool Echo added that ……………..” “The IPCC decided at the outset of the investigation that Freemasons may not be employed as civilian investigators on work relating to Hillsborough, despite a court ruling which banned discrimination against (Masonic) members.”
      Therefore one needs to be extremely careful here as this is a very complex issue and the European Court of Human Rights has made judgements in the Mason’s favour on disclosure in the past and I can see why. There could be a knock on effect for Trade Unionist’s or other properly constituted pressure groups designed to investigate controversial issues that are uncomfortable for the establishment. Such a move could therefore set a dangerous precedent and prove self defeating without appropriate Human Rights safeguards for those who rely on our precious ” Freedom to Associate”. .

  2. Mark Foster says:

    Pathetically trying to deflect attention from the fact he shouldn’t be in the job in the first place.

  3. My Reply:

    What on earth does this have to do with Alun Michael? he wants all police officers, and those serving in public office, to declare their membership of the ‘Freemason’s’ this was bashed about many years ago when it was shown to be a non-starter, why then is he doing so again today? one reason could be that he has never been invited to join, another could be that he is jealous of the immense good they do, consider they help fund ‘Air Ambulances,’ they are the first to send relief aid in emergency situations, they sent aid to the flood victims, the Tsunami victims etc. etc. and are only surpassed in their generosity by the ‘National Lottery’. Freemasonry has given tens of millions of pounds to good causes in the last few years to meet both local and international needs.
    Does anyone have to declare membership of any other Club or heaven forbid retain membership of a political party (Labour for example) Typically politicians jump on these bandwagons when they have nothing else to say, clearly Alun Michael is running scared that an independent will oust him from office. What does any of this have to do with the office of Police and Crime Commissioner? nothing whatsoever, but if a politician can throw a little mud he / she will.
    I have been a very proud member of the Masonic movement for 20 years and they assisted me when I took relief aid to the refugees in the former Yugoslavia. (I took a lorry load of aid on ten occasions to Muslim refugee camps in Croatia / Bosnia and adopted a hospital maternity unit at Sisak in the war zone) I could not have done so without the unstinting help of the masonic movement, (and others). What politicians also fail to grasp is that the Masonic movement is totally non-political, and non-religious and is open to anyone to join, both men and women, we do not participate in any religious or political discussion at our meetings.
    Alun Michael is well aware of my membership, one of his Aide’s approached me at the last election, when the count was being made at Port Talbot, he alluded to the fact that he too was a member…NOT Alun Michael I hasten to add, but a member of his staff !!!…

    Michael Baker Independent and next PCC for South Wales

  4. Ian James Griffin says:

    Well said.
    Also, I imagine that you have never been asked to repay some £19,000 in bogus claims made, and the person in question was fortunate to avoid a criminal prosecution along with other M.P.s some of whom ended up serving custodial sentences !!!
    Yet the person in question is still in office !!!

  5. Ian,
    I have never been forced to repay any over-payment of expenses paid to me, because I have never made a fraudulent claim. I have also made a point of having an independent person oversee what I spend in the election to ensure that my campaign is above board. I am aware that some politicians have come unstuck with their expenses and some have made repeated claims that have not been genuine and had to repay sums around £19000. How can any politician make repeated ‘Admin Errors’ in relation to their expenses ?

  6. parcel says:

    Zounds like there on the level, seems black an white to me.
    But they’ve had quite a chequered history..

  7. parcel says:

    Oh deer, PC plod is at it again is he…

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