The white saloon with three young men aboard collided with a tree in Windsor Road, Penarth.

The white hatchback with three young men aboard collided with a tree in Windsor Road, Penarth.

Three male passengers are reported to have escaped injury today when the car in which  they were travelling struck a tree on Windsor Road, Penarth.

All three managed to extricate themselves from the vehicle and bystanders say none of them appeared to be injured.

A South Wales Fire and Rescue team from Penarth Fire Station were on the  scene in minutes to provide first aid and check for fuel spillage. It’s not known whether the accident was weather-related.

One eyewitness said that a  Vale of Glamorgan Civil Enforcement Officer was also in attendance at the scene and appended a  parking ticket to the car – which had crashed on a double-yellow lined area of the road. Another eyewitness however subsequently denied that a parking ticket had been issued.

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  1. AK says:

    What a pity the enforcement officer doesn’t make himself more useful at the junction of Plassey Street and Glebe Street

    • Angered Penarth Resident says:

      The taxi office cause more issue than anyone at that corner, still not as bad as the people who double park all the way along Plassey Street. Most of the time blocking the view from the zebra crossing. Idiots!

  2. Paul Richard Lewis says:

    Somebody please tell me this is a joke. What sort of overzealous idiot would do this. Come on, use some common sense.

    • newsnet says:

      An eyewitness assures PDN an adhesive penality notice was affixed to the windscreen.

      • Rhian says:

        Nope. There wasn’t a ticket. Maybe this eyewitness needs to clarify this information because you’ve clearly been informed wrong.

      • Ant says:

        I didn’t see the ticket being issued (if indeed, it was genuine), but it was definitely on the windscreen when I drove passed, before the car was separated from the tree! Driver’s side, right in the middle!

      • Rhian says:

        Either way, It was not a ticket an this article is wrong.
        The lad who’s car it is has not been issued with one.
        The people who issue the tickets don’t even have a clue about it either, they’ve also said that in an incident like this they would not put a parking ticket on the car.

  3. Jonnyoneye says:

    If this story is true about the Enforcement Officer issuing a ticket to this vehicle for parking on double yellow lines, after it has quite obviously crashed, for whatever reason, the man or woman who was that Enforcement Officer should be immediately suspended by the VoG Council, or whoever employs such an idiot, and if it is proved that they did issue a ticket in this instance, they should be relieved of their duties and put on public toilet cleaning duties, or something similar.
    Bring back someone with a bit of common sense to do the job. Anyone remember the first Parking Enforcement Officer that we had in Penarth in the 70’s, a guy called Mr Theresa (?). There was a guy who did his job well, was firm but fair and with common sense in abundance, not like these jobs worth’s of today.
    Madness and it makes me so angry that we are paying for them no doubt !

  4. Captain Peacock says:

    A member of cymdaethas i wouldn’t wonder, its naturally a conspiracy !

  5. Justin says:

    Is it possible that the ticket was issued before the crash? It is highly unlikely that the enforcement officer would issue the ticket after the crash surely??

  6. AK says:

    “Never employ idiots – immediately they double in number”

    author unknown, but clever

  7. Pelenni says:

    Always wonder how wasons manage to park cars and vans in 2 hour bays, sometimes for days and never get a ticket.

  8. PENARTH EYE. says:

    ENFORCMENT OFFICER, (TRAFFIC WARDEN ) Applicants Applying For This Position Must Be Capable Of Demonstrating Idiotic Actions. Any Person May Apply The Thicker Their Skin The Better Chance They Have Of Securing This Much Sought After POSITION.

  9. ColaniXL says:

    Let’s not forget the innocent victim in all of this. My condolences to the tree.

    • Jonnyoneye says:

      Don’t worry about the tree, i’m sure that it’s days are numbered like most of the others in Penarth, it seems.

  10. Martin Coffee says:

    I know that our representatives from Barry read PDN so please can they explain why their enforcement officers ignore dangerous and blatant illegal parking around Penarth but manage make the easy pickings in the town centre and issue ludicrous tickets like this one?

  11. Colin says:

    Don’t park in loading bays, thanks.

  12. Jonnyoneye says:

    Rhian says:
    February 10, 2016 at 15:46
    Nope. There wasn’t a ticket. Maybe this eyewitness needs to clarify this information because you’ve clearly been informed wrong.

    Perhaps it was a Post-it note. Ask Liz, she’ll know the difference !

    • Martin Coffee says:

      I have asked our representatives here but no response so they seem to be unable to defend the indefensible.

      I was one of the few (only?) who supported Liz in Post-it-gate so I am particularly annoyed at her lack of interest in this matter.

  13. CelticMan says:

    Maybe they should focus on the White Audi R8 that parks on double yellow lines and disabled spaces throughout Penarth. This fine citizen whose number plate ends CEO was parked for hours across 2 disabled spaces outside the St. Fagans pub this morning. In London he would be in the pound within minutes but here he is left alone whilst the car that crashed is targeted. Perhaps some photos could be published to shame him.

    • AK says:

      Non disabled people who park in disabled spaces have no shame.

      Must be someone with friends in high places if he / she has never been ticketed.

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