Penarth Library

Penarth Library has a big problem with damp.

Penarth Library is going to have to wait a little longer for the much-needed damp-proofing works to be carried in the 1904-vintage building.

A scheme to carry out essential and much-needed damproofing works in the library – which was originally called for back in 2014 – has been pushed back  for a second time by the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Scaffolding reaches all the way up to the roof of the building where rainwater has been pouring in through the ceiling of the first floor

In 2014 emergency works had to be carried out when  rainwater poured in through the ceiling of the first floor of the library – but the much needed damp-proofing work was deferred. Now it’s been deferred again.

In August 2014 emergency work had to be carried out on the Library when rainwater was penetrating the ceiling of the first floor of the building. This work involved erecting scaffolding outside the building –  but was a separate project from the much-needed damp-proofing works.

That same month (August 2014) – after a prolonged delay – the Vale Council finally got around to authorising the expenditure of £88,000 on essential maintenance and repairs to  “address damp” in Penarth Library  – but deferred the project – saying the work would not begin until the financial year 2015/16. However, in the event, no work was done .

Now the council is deferring the work yet again – apparently because it’s discovered that it needs Listed Building Consent to carry out the damp-proofing work on the library – something which critics say the council should have known in 2014.

The council says it now intends to apply for Listed Building Consent  “by the end of the [2015/16 ] financial year”  . As a result the scheme is being delayed until consent is received  . A budget provision of £60,000 is now being  carried forward into its Capital Programme for 2016/17 year.

Meanwhile after six years of problems with the current lift in the Library, a replacement lift has finally been ordered and will be installed as part of the damproofing project – as and when that is carried out.

The library – a gift to the people of Penarth – was first opened in 1905, its construction having been funded largely by the Carnegie Trust on land donated by the Earl of Plymouth.

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  1. Ian Norton says:

    An absolute joke and fairly reflects the gross ineptitude of our Councillors. How can work be agreed, planned & costed without prior investigation of potential hindrances? If the same lack of attention was applied in business, then there would be many potential failures, plus associated unemployment.

  2. Christopher David says:

    Councillors or council managers. Why do we have councillors when we have managers on over £100,000 PA? Or the reverse. Yeah democracy, so get rid of the expensive incompetent managers. Just like the meals on wheels fiasco we have in the background council mangers on huge salaries pension and associated benefits cant plan forward, budget or even identify a listed building. When are we going to demand these amateurs are sacked? If were going to have poor management lest have it at a realistic £30,000 PA and set them performance plans. Perhaps the councillors could actually ….manage them!

    • AK says:

      Councillors need have no management skills or experience, that is why Local Authorities need to employ managers.

      Councillors agree (or disagree) policy, management organises their staff to implement those policy decisions. It is rare for Council managers to be sacked for incompetence; That would require someone to admit that they employed an idiot.

      Incompetent managers usually either get promoted or retire early or on ‘ill health’ grounds.

      “In the future, those left working will be entrepreneurs or sweat wipers. Those not qualified to do either, will be managers” – Dilbert

  3. Christopher David says:

    Love it AK but surely Councillors should be capable of managing Council managers. They cant all be nowt more than political dreamers. I know some that are competent! The VOG have not only demonstrated they have employed idiots but idiots on pay scales that are a scandal. Just like all councils in these days of the public sector empire builders. Love this Dilbert chap.

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