Wild flowers blooming in Plymouth Park - which was once a Vale Council rubbish tip

Wild flowers blooming in Penarth Marina’s Plymouth Park – once a Vale Council rubbish tip

Dr Martin Whitehill, the chair of the Penarth Marina Residents’ Association  is to relinquish the position next month and has circulated a invitation for nominees to put their names forward to succeed him .

Dr Martin Whitehill is chairman of Penarth Marina and Haven Residents' Association

Dr Martin Whitehill outgoing  chairman of Penarth Marina and Haven Residents’ Association

In his time as chairman Dr Whitehill has campaigned energetically on behalf of local residents – frequently bringing relentless pressure to bear on officialdom – including the Welsh Government and the Vale of Glamorgan Council .

He says during his stint the association has been influential in pushing for the  improvement of physical amenities such as Plymouth Park, the Zig-zag Path, the re-opening of the ‘Woodland’ Path, bench seating, yellow lines, and better lighting.

But Dr Whitehill  says the association is “still wrestling”  with a number of other issues such as :-

  • the delay in re-laying of the path in Plymouth Park
  • continued public access to Penarth Headland beach.
  • the lack of lighting  on the Zig-zag Path, [ PDN Note: At this week’s Vale of Glamorgan ‘cabinet’ meeting Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) claimed that delays in the design of the lighting scheme had been due to “wildlife concerns” – and the work is to be carried out some time in 2017.] 
The Penarth Marina Residents' Association is locked in a major battle to protect the natural landscape and wildlife in the area

The Penarth Marina Residents’ Association is locked in a major battle to protect the natural landscape and wildlife in the area – and says the Vale Council has “lost its corporate memory“.

Dr Whitehill says the Marina Residents Association has “not always been successful” .

He says “We tried to get the Vale of Glamorgan Council  understand that last time they cut the trees down the soil was washed away in mud and landslides. This has left many areas of bare cliff ‘rock’. The excess rain water in the escarpment now pours out of the rocks. Eventually this will cause rockfall as it does around Penarth Head beach. As the Council were finishing cutting the trees down this year, the landslides have begun. The Council’s corporate memory has been lost in many departments and it will be worse when we become part of Cardiff Council.”  .

Dr Whitehill says  “It is imperative that the residents keep their own neighbourhood memory to refresh that of local and national government in future.”

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  1. Christopher David says:

    He’s been successful- perhaps he could stand as a councillor and force common sense onto the VOG in some glaringly poor areas. There should be a published report on the latest landslide for starters, and not just a VOG investigation!!

  2. Anne says:

    The Cllrs have ignored what people were telling them – do they ever listen?

  3. Dizzydeb says:

    Is there any ‘wildlife’ on the zig zag path?
    Not unless you include state boarders and cyclists racing down at break neck speeds! So nothing that would delay some discreet ( please ) lighting.

    In fact now every tree and blade of grass has been removed fron the whole area wildlife is a thing of the past Liz Burnett. Viva la concrete..

  4. Alwyn Evans says:

    Many thanks to Martin for having carried on so successfully the good work started under Marcia Clode’s chairmanship. He’s right about the difficulty of getting the Vale to listen to residents’ voices, that’s been easier since Gwyn Roberts and Lis Burnett were elected. As for Cwtsh y Cwm ( the official – and traditional – name for the zig-zag path, though nobody ever uses it), yes, the promised lighting, planting and handrails from the original plan need installing, but remember the financial pressure there’s been on the present County Executive Councillors since the scheme was wrung grudgingly out of the Penarth Heights developers’ reluctant pockets. Martin has since extended that by enabling the opening of the other path half way up Dock Hill.
    It took me 13 years to convince Council officers ( not councillors) that the Marconi Avenue road humps were not only dangerous but also illegal. The Residents’ Association is a vital methid of keeping up pressure to ensure the Marina and Haven areas are treated as an integral part of Penarth, not just an appendage

    • David Moorcraft says:

      I clearly remember the original ( not really zig-zag) path from near the old Royal Hotel down to the side of Penarth Dock, passing through a low underpass (well-made and tiled) beneath the railway lines which fed the coal hoists. I didn’t know it was called “Cwtsh-y-cwm” – I bow to Alwyn’s knowledge. I still think the history of “our” Dock should be better known.

  5. AK says:

    It will forever be called the zig zag path – just as the squinty bridge in Glasgow, which crosses the River Clyde at a sharp angle is called the squinty bridge, even by the BBC.

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