The University Hospital of Wales at Heath in Cardiff

The University Hospital of Wales at Heath in Cardiff. Thousands are waiting for admission.

Patients in the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board Area – which includes Penarth – have seen a huge increase in the amount of time they have to wait for treatment.

  • In November 2015 the number of local patents waiting for more than 36 weeks for treatment for treatment was 1,518.
  • By December 2015 the total of local patients waiting for more than 36 weeks for treatment treatment had shot-up to 2,616.

That represents a 72% increase in the length of the waiting list – the largest such increase anywhere in Wales.

Across the whole of Wales 439,090 people ( in ever 7 of the population of Wales) are waiting for treatment with 26,342 having waited more than 36 weeks .

Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies (Conservative South Wales Central) says “Labour’s performance on waiting times remains a national disgrace”.  He says “the Welsh Labour Government has starved frontline health services of one billion pounds since 2011 and it’s hardworking staff who’ve taken the brunt.” He said that the Welsh Labour Government’s First Minister Carwyn Jones was “in denial”.

Wales's Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones suffered the public humiliation of being told to shut up to enable Nigel Farage to speak on Question Time

Repeatedly Wales’s Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones (left) suffered the public humiliation of being told to shut up to enable Nigel Farage to speak on BBC tv’s Question Time

Carwyn Jones, who was roundly beaten by UKIP’s Nigel Farage in a ITV debate on Europe last month,  suffered again at the hands of Farage when the two clashed on Health and on Steel in this week’s edition of the BBC programme “Question Time” .

Presumably sore from his previous defeat, time and again Jones tried to “talk-over” Farage –  only to be humiliated and be put firmly in his place by chairman David Dimbleby who told him not to interrupt  – so that Farage could make his to make his points.

At one point Carwyn Jones claimed that the difficulties in the steel industry were being caused by what he called “the strength of the pound” – only to have his assertion ridiculed by Farage – who pointed out that on the world exchanges the value of sterling was actually falling .

Farage told Jones “Goodness knows how Wales gets you as First Minister”

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  1. Tony says:

    QT did show that Carwyn is a very amenable man but he was thrown completely by Farage’s superficial “charm offensive”-the perception is that the Health Service in Wales is awful, the Labour Government favouring the Health service Unions over patients, and Mark Drakeford;s attempt to lure disgruntled Junior Doctors to Wales is frankly creepy.
    I am currently paying over £1000 for dental work (no NHS dentist within miles)-and I have been on a waiting list for over a year for a minor “male “issue-I am not holding my breath!
    As for the steel industry-I love watching the beautiful “airbus” ship going up the channel-the company have now got a contract to make wings for Iranair-will they be using locally sourced steel (come to think of it am not sure if steel is used in aeroplanes but you get the point)

  2. Christopher David says:

    Yes its good that we have the Likes of Farage to show up Carwyn Jones and his ilk for what they are. No I don’t vote UKIP. Its an irony that the top three highest paid civil servants in Wales (they get paid more than the Perm Sec) are all NHS “managers”. Wales rewards incompetence. Look at the recent list. £38 million lost in “under the counter” land sales- that’s gone quiet. Very large payoffs for outgoing AM’s like Edwina Hart, £10 million spent on “gender awareness in the workplace” No plan to reduce the £15 billion annual budget deficit. Pay rises for AM’ way above the rate of inflation. As much as half a billion pounds a year spent on the Welsh language- money that could make a huge difference to the NHS! The list goes on and we just bleat. It is never healthy to have a one party state- any party. Thank you Nigel Farage but the thick skinned pocket liners in the Bay will just ignore you- and the populace.

  3. Arthur Thistlewood says:

    Jones is a complete donkey and his regressive socialists a threat to decency and innovation. Let’s vote for someone else next time.

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