The former Monty Smith car showroom and garage is now boarded up

The former Monty Smith car showroom and garage is now boarded up

The remaining lease on the Monty Smith garage and car showroom in Windsor Road Penarth has been put on the market with offers invited of over £250,000 – plus VAT.

What’s up for sale is the remainder of the existing lease on premises – a period of 42 years. The freeholder of the property is not prepared to sell the freehold or to extend the period of the lease –  according the estate agents JLL who are handling the sale.

The “For Sale” sign appeared on the property yesterday.  The premises comprise  13,500 sq ft (1,254 sq m) on approximately a quarter of an acre of land.

Monty Smith's "Motorist's Centre" as it was in 2014

Monty Smith’s “Motorist Centre” as it was in 2014

The estate agents describe the property as being “ a part two and part single storey car
showroom, with workshop and storage facilities extending with a front courtyard and a canopy above. The first floor is accessed via a vehicle ramp from the forecourt and has
been used as a showroom, with sections partitioned to form offices, stores and toilets.”

The first floor car showroom was installed in what was once a cinema

The first floor car showroom was installed in what was once a cinema

The description says that “the property is held via a Long Leasehold interest of 99 years (less 1 day) from 1st June 1959 with a lease expiry of 31st May 2058, subject to an annual rent of £34 per annum. “

The agents say “The freeholder has been approached to establish the following

    • Extending the lease term beyond the remaining 42 years
    • Selling the freehold interest
    • Altering the use clause within the lease.

The agents say “The freeholder has clarified that they wish to retain control of the site
and are not willing to consider any of the above at this stage. The lease states that the Lessee will not use or permit the demised premises to be used for any other purpose other than as a service station and showroom.”

Visible again above the false ceiling of the first floor are the art deco ceiling mouldings of the original WIndsor Kinema . The cinema was converted into a car dealership by the late Mr Monty Smith

Visible again above the false ceiling of the first floor are the art deco ceiling mouldings of the original Windsor Kinema . The cinema was converted into a car dealership by the late Mr Monty Smith

This would appear to rule out the use of the premises (originally the “Windsor Kinema“) as a supermarket – despite the rumoured interest of both Marks & Spencer and Waitrose in establishing supermarkets in Penarth.

The full story of the Monty Smith closure was reported last year by PDN – see

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  1. M davies says:

    This would make a good car park !

  2. sjleworthy says:

    Nah, no road infrastructure for busy entry/exit.

    Make a great Waitrose though 🙂

  3. Christopher David says:

    No freehold. Let them sweat- way overpriced. Car park would be good though M Davies. Multi storey maybe but the VOG wont see it.

  4. Cathy says:

    Does anyone have any idea what is coming to the other garage – Robert Smith’s – as workmen have been there for months?

  5. Steven says:

    As I have said before NO workman have been working on the old Robert Smith garage. It was being used as a base for the builders doing the house up next to it.

  6. Freddie says:

    Nobody’s going to buy it with those clauses. As Christopher David says – Let them sweat.

  7. Christopher David says:

    Good question Cathy- I’d like to know. On thinking about Monty’s its probable that a 42 year lease is un-mortgageable (sic). That means the market is narrowed with the “big boys” i.e large retailers being in the best position to take over these premises. That’s a bit worrying- makes business sense to the lessor of course but do we need yet another super market taking trade way from locals and causing more parking problems? Hmm I think the car park ideas is a good one if the VOG could acquire the place on freehold terms in some way!.

    • sjleworthy says:

      but as mentioned earlier, any hint of a car park there would completely clog up Windsor road in both directions, even off peak. we dont have anywhere close to a road infrastructure in this area to support a car park unfortunately. and the cost of doing so takes it completely out of contention i fear, especially as the owner has stupid clauses meaning he wants another showroom/filling station there.

      Saying that, i’d personally not say no to another filling station if this is the case. and maybe a showroom there too? theres an idea 🙂

  8. Christopher David says:

    I personally don’t see how this would lead to clog up. There weren’t clog up queues before when Mr Smith and Mr Patterson were trading. There aren’t queues into other car parks in Cardiff except in unusual circumstances. If you had a no barrier pay and display multi storey park I think it could work and free the town somewhat.

  9. AK says:

    It is hardly going to be a giant car park, so the entry/exit problems menetioned above would be minimal. It could also be combined with a one way entry around the street from Victoria Bridge (whose name I forget), but I’m not sure our planners could cope with that.

    Gulf may have a long wait for a tenant wanting a filling station and car sales………………………


    Living in Windsor road and watching this building slowly fall into its present state ,ONE question remains Has anyone done a RISK ASSESSMENT regarding the the EMPTY FUEL TANKS or are we all sitting near a TIMEBOMB.

  11. Bully Banks says:

    What s the risk if the fuel tanks are empty doh!

  12. Dai B says:

    we all know how this will pan out.
    1st – offers lease on poor terms. No takers.
    2nd – freeholder moans to Vale its not viable.
    3rd – Vale allow the developer to do what ever they want. Change of use – no problem, few dozen ugly flats with no parking – sure why not !!. As long as they pay a little section 106 money that the Vale can spend on some pet projects, they are happy.

  13. Christopher David says:

    You may be correct although I still think the tactic maybe to put the property outside the reach of anyone but cash payers- often retail giants. We just don’t need another invasive big retailer in Penarth threatening local traders and creating further parking problems. But yes Dai B- your assertions make sense.

  14. Colin says:

    Just a point, when then garage in Barry (by the old gas tank) went to auction with an asking price of 500k, it went for 5 times that!!! It will be opening soon as a Texaco. So, there are companies, individuals etc out there who will be interested.

  15. Christopher David says:

    Was the site in Barry freehold? It is in a much better position. Take your point, indeed I’ve made it but there’s a multitude of factors.

  16. Colin says:

    Unsure. Position only 1 factor. Quality fuel at the correct price will bring a custom. And helpful staff, who give you 100%

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