Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies (Conservative leader in the Welsh Assembly) and Carwyn Jones (First Minister in Welsh Labour Government)

Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies (Conservative leader in the Welsh Assembly) – (left) – and Carwyn Jones (First Minister in Welsh Labour Government)

Penarth Assembly Member Andrew R T Davies (Conservative South Wales Central) has ridiculed a statement made to the BBC  by the First Minister of the Welsh Labour Government – Carwyn Jones – that Labour needs “another five years in power “.

Carwyn Jones claims that Wales is at “the half-way point on our journey”  in what he called a “decade of delivery”  – although political observers wasted no time in pointing out that Labour has actually been continually in power in the Welsh Assembly for 17 years – ever since it was first founded in 1999 .

Andrew R T Davies – who is the leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly said “Whilst Carwyn Jones talks of a decade of delivery, the people of Wales aren’t naïve; all Labour have delivered is disappointment. Under Labour, Wales endures the lowest take-home pay in the UK; spending on frontline health services has been cut by a billion pounds since 2011; and despite moderate improvements in GCSE results, they remain worse than those in England.”

The First Minister for the Welsh Labour Governemnt carwyn Jones speaking at the Airbus plant in Flintshire

The First Minister for the Welsh Labour Government Carwyn Jones speaking at the Airbus plant in Flintshire. The “Together for Wales” slogan is intended to underscore the “benefits” of having Labour  “seamlessly” charge at every level of governance in Wales from the Welsh Assembly and MPs to the police commissioners and town and community councils.

In a speech at the Airbus factory in Hawarden  Carwyn Jones had said “I make six new promises to you, the people of Wales”. These included :-

  • 100,000 extra apprentices” [The BBC says over  5 years that’s about the same rate at which apprenticeships are currently created and does not represent a major increase].
  • “A tax break to small businesses” [no details were given],
  • A “new £100,000,000 fund for school standards” – [The OECD said school standards in Wales were worse than in the other UK and OECD countries and 30% of Welsh pupils were not achieving their potential ]
  • A “new treatment fund” in the NHS  [the current Welsh Labour Government has been criticised for not setting up a cancer drugs fund and for cutting expenditure on the NHS]
  • “30 free hours of childcare for 3 and 4 year-olds” [ No details were given]
  • And what was described as “an effective £26,000 tax-break” for pensioners in Wales [who will be allowed to retain no more than £50,000 of the amount raised when they have to sell their homes to pay for care-home costs. The rest will go to meet care costs.]
The list of Labour election pledges announced for the Assembly campaign

The list of Labour election pledges announced for the Assembly campaign

Carwyn Jones said these were the promises he wanted “the next Welsh Labour Government” to be judged on in 2021.

Welsh Tory leader Andrew R T Davies said these promises were “the same pledges that Labour bring forward at every election” and “you can’t really believe a word they say”. Under Labour rule  – he said – Wales had suffered “17 years of stagnation”.


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  1. Christopher David says:

    I doubt any but the blinkered loyalists will be fooled by Carwyn’s rhetoric. Failing NHS, education standards poor, private under the counter money losing (£38 million) land deals with meetings not minuted (sic) Huge pay rises for AM’s- huge pay-offs for AM’s “retiring”-huge sums for example £10 million spend on wacky projects like gender awareness, the list goes on and on. Whatever your politics we should get this complacent smug and wasteful lot out Its not healthy.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      It does take time to put things right. The Electorate alone will decide how long is necessary for a Government to determine the future of Wales and its people. However 17 years is not unprecedented. That’s how long we had of Thatcherism and callous devastation of the Wales Economy. Arrogant refusal even to hold a second Devolution Referendum by the self styled High Commissioner approach of John Redwood who was only to happy to treat Wales as a Colony. We mattered so little to him that he returned £100 million of the Welsh (Colonial) Office budget unspent to the Treasury in 1995. .As far as I know we’ve never had it back.
      Do be careful what you wish for. .

      • Harry Stephens says:

        Do you ever give up Phil?
        A broken record makes more sense than your good self
        You seem addicted to reply to the first comment on every political topic and spout off some historical clap-trap on why you know best.
        Labour have been a disaster for Wales.

  2. Arthur Thistlewood says:

    Also, the areas of administration in which they have had most power, the devolved areas, are exactly the ones in which they have done most damage: education and health. A progressive society cannot any longer be run on the basis of bureaucratic centralism – a mid twentieth century answer to social and economic challenges – so, until the Labour people can bring themselves to relinquish their failed philosophy, there will never be anything for them to contribute to our lives. We need to get rid of them all, especially since the backward looking Corbyn appeared.

  3. Lindsay Wagner says:

    With my bionic eyes I can see that Labour have done very well in Wales and I don’t know why there are so many bad comments about them.
    Our schools are in tip top condition, which SATs getting higher every year that Labour is in power.
    The buildings themselves are second to none, read the news today.
    Health has been a top priority for lovely Labour, waiting lists down, no queues and more doctors and nurses than anywhere else in the UK.
    I will not have a bad word said about Labour and you David Christopher, if that is your real name should be ashamed of yourself with a lovely Welsh name and not supporting Labour in our lovely land of Wales.
    Give them another 5, 10, 15 or as many years as they need I Say!!

  4. Christopher David says:

    “Do be careful what you wish for” This appears a very odd thing to state Mr Rapier. Apart from a change from Labour…what did I wish for? Or why would I wish for the demise of labour unless I gave reason- which I did. Can you explain please. Thanks.

  5. Christopher David says:

    And You Mr Wagner if that is your real name (mine is) have you had treatment to help you come down off the trip yet? After all we have an excellent NHS (free rose tinted glasses for those that qualify- while stocks last – hurry) and a wise government that spends well an loses little that can help 🙂 Lets just hope though the money lasts after the selected discredited pay themselves huge bumper payoffs this year.

  6. Joe says:

    Of course, elsewhere, Labour has been able to use the “give us time, we need to undo the mess the Tories made” line but in Wales they don’t have that excuse as they’ll vote for a donkey here if it’s wearing a red rosette. There are no challenges to the “Welsh Assembly Government”. Look at the media – all slavishly Labour-supporting, with the result being all-round, relentless mediocrity. Things can only get worse.

  7. Carl Hughes says:

    Welsh Labour has made a mess of the NHS. They don’t need time, they need to be booted into opposition.

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