A 3.9% increase in Council Tax is being recommended

Going Up: A 3.9% increase in Vale of Glamorgan Council Tax is being recommended

The Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council is considering yet another inflation-busting increase in council tax across the Vale – this time a rise of 3.9%.

The Vale Council claims that this would represent a cash increase for 2015/17 of £41.67p in the Council Tax on a “Band D” property – but in fact most people in Penarth don’t live in “Band D” properties – and the increased charge in higher housing bands (ranging from E to I) will be considerably higher.

A council Enforcement Notice nailed to the front door of 11 Redlands Road in November last year. It's a Band E property

A council Enforcement Notice was nailed to the front door of 11 Redlands Road in November last year. It’s a “Band E” property (one level above the Vale Council’s benchmark of “Band D” property) so its Council Tax for 2016/17 could be £1,685 plus Police Precept plus Penarth Town Council precept .

Even the notorious abandoned house at 11 Redlands Road which has had an enforcement order slapped on it by the Vale Council is classified as a  “Band E” property – one level above the Vale Council’s benchmark “Band D”  rating . Its owner could have to pay £1,685 in Council Tax in 2016/17 –  plus Police Precept, plus Penarth  Town Council Precept.

Anyone living in a “Band I” property in Penarth is already paying council tax of £3,096.65 a year. A hike of 3.9% would mean an increase of £120.76p a year to £3,217.41p  . 

This owner of this Band H property in Penarth is likely to have a Council Tax bill of for 2016/17

This owner of this “Band H“property in Penarth could face a Council Tax bill of more than £2,700 for 2016/17 plus an increased Police Precept, plus an increased Penarth Town Council Precept

Those living more modest “Band G” properties in Penarth are already paying £2,211.91 every year  Council Tax . In April those householders could be paying another £86 a year taking their tax up to £2,298.17.

On top of the Vale Council Tax there will be an additional – and already-agreed – increase of 4.9% in the precept levied by Penarth Town Council.  There will also be the increase of 4.0% already confirmed in the Police Precept by Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael .

The  proposed council tax increase is subject to the “final settlement” the council receives from the Welsh Government being the amount currently being forecast .

The current Consumer Price Index rate of inflation is 0.3%. The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s 2016/17 increase – if approved – will be the fourth successive above-inflation increase in council tax imposed by the Labour administration since it came to power in 2012 .

The  Vale of Glamorgan Council’s ‘cabinet’ will discuss the proposed council tax increase on Monday February 22nd and the full council will meet to consider the increase in a special meeting to be held on March 10th .

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  1. Christopher David says:

    Yes they don’t have a “cabinet” (comas noted) look up the definition. Its more grand-ing up super paid managers and poor quality councillors that could save this money through efficiencies starting with a clean out of senior “management”.

    • Tim Hughes says:

      I also do not understand the use of inverted commas for the word cabinet. The use of the term by VoG is entirely appropriate.

      • Tim Hughes says:

        Not kidded nor stuck in the past, just recognise an appropriate world used by the government to describe a committee of government.

    • Lindsay says:

      Christopher, it was fun for a while trying to puncture your ego, but I’m afraid it’s now just tiresome. Your boorish, bigoted view on life is beyond further comment so I’m going to leave you to your £1.70 plonk. Enjoy your rants on here, I doubt they’ll ever reach a bigger stage.

      • Henry Johntson says:

        Lindsay. are you going to leave us?
        I too enjoyed your version of the truth.
        You always brought some left wing balance to proceedings. 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    You may choose to use “comas” (sic) Christopher but, like it or not, the cabinet system is one of the options set out in the Local Government Act 2000. Which of the other options would you prefer? Come to think of it, your repetitive utterances on here are becoming somewhat coma inducing.

  3. Willy Wonka says:

    Another gouging from the Labour Vale Club that we won’t be able to get rid of for 6 years.

    First the PCC, then Penarth Council then the Vale.

    Anyone spot the same ‘club’ theme running through these esteemed groups?

  4. Frank Evans says:

    I used to vote labour. In fact I was a life long supporter, but I have become so disillusioned with them over the last few years, they seem to become a party who’s sole aim is to feather their own nests and to help others in the clan to catch the gravy train. Having Wales run by labour as a one party state is a bad idea.

  5. Christopher David says:

    In you case Lindsay is more like a coma- no (sic) needed this one isn’t a typo. Now Mr Cowardly, when you’re ready to give us you’re name I might take you (slightly) seriously. “Definition of cabinet government : a government in which the real executive power rests with a cabinet of ministers who are individually and collectively responsible to the legislature”. No act can change the meaning and sycophants like you (junior club member?) will not change that. So come on little chap – who are you?

    • Lindsay says:

      Ooh, looks like I’ve rattled your cage but you still didn’t tell me which option you prefer. I won’t lower the tone even further by joining in the name calling but it’s a bit rich when the chap with multiple identities chooses to berate me for using my own name.

  6. M davies says:

    The only way to stop these actions is to use your vote in the next election
    But it would be good to have Mr A Michael justify the existence of his enormous team to the public. Perhaps he would like to write a column in the P Times explaining to the general public why he needs 18 staff
    Or better still tell us how he will trim his team so that we don’t have to pay an increase n our rates for his big staff bill

    • Tony says:

      Like you I am still uncertain as to the benefit of the Police Commissioners-I suppose “looking good on Sophie Howe’s CV” has it’s merits but hardly warrants the cost of the operation-many of us saw inflation at 20%-25% in the 1970’s so 3.9% does not seem too bad, but if you factor in almost 0% inflation it is a huge rise.

  7. Lindsay says:

    If my assessment of you needed any further corroboration you just provided it. Bye bye

  8. Christopher David says:


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