Foxy's is the venue for the revelation of Penarth's suggestions on Friday February 26th

Foxy’s is the venue for the revelation of Penarth’s suggestions on Friday February 26th

The shadowy and publicity-shy organisation – which set up a series of varnished wooden “Suggestion Boxes” around Penarth last year – is to reveal the submissions which have been “posted” by the public in them next weekend.

The contents of the boxes are to be displayed at a special public viewing at Foxy’s restaurant and delicatessen on Victoria Road on Friday February 26th from 19:00 to 21:00.

This box discovered by Rhys Thomas bore th wording "Suggestion Box - because we've run out of good ideas" which critiics saaid was a sure indication they were a Vale of Glamorgan Coucnil stunt

This box discovered by Rhys Thomas bore the wording “Suggestion Box – because we’ve run out of good ideas” which critics said implied they were a council stunt

A poster advertising the event says a total of six boxes were installed around the town – although as some of them appeared to have been moved around during the “consultation” it’s difficult to verify the figure.

The boxes – designed like a letter box – were well-constructed in plywood, built to withstand the weather and most had a captive ballpoint pen – like the ones in banks – and a pad of paper attached to capture any fleeting inspiration passers-by might have had.

Some boxes were attached or chained to railings alongside main roads. One was located the Esplanade, another outside the Library and another location was Railway Path at the Alberta Place gateway.

The Penarth Town Council’s Momentum Group – a group made up of non-councillors developing ideas for the future of Penarth – denied that the suggestion boxes were anything to do with its members.

The poster advertising next weekend’s “viewing” does not state:-

  • Who organised the campaign.
  • What the motivation for the campaign is.
  • Who paid for it all.
A suspiciously large number of suggestions received are from "children" suopporting the installation of tyhe cioncrete skateboard park at Paget Road play area - a proposal vigorously opposed by local residents

A suspiciously large number of suggestions (43 in all) appeared to have been received from “children” – all supporting the installation of the controversial 105 foot long concrete skateboard park at Paget Road play area – a proposal being vigorously opposed by local residents  Significantly the  “suggestions” almost all use the term “skatepark” rather than “skateboard park” .

Some of the “suggestions” submitted have already been declared – including what many people might regard as a suspiciously large number (comprising 10% of all suggestions received) from “children”  – all apparently pleading for the installation of a concrete skateboard park in the Paget Road Play Area.

The Skateboard Park is part of the Vale Council  scheme which gave rise to so much opposition from local residents that the council had to reconsider its plans. (See PDN

Out of a total of 440 suggestions received in the suggestion boxes , no fewer than 43 were from “children” asking for the controversial and heavily criticised concrete skateboard park project to go ahead. The scheme would turn what up to now has been a children’s play area into a “mixed use” facility for adults and children.

As the vast majority of the submissions do not bear full names and addresses, none of the suggestions can be verified as genuine –  and there is no way in which the exercise can be accepted as any true test of public opinion.

The concrete skateboard park would be 105 ft long and almost 50 ft wide

The Paget Road concrete skateboard park would be 105 ft long and almost 50 ft wide

None of the suggestion boxes bore any reference as to who was responsible for the initiative and what the objective of the exercise was .

The boxes also bore slogans such as  “Warning good suggestions may be implemented”  andbecause we’ve run out of good ideas “.

Two clues as to the origin of Penarth's mystery suggestion boxes

Two clues as to the origin of Penarth’s mystery suggestion boxes

The chained ballpoint pens and the pads did bear two clues.   One was  a Twitter symbol and the wording “#suggestionbox20”  and the other a camera symbol and “@suggestionbox20”.

The Twitter site gives further summaries of the suggestions received. Ten of the “tweets” at this address highlight the call for the Skateboard Park – or, as they all call it –  “Skate Park”  .

On Friday February 26th Penarth may know a little more about the suggestions –  and perhaps more intriguingly about who, and what, is really behind it all.


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  1. Penarffiffian says:

    I especially like the idea that the skate park is going to be in the Paget Rooms. What’s the betting that many of the authors of those “suggestions” don’t know where the proposed site actually is?

  2. Jane Foster says:

    I think having a skate park in the ‘Paget Room’ is a great suggestion – much better than vandalising the children’s play area.

  3. M davies says:

    Just looking at the photo of the ideas some seem to have the same writing pattern ( see skate park) suggesting the same person wrote them
    Any organisation the refuses to give its name and contact details is dubious as with the meeting at the Pier Pavilion for the barrage suggestions last year. The group there refused to give contact details although they did ask for people’s email addresses no contact has been made by them.
    If you have an idea to share there isn reason not Let people know who you are

  4. 249ers says:

    Why shouldn’t 43 ‘children’ ask for a skatepark? They had as much right as anyone else to take the time and trouble to put their suggestion in the box. From what I could see from the photo many had added their name and ages, plus they said ‘please’.( Skatepark or skate park is the accepted term rather than skateboarding park)
    Just because their wishes are not those of some adults it doesn’t make them any less valid. In fact I think they should be praised for taking the trouble to voice their opinion on a subject that they feel strongly about.
    It’s not ok to be critical of others just because they don’t think the same as you and I wonder how many of this forum put their suggestions in the box?

  5. Henry Johntson says:

    I suspect half of these mote were written by local Councillors and Councillors’ childrens, we should have had CCTV on the boxes and the iron lady (Lizzy Burnett) could have vetted each one individually and complained to the police if she didn’t like the contents on the notes.
    Talking of post-it notes, has she ever apologised for her somewhat strange behavior, as I haven’t kept up with the news.

  6. It would be really helpful if folks wanting ANYTHING in Penarth were to contact one or more of their Local Councillors for assistance and advice. This is the only way that we can act without the “full picture” being known to us. Once we have the info, we can then do something about it – so long as everybody in Penarth is happy to pay through higher taxes !
    My details are on my website at if you want to tell me about a local issue. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Gary Heart says:


      What on earth are they doing in Sully with the crossings AGAIN? I wrote to you a few years ago ask could the single car “chicken run” be removed, this happened and we got the zebra crossings and huge expense. Why do the Vale constantly what to alter things and spend my money?
      A zebra crossing with incorporated raised area so traffic has to slow down would be fine, but no they are digging up the roads again, makes my blood boil!!!
      I presume you know what they are at?

      • Hello Gary,
        I have not represented Sully for more than 3 years, so now have nothing to do with any changes that the “new” councillors may be bringing about in your village. You need to ask Cllrs. Penrose and Mahoney who now sit on the Vale of Glamorgan Council in Sully, instead of myself and my former colleague, why they are changing what worked perfectly well before !
        Of course those two councillors will try and pass off the problems that they are unable to cope with onto other people, despite having been “In Office” for all these past years, when they have had ample time to resolve the issues in Hayes Road, let alone South Road, and also all the problems they claim (completely inaccurately) that I was supposedly responsible for !
        In Penarth of course, we actually get things done or under way, and this is where I can help you these days with sound practical advice that I trust helps my present constituents in and around Penarth.

  7. Kevin Mahoney says:

    As I have had to point out before. The only time that I ever contacted Mr Ernest with a request for help it was to ask if he and the Vale could ensure that the former waste site at Hayes Rd be totally secured to prevent travellers occupying it upon the exit of the Biffa contractors.

    Mr Ernest is on public record insisting that travellers would never occupy the site and he then rang me up at my house to tell me to stop alarming residents with my warnings as he refused to do anything to help.

    Result….. one bunch of travellers occupying the site for the last 3 years despite the opposition of local residents. So much for Mr Ernest’s advice as relayed above.

    In regards to the upgrade of the Pelican crossing in Sully to what I understand is now to be called a Puffin crossing I am told by Mike Clogg of the Vale Highways Dept that the Puffing crossings incorporate sensors that do not allow the lights to change to green whilst pedestrians are still on the crossing, thus allowing the infirm or elderly to clear the crossing safely even if they are taking a while due to their infirmities.

    I understand the upgrade was prompted by the serious incident that occurred on the crossing some months ago.

  8. Martin gossage says:

    Of course they were all written by PTC councillors as none were written in welsh .(see item above )

  9. Martin – I do not either write any anonymous notes, English or Welsh ! I have the courage of my convictions hopefully.

  10. Sarah says:

    I don’t have strong feelings either way about having a skatepark in Paget Road. I don’t have children who would be of an age to use it and neither do I live close enough to it to be bothered by antisocial behaviour etc.
    However I am very concerned that the views of local people who have opposed it once again seem to be of no interest to councillors making decisions. I find this latest ‘consultation’ project very worrying for a whole variety of reasons:
    It is from an unknown organisation – there is no transparency or openness connected to how views have been sought. We do not know the motivation behind these boxes (although from the results that it has yielded, it seems we can probably guess). It breaks fundamental tenets of openness and honesty as specified in the Nolan standards.
    Whilst I accept it is useful to get the views of children, there needs to be an acceptance that they do not have legal majority in the same way that adults do. It can debated about whether they should, but at present they don’t. It is their parents to whom councillors are accountable. It is particularly worrying if these views (which seem to have been carefully planned, presented and collated) are being prioritised over the expressed views of local residents. This feels to me like an attempt to manipulate the consultation process.
    These boxes seriously damage trust for me. They seem underhand and sneaky and make me wonder about the extent of knowledge and involvement from local councillors. I would ask that they publicly distance themselves from this project. These boxes can’t be part of a proper transparent consultation process and once again I am left wondering about the Vale’s commitment to their own legal standards as determined by the Gunning (Sedley) principles.

  11. Mrs Hodges says:

    I agree that should there be a requirement of another skate park (making it eleven in total for the Vale of Glamorgan and two within a mile radius of the proposed site on Paget ROAD not Paget rooms) then provision should be made for that but not in a built up area just metres from residents’ front doors.
    These boxes are being used to rally support for the skatepark and I don’t believe that children have been responsible for writing these “suggestions”…..

  12. 249ers says:

    Unless there is proof that these suggestions are not from children they should be taken seriously. I’m sure if you went into any school assembly and asked for a show of hands for who would appreciate a safe place to ride on their scooter, board or skates there would be a positive response.
    If, however, you gathered their parents and asked the same question I’m sure the answer would be the same with the proviso NOT NEAR ME!

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