With landlady Pat Reynolds now behind the bar at The Albion in Glebe St everything is spick-and-span and the beer has never tasted better

With highly experienced landlady Pat Reynolds now behind the bar at The Albion in Glebe St everything is spick-and-span and the beer has “never tasted better”.

A landlady with a reputation of being one of the best in the business has taken over the running of the classic Penarth public house “The Albion”  – (the grey one on the corner of Glebe St and Salop St ).

She’s Pat Reynolds, who many customers may remember at the Cefn Mably eight or nine years back and, after that, at the Windsor Arms.  Although she doesn’t look it, Pat has been in the licensed trade for over 20 years  is one of an exclusive band of “rescue” landlords of specialist firm Westward Management who turn around declining pubs and bring them back to top form.

The Albion in Glebe St (the entrance is in Salop St) . The painting of HMS Albion once adorned the corner facing.

The Albion in Glebe St (the entrance is in Salop St) . The painting of HMS Albion once adorned the corner facing.

Traditionalists will be relieved to hear that Pat doesn’t plan any major changes at The Albion. The  live open-mic nights will continue on Thursdays with top professional acoustic guitarist and band leader Tony Morley.   On Fridays the alternating range of live bands will continue as will the famous  Sunday Karaoke sessions and the long-established weekly charity quiz.

…But that’s not to say everything is going to stay the same. Pat is respected throughout the trade for the standard of her beer-keeping, her scrupulously-clean cellar operations and beer-lines,  and for making sure every pint she serves is absolutely top-quality. She said when she first arrived at the Albion she found the beer was in a “dreadful state” . She refused to pull a single pint until everything had been thoroughly cleaned, sterilised flushed and tested  – and fresh barrels put on line.

The Albion once had a painted sign of its namesake Royal Navy aicraft carrier on the corner . Anyone know where it is now?

The Albion once had a painted sign of its namesake Royal Navy ship on the corner. Anyone know where it is now?

There is one thing however that Pat still has on her “to-do” list – and that’s find the pub-sign of HMS Albion – the Royal Navy aircraft carrier which bore the name of the pub (although the pub itself is much older than the ship and was originally called the “Albion Inn”).

The painted sign once graced the corner face of the premises but “disappeared” when the  outside colour scheme was changed from red to grey a few years ago.

…If anyone knows where it is now, maybe they could let Pat know.



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  1. Christopher David says:

    One of the few pubs tat still has a local “brand” Glad she’s keeping that. Hope it prospers. Penarth pubs are all converted Mod Vic houses- sorry but not a patch re ambience like a real old pub as we get in some parts. Mumbles, England SORRY. but it is a good “local”

  2. David Moorcraft says:

    I thought the old “red” exterior, though plain, was ‘warmer’ than the cold ‘battleship’ grey that it’s in now, presumably to reflect the Navy and the Albion ship , and then the sign goes ‘myteriously’ missing, which rather defeats the object of the paint job.

    Good Luck to Pat ! We need to “Save” what few real pubs we’ve got left in Penarth !

  3. Kevin Mahoney says:

    One of the best pub signs going was the old Aircraft carrier sign. The whole pub is rather grey and nondescript now on the outside.

    I asked the previous landlady about 8 or 9 months ago what happened to the sign and she said that it had simply fallen to pieces and couldn’t be saved.

  4. Tina says:

    I speak as a former landlady of the Albion myself…..I painted it red, that’s my motorbike in the picture, that’s my picture too by the way…..

    I always felt that the pub sign of HMS Albion, (Landing Platform Dock Ship) was symbolic of the Albion as a pub, ploughing on through heavy seas and weathering the storms!

    My time at the helm included giving the violent drug users a wide berth, sailing through the doldrums of the Smoking Ban and skirting the shoals of bankruptcy!

    It was sometimes tough but everyone was welcome, we sang, played guitars and ukeleles and had fine times! I have nothing but affection for those who sailed with me!

    I believe that my successor Mary had it removed when she signed her agreement with Brains. It disappeared about the same time as the two fabulous pictures in the bar – for those who remember them. One was Raphael’s “School of Athens” and the other was “100 Years of Film” – its 20th Century counterpart. My Banksy also disappeared and my picture of The Red Hot Chili Peppers with socks on their willies…….not obscene at all, quite tasteful actually!

    The Albion is a wonderful place, it has warmth in the walls and a rare atmosphere.

    I wish Pat all the very best, it’ll be great to have a decent pint of SA again in this town.

    Tina Paulakis

  5. David Wilton says:

    I’m told Brains have a warehouse down by The Wharf where they keep all the good stuff they take out of pubs. All the period features, pictures, furniture etc. If they kept it, it would be my guess as to what Brains did with it.

    • Tina says:

      They used to use The Grosvenor in Splott as storage but I think that is now been sold off for residential conversion.

  6. Ivor Bagman says:

    I’ll be there to drink to
    All my friends – who are now
    Absent unfortunately.
    Enno & Winny
    Eddy Evans – singing
    Spanner Lecky giggling
    Goergie Morris yodelling
    Ronnie Watson sampling , , ,
    S A — of course !!!

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  8. David Moorcraft says:

    And thanks to you Tina, for all the enthusiasm and work you put in ! Good Times !
    I hope and expect the Albion will get back to being as popular and busy under Pat as when you “ruled the waves” !

  9. Christopher David says:

    Perhaps Brains would commission a new picture for the front! They can afford it. Ask them if they know of the whereabouts of the “missing” pictures as well. Can you ask them Pat?

  10. Martin Parry says:

    When I asked the Landlady who took over from Tina what happened to the pub sign. She said the painters took it down when the building was repainted grey and never returned it despite her phone calls. I think the dull grey paint was a mistake anyway.

  11. Christopher David says:

    Ah yes Tina I remember Enno and his seagulls- and the WNO coming in for a song or two.

  12. Andrew says:

    Ahhh used to work there back mid to late 80’s loved it good times when Alan & Elaine were running it.

  13. Mary Dadd says:

    The man who does the acoustic night on a Thursday night – Tony Morley – is really good and friendly and is open to requests too. Plus if you want to get up and play or sing he will definitely let you too

  14. RA says:

    I worked there off and on for 3 years when I was back home from university 2001-2004. John and Linda (?? I think) were the landlord/lady. I loved working there and it was always fairly busy… I heard that over the years, it became quiet. I hope numbers pick up again as it has such potential.


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