Conservatives claim the Welsh Assembly is a "part time" institution that knocks-off at 5 pm on Tuesdays

The Welsh Labour Government could have “frozen” Council Tax across Wales – just as the UK Government has in England – but it decided not to – thereby allowing the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council  to impose above-inflation increases in Council Tax year after year

The Welsh Labour Government – as well as the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council –  are being blamed by Penarth Assembly Member Andrew R T Davies  for yet another  inflation-busting increase in Council Tax – this time of 3.9%.

The Vale’s fourth successive above-inflation Council Tax increase was first reported by PDN on February 19th (see   .

Andrew R T Davies (Conservative South Wales Central)

Andrew R T Davies (Conservative South Wales Central)

Andrew R T Davies (South Wales Cental) – who is the Leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly – lays some of the blame for this latest Vale Council Tax increase on the Welsh Labour Government . He says :-  “We all appreciate the financial pressure that local authorities are under following the Welsh Labour Government’s cuts to the budget this year and Labour’s Finance Minister and Vale Assembly Member must bear some responsibility for this.”

He says “Householders across the Vale are getting a raw deal; plain and simple. Labour has the power to freeze council tax in Wales and Labour and has stubbornly refused to do so  – again and again. Year after year English householders have benefited from a Conservative freeze [on Council Tax] , yet here, Labour ministers snub taxpayers and stand back and watch as bills rocket.”

Davies went on to say : “For over 17 years Labour ministers in Wales have reigned over soaring council tax and vastly inflated chief executive salaries. Householders deserve the support afforded to their English counterparts and Welsh Conservatives would provide it. Not only would a council tax freeze be a huge boost to the local economy, we want to put money back into the pockets of the people who know best how to spend it – families themselves.”


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  1. Christopher David says:

    Well we could save over £3 million in salaries for 22 council managers between just Cardiff and Barry by getting rid of 22 incompetent senior managers “earning” over £110,000 PA+ stamp pension and perks each. Replace with one in Barry and two in Cardiff that can actually work out a Meals on Wheels Budget. I’m sure with really competent ex private sector bean counters no increase would be needed and services could be enhanced. These people have demonstrated incompetence time after time. Wales remember rewards mediocrity, downright stupidity and even miscalculation of expenses! Witness the £38 million land sales “loss” that’s been swept under the carpet. There were secret meeting- no minutes taken, “lost” records, and refusal by Stan The Pie to attend meetings. How nice it would have been to had an extra £38 million to spend on public services! Its dreadful and we just let them do it. PDN I have the land sales report if you want it?

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