Some members of the Vale of Glamorgan Council's ruling cabinet could have their salaries reduced at the discretion of the council

Some members of the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s ruling ‘cabinet’ could have their salaries reduced under new arrangements announced by the Independent Remuneration Board for Wales.

New pay arrangements for salaried councillors just issued by the Independent Remuneration Board for Wales  will give local authorities the right to slash the salaries they pay to so-called “senior councillors”.


The panel has decided that bearing in mind what it calls the  “continued financial constraints that authorities face” no councillors anywhere in Wales will get any pay rises at all  ….but what’s more,  councils will now have the discretion to reduce the premium salaries currrently being paid to some “executive” councillors.


The Wales Remuneration Panel is now going introduce two pay levels for executive councillors (Level 1 and Level 2) and will allow individual councils to decide for themselves whether some “executive” councillors ( all of whom are currently paid the equivalent of Level One) should be downgraded to the new “Level Two”.

In the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s case that could mean that instead of having to pay executive councillors’ salaries of £29,000 a year (which is what they get now)  – that salary level could be slashed to the new Level Two rate of  £26,100 .


The Vale of Glamorgan Planning Committee in session under chairman Cllr Fred Johnson

The Vale of Glamorgan Planning Committee in session under chairman Cllr Fred Johnson (centre)

The same will now also apply in respect of  councillors who are chairmen  of committees. At the moment all Vale of Glamorgan chairmen are paid salaries of £22,000 a year . Under the new scheme some – or all – of the chairman could be bumped down to Level Two and see their salaries cut to £20,000 a year.

The pressure will now be on the Vale Council itself (which in the past has not been slow to give its members the largest increases it could) to reduce the salaries of some or all of its committee chairmen.  The Remuneration Panel says  “the revised arrangements leave it to the discretion of each council which salary level is paid according to local circumstance”

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has yet to discuss the Remuneration Panel for Wales report or decide whether to implement any part of it.  Normally these matters come up   for discussion each May. [The Vale Council elections are not due until May 201o] .

At the moment the current position is that:-


30 ordinary members if the Vale of Glamorgan Council receive a basic salary of £13,300

Those currently  paid “Senior Salaries” are:-


  1. Council Leader Neil Moore £48,000
  2. Deputy Leader S.Egan £33,500
  3. Cabinet Member Children’s Services C.P.J.Elmore £29,000 (salary could be reduced) 
  4. Cabinet Member for Housing B.E.Brooks £29,000 (salary could be reduced) 
  5. Cabinet Member for Regeneration Lis Burnett £29,000 (salary could be reduced)
  6. Cabinet Member for Visible and Leisure Services Gwyn John £29,000 (salary could be reduced) 


  1. Chairman Resources Scrutiny Committee M .R. Wilson £22,000 (salary could be reduced)
  2. Chairman of Economy  Scrutiny Committee A.J.Moore (Cllr Moore’s wife) £22,000 (salary could be reduced)
  3. Chairman of Housing Scrutiny Committee C.J.Williams £22,000. (salary could be reduced)
  4. Chairman of Learning Scrutiny Committee N.P.Hodges £22,000 (salary could be reduced)
  5. Chairman of Social Scrutiny Committee R.L.Traherne £22,000 (salary could be reduced)
  6. Chairman of Planning F.T.Johnson (who is also Vale Mayor)  £22,000 (salary could be reduced)
  7. Chairman of Licensing Committee A.G.Powell £22,000 (salary could be reduced)


  1. Leader of  Opposition Group J.W.Thomas £22,000
  2. Opposition Group Leader C.P.Franks £17,000
  3. Opposition Group Leader R.Penrose £17,000


Deputy Mayor M.R. Wilkinson £16,000

As from January this year the Remuneration Panel also takes oversight of the salaries paid to council Chief Executives or Managing Directors – but won’t rule on those until 2017.

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  1. Christopher David says:

    The average Vale of Glamorgan Council salary ranges from approximately £13,500 per year for Domestic Assistant to £127,000 per year for Managing Director. Its the incompetent senior mangers that need to be targeted. Those on between £50,000 and £200,000 PA + pensions and perks. There are I think four on over £100,000 PA in VOG- feel free to correct me- if you publish the facts and 18 in Cardiff. The latter advertised 10 new jobs at £110,000 PA + the extras in 2014. These are the empire builders that need to see their pay slashed.

  2. Mark Foster says:

    The “Independent” Remuneration Board for Wales is just part of the corrupt Welsh democratic political parties scam. They come up with a statement like this 3 months before an election on the demands of the ruling Welsh Labour Party so they get to keep their jobs afterwards.

    If you know what’s good for you, you’ll kick them, the Tory party and the Stasi Police and Crime Commissioner out once and for all in May.

    Oh where oh where is the Welsh Donald Trump, boyo?

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