The Welsh Labour Government wants to merge the Vale of Glamorgan with Cardiff. The  Conservatives say  if the ywin in May  they'd hold a referendum prior to  any such merger

The Welsh Labour Government wants to merge the Vale of Glamorgan with Cardiff – but if the Conservatives win May’s Assembly Election they’ll hold a referendum on the issue

If the Conservative Party forms the next Welsh Government – and 17 years of Labour rule comes to an end in May’s elections  – there’ll be a referendum on all proposed council mergers – including the contentious plans to merge the Vale of Glamorgan with Cardiff.

The referendum pledge has been confirmed today by Penarth’s Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies – leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly.

Andrew R T Davies - Penarth AM and Leader of Welsh Conservatives

Andrew R T Davies – Penarth AM and Leader of Welsh Conservatives

Andrew R T Davies who represents South Wales Central (which includes Penarth) says the referendum promise will be included in the Conservative Party’s 2016 Assembly Election Manifesto.

He says that by making local authority mergers subject to a referendum, the merger proposals will have to justified to local communities, and will need a  clear mandate at the ballot box before any changes are made.

Davies says Labour Ministers have “threatened a marker-pen assault on the unique identity of the Vale of Glamorgan from their cosy offices in Cathays Park; without necessary discussion – or consultation with the people on whom local services impact the most . He says “Where councils can work together, share services and save money, they have the backing and support of Welsh Conservatives – but only with the consent of local people.”

The Welsh Conservative also plan to bring in a Localism & Citizenship (Wales) Bill” which they say will “transform the public’s role in the decision-making process” . Davies says “For too long, Labour Ministers have denied communities across the Vale of Glamorgan a real say over matters which affect their day-to-day lives”.

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  1. Christopher David says:

    We only need four councils to run the whole of Wales. Supported by town councils of course. Cut out the waste an pocket lining wasters.,

    • Dido Carthy says:

      Prepare for a long and rambling reply from a certain Labour Councillor on how anecdotal evidence from Outer Mongolia suggests that the more councils we have the better.

      The only problem with the labour gravy train is that the more carriages you put on, the more gravy it can soak up.

  2. Willy Wonka says:

    Rather than offer a referendum, why doesn’t RT grow a pair and simply say….

    ‘if you vote for me I will ensure that Vale and Cardiff will be combined thus saving you all gazillions in rates’

    We might respect him a little more if he did.

  3. Ian James Griffin says:

    Why not have a referendum on scrapping the Assembly altogether and save hundreds of millions every year ?

  4. Christopher David says:

    Hear Hear I J Griffin. Boy would that help public finances.

  5. Martin gossage says:

    The opposition’s role is to oppose ,heaven forbid they might actually see that a policy is worthwhile and agree with it . ” oooh the Labour led assembly says it’s white , we say ……..mmmm…..yeah that’s right it’s obviously black.” Couldn’t lead a pig to a trough .

  6. George Smith says:

    PDN are in dire need of some new pics of the AMs. Whilst I couldn’t comment on the story (other than we need the best option for Value For Money), prizes for what you think Andrew is doing or saying when that picture was taken.

  7. Chris Franks says:

    The institution that failing us most is Westminster. Or have you forgotten the scandals, sleaze and cash for questions coming out of Parliament?

  8. Christopher David says:

    Nope Chris, not the expenses scandal in the Bay. Alun Michael having to repay circa £18k expenses (police commissioner what! ) or the £38 million the Senedd just lost us in land sales to Stan The Pie. Or lets go up the greasy pole- we the UK are net negative contributors to the EU in the sum of £10 billion a year, No one (admits in public) knows where that ten billion pounds goes because year after year the EU’s accounts are qualified and NOT signed off. Those that have tried to bring the commission to book have even had dire threats made against their persons and family. Been made ill, sacked and hounded. One Welsh family has been implicated. There’s sleaze and corruption from top to bottom.

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