A South Wales Police poster highlighting car break-ins in Penarth this month

A South Wales Police poster highlighting car break-ins in Penarth this month

So many parked cars have been broken into in Penarth this month that  South Wales Police have resorted to producing a poster highlighting the crime spate.

In a message to local motorists – and visitors – police say ” Car criminals have been busy again in Penarth . Despite a recent arrest, we’ve seen another spike in offences across the town” . Between the 1st and the 19th of February a total 21 cars and vans in the town were been broken into.

Police say the majority of offences have occurred in the St Augustine’s Ward – which includes Penarth Town Centre . They ask “people who live, work and visit the area are urged to keep their vehicles safe and secure.” and remind them that “It takes just 10 seconds to break into a vehicle….”

Alun Michael (left) launching a don't drink campaign before this weekend's Wales v France game

Alun Michael (left) launching a “don’t drink” campaign before last night’s Wales v France game with Roger Lewis chairman of Cardiff Airport , Wales rugby captain Sam Warburton and Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Sophie Howe 

Meanwhile Penarth council tax-payers are having the Police Precept element of their council tax increased by Labour Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael by 4% –  the fourth such inflation-busting increase .

  • In 2013/14 Alun Michael increased the police precept by 7%.
  • In 2014/15 he increased it by 5%
  • In 2015/15 he increased it by 4.8%

Every one of the increases was well above the level of inflation – meaning that council tax payers were not getting any extra income to pay the increase in police charges .

But at least there’s more comforting news for motorists who steer clear of Penarth. Police say car crime is comparatively low across the rest of the Vale of Glamorgan – including Barry.

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  1. Jon Haines says:

    pitch black streets at night=increase in crime. It’s obvious!! Another case of the council saving a penny so we have to pay a pound! Don’t they realise “they” work for us……..

  2. Christopher David says:

    Senior Staff + Alun Michael = 34 !
    Deputy Commissioner – Sophie Howe
    Assistant Commissioner – Dr John Rose
    Chief of Staff – Cerith Thomas
    Chief Finance Officer – Geoff Petty
    Chief Planning and Performance Officer – Mark Brace
    Other Staff
    Communication Manager
    Public Response Manager
    Partnership Manager
    Equalities and Social Justice Manager
    Policy Officer
    2 x Staff Officer
    Police Officer Secondee
    PA/ Office Manager
    2 x Secretary
    Administrative Apprentice
    Plus he wants to add more commissioners to this? What do they actually do and cost. Why have we got a political figure heading this up? One that had to pay back £18,000 in expenses he over- claimed. What is that stupid or deliberate? Either way should discount him. This looks like more empire building for the club members. I thought he was a one man band. I also understand we have far more suitable and qualified people available- more madness.

  3. RosyB says:

    It’s cars first, and the houses are next. I said long before the commencement of the ‘dark nights’ that this will lead to lots of burglaries. Lets just wait and see…..

  4. Nigel Bull says:

    I am sorry to inform you that crime does not generally decrease with the level of lighting. This may seem strange but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense! It may well be that feelings of security also increase with levels of lighting, but that should not be allowed to confuse the issue. This is not the only research, please read this link

  5. Christopher David says:

    The only light I want is more light thrown on what Mr Michael is up to with this costly and possible worthless empire building.

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