Plaid Cymru's Linet Purcell is aiming to defeat incumbent South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael on May 5th

Plaid Cymru councillor Linet Purcell is aiming to defeat incumbent South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael on May 5th

Cllr Linet Purcell has been nominated as Plaid Cymru’s candidate in the forthcoming South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner elections due to be held on May 5th .

Cllr Purcell  – who lives in Swansea and is a member of Neath Port Talbot Borough Council –  will be aiming to unseat the incumbent South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael – the former Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth. Cllr Purcell launched her campaign yesterday and has been visiting Penarth this weekend.

The full Plaid Cymru Police and Crime Manifesto can be downloaded from

The full Plaid Cymru Police and Crime Manifesto can be downloaded from

Plaid Cymru says all four of its candidates for the four Police and Crime Commissioner posts in Wales will “focus on creating strong neighbourhood policing teams to cut crime in communities, protecting vulnerable groups and supporting victims, and breaking the cycle of crime to reduce future offending.”

The party says “At the heart of our proposals lie a commitment to community safety, victim support and breaking the cycle of reoffending. If elected, Plaid Cymru Police and Crime Commissioners would work to ensure that all parts of Wales have strong neighbourhood policing teams that will cut crime in our communities, that vulnerable groups and victims are protected and supported so that they’re not just statistics, and that the cycle of crime is broken as often as possible.”

Our PCCs would champion the needs of communities as well as continue to campaign against further Westminster cuts which have led to severely depleted frontline services. Crucially, our goal is to ensure that the way policing and justice are administered and served here in Wales work in a fairer way for the people who live here.”

The full generic Plaid Cymru PCC manifesto can be read on

Cllr Judith Woodman (Lib Dem Pentwyn) who is standing for election as South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

Cllr Judith Woodman (Lib Dem Pentwyn) who is standing for election as South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

Independent South Wales Police Commissioner candidate Mike Baker

Independent South Wales Police Commissioner candidate Mike Baker

Also standing against Alun Michael are  independent candidate Mike Baker and Lib Dem Cardiff Councillor Judith Woodman who represents the Pentwyn Ward of Cardiff

The Conservative Party,  and  UKIP have yet to nominate the candidates they intend to put into contention.

Alun Michael was elected as the Labour Party candidate for the  South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner post in 2012 – even though the Labour Party itself  pledged in 2015 to scrap all police commissioner posts – including his.

Alun Michael - Labour's South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

Alun Michael – Labour’s South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

Alun Michael is paid £85,000 a year . The remainder of his senior staff include:-

  • Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales at £68,008  – (but about to be revised)
  • Chief of Staff at £72,598
  • Chief Finance Officer at £67,304.80 (for a four-day week)
  • Assistant Commissioner 1 Chief Planning and Performance Officer  – also–  (salary not disclosed )
  • Assistant Commissioner 2 (salary not disclosed)
  • Assistant Commissioner 3 (salary not disclosed)

Alun Michael told WalesonLine that the new Assistant Commissioner  salaries are not subject to public disclosure and scrutiny by the South Wales Police and Crime Panel – the body of mostly Labour councillors which is meant to oversee and “scrutinise” the activities of the Police and Crime Commissioner on behalf of the public.





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  1. Christopher David says:

    Yes but add in all the other staff- some 24 in total before Mr Michel appoints more if he gets back in. TWNETY FOUR!! What a waste. Most people don’t earn near these sums for proper jobs. If we have to have this waste I quite like the sound of Mike Baker. Independent- that’s very important and ex policeman. Show us you’re CV Mike- and your manifesto. Start with the cuts you’ll make.

    • Hello Chris, the first cut will be the Assistants. I will not appoint anyone until I see the level of work involved, if you look at my web site ‘’ you will see what I am about. I will be putting leaflets and posters out very soon. You may wish to know that the Electoral Commission will not fund leaflets or posters, so independent candidates are at a disadvantage and have to find their own costs unlike party politicians..This role really must be independent of party politics

      • Lorraine says:

        You seem to simply be campaigning on being an independent. Other than that, you are saying the same as all of the others.

      • Evanhelpus says:

        A vote for Baker if he takes a salary of no more than £50k less his police pension.

  2. M davies says:

    These salaries are really excessive in this financial climate
    The additional finance mr Michael has asked for is well above the rate of inflation
    All this money could be used to improve the resources of our police force instead of feeding this growing financial empire

    • Hello M.Davies, I agree with you, the appointment of three extra assistants just before the election is astounding, money that should be used elsewhere (but then we are not being told how much !!)

  3. A local Penarth Resident says:

    Even though I don’t support Plaid. I would do anything to get rid of Alun Michael. He sums up Labour at its worst, crony-ism gone large.

  4. RetailGuru says:

    PDN – how about telling us about Ms Purcell’s policies, or doesn’t she have any? You’ve reported that she visited Penarth… what did she have to say?

    • newsnet says:

      RetailGuru: We have added to the item an extract of Plaid Cymru’s generic Police and Crime Commissioner Manifesto (which covers all four candidates including Ms Purcell) . There is also a link to the manifesto document itself which can be read on line or downloaded. We have not – as yet – received any specific statements from Ms Purcell herself.

  5. Christopher David says:

    Michael Baker that’s enough for me. Give me details and I’ll post where I can and of course note. Ruddy politicians. If the post is supposedly independent – how can political parties fund a candidate. Distasteful fiddling lot that they are. Good riddance.

  6. Police Commisioners should be completely independent and Political Parties should not be involved. Police Officers are not allowed to be members of Political Parties or involved in any way with politics so why are PCCs allowed to be. I urge everyone to give any candidate who has political affiliations a wide birth and vote for the independent candidate in the coming election. I don’t know whether Mike Baker is the only Indipendent Candidate but having read what he has to say he’s good enough for me. On saying that my true feelings are that these PCCs are a complete waste of money and the appointment of three assistants a disgrace. What do we have Chief Constables, Deputy Chief Constables and Assistant Chief Constables for. They and PCC’s are all housed in the same building and they must be falling all over each other. If we have to have them they must be completely independent.

  7. Christopher David says:

    I completely agree Mr Robinson- Mike will mail you.

  8. Mark Foster says:

    I understand that Alun Michael is going to read Tolstoy’s War and Peace so he understands why Pierre Bezukhov emancipated his Russian slaves after becoming a Freemason.

  9. Linet Purcell says:

    I am most grateful to the Penarth news for publishing the salaries being earned by some ( note that all are not disclosed – whatever happened to democracy!?) of Mr Michael’s staff. My first commitment , should I be elected, is to take LESS than the £85,000 being earned by Alun Michael. I cannot see how it is justified that he earns more than an Assembly member . I would hope to use any saving made by my reduced salary to put a couple of new Police officers on the beat – a drop in the ocean perhaps – but would hopefully raise morale a little and give a strong message to the rest of the force that EVERY penny would be scrutinised. My CV to date is: 33 years teaching in various Comprehensive schools including Swansea, followed by 8 years as a County Councillor, and as Leader of the Opposition for the last 4 . This role entails CONTINUOUS scrutiny and challenge of Officers – trying to get at the facts behind the figures and being tenacious in getting at the truth!. As a Local Councillor I have frequent experience of liaising with communities and my local Police force They have told me that the problems that occur in my local small town of Pontardawe are typical of those being experienced elsewhere in the South Wales valleys .I also believe passionately that the Police should be protected from political interference and allowed to get on with their job and Plaid would abolish the role of PCC if’/once the powers exist to do so. I would see myself as a ” critical friend” totally supportive of the Police and ensuring that they are given the equipment that they need to do their job effectively.

    • Gareth Bradfield says:

      £85,000 pa !!
      No wonder the Labour Party are keen to get their man in again.
      My view is Mr Michael is past it and is too close his Labour friends in the executive to be fully impartial.
      The PCC system uses transferable votes so my advise is to vote for independent candidates only.

  10. Christopher David says:

    Thank you Ms Purcell. Well you don’t say how much you’d reduce you’re salary by! £1000? You’re politically biased- don’t deny it. You are having you’re election campaign funded? You’ve shown you’re true colours by bringing up the issue of democracy when independents have to pay their own election expenses and you don’t. You should be stopped. That’s actually a sign of a flawed character! You’re CV compared to Mike Bakers is extremely week. He’s a 30 years time served policeman, a qualified barrister and very experienced. You’re CV doesn’t qualify you for anything more than a small support post. For the record I published the salaries- got them on Google as everyone should be able to. Its pubic money. You could have done the same! Nowt personal- I’ve just had it up to my neck with politicians. they’re often very self serving and with biased views. Not to mention a propensity in many cases to waste our money on themselves and very silly agendas. No sorry- Mike Bakers- independent- that’s essential, is streets ahead of the other candidates in terms of his experience and qualifications- and as an independent and is funding his own campaign. That’s real commitment. I hope we see…… real commitment for him here.

    • Thank you Christopher…

    • Dai Chotomy says:

      Are you serious Christopher David? Your comment is full of the most appalling English grammar. How can you ignore politics when it is plainly obvious that the long rule of the Labour Party in Wales has let you down so badly? Did Mr Baker show any influence when he was a serving officer? If he does convince the electorate what outside advisers will he have? Or will he just attempt to run things on his own? It is true that Alan Michael has attempted to do just that, I think it doubtful that such an arrogant man would ever have the courage to listen to someone who might just know better, or someone who believes in answering letters. When all is said and done, Plaid Cymru is dedicated to Wales, its future and its welfare. Ms Purcell has a proven record of care, and care is precisely what is needed.

      • Hello Dai, Let me say I am not too arrogant to take advice from anyone, as to answering letters, I have not to date failed to answer any letter. I am committed to the people of South Wales and am on record as saying I will listen not only to the public but also those in the organisation, there is a lot of experience to tap into…Mike

  11. Linet Purcell says:

    Hello Chris. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment. There is just one statement that you made that I wish to correct as this is in the public domain and I wouldn’t want anyone to misunderstand. Re funding. Plaid Cymru, unlike the other 3 Westminster parties does not receive funding from millionaire supporters, big business or unions. Consequently we have no monies to fund the PCC campaign. My leaflets are being paid for by a small group of 6 Plaid councillors. Each month we each put a sum aside to create a fighting fund so that we can put up a challenge to the big 3!. Not all political parties are the same!

  12. But you are a member of a political party, and you are standing as a representative of that party and therefore will follow that parties whip !!!

  13. Pastor Ron Williams says:

    Pastor Ron Williams

    FAO Christopher David
    Having followed your comments on this page, I would consider your commendation of a preferred candidate a negative contribution to his interests. Rational members of the public would not be persuaded.
    Your scurrilous attack on Cllr Linet Purcell is appalling, showing a lack of courtesy for anyone who wishes to serve in the public arena. You said, “You’ve shown you’re true colours by bringing up the issue of democracy when independents have to pay their own election expenses and you don’t. You should be stopped. That’s actually a sign of a flawed character!” How disgraceful. I wonder if you have ever put your name forward to do anything worthwhile, or, is your lifetime’s ambition to become renowned for your aggravating condition of criticism?
    I have known Cllr Linet Purcell for nearly 10 years. She has been an exemplary public servant both in local and county politics. She has the highest level of integrity and has served in her capacity as councillor under the most demanding conditions, particularly when caring for her terminally ill husband. Cllr Purcell has ALWAYS put her responsibility to the public first on her agenda, and people like you, who do not know her well enough to make a valued comment, should be more careful in their disparagement.
    If Cllr Linet Purcell were appointed to the office of Police Commissioner, I can assure you that you will have someone of the highest integrity and utter dedication to the task, especially, being able to perform under the most demanding circumstances.
    I understand that, allegedly, when Alun Michael made a visit to Pontardawe, his driver was parked on double yellow lines outside the office of Gwenda Thomas Lab. AM. If true, what became of that incident?
    My last words to Christopher David. Prejudice is a wonderful thing; it allows you to have an opinion without knowing the facts.
    Please could you do something about your grammar if you want people to think you have a cogent argument, and not just a rant?

  14. Christopher David says:

    Dear patronising pastor- as I’ve said before I have a little problem with grammar but not intellect. Hasn’t held me aback as far as I can see from my house overlooking the Perigord Vert :-). Now you are a representative of the biggest con club of all, leaves the mafia for dead (indeed). The Church. That multi collective collection of controlling organisations that has yes- controlled, crippled and stolen form the populace for some 4,000 years. Witness the rich Vatican- I don’t see the pope steeping into the shoes of the fisherman, or the church of England with its Bishops creaming off the tax payer at great personal gain in the unelected House of Lords. If I am a liability (despite my honesty you call “irritating criticism” oh devious one) to anyone – well you take the cake. A sneering fairy tale peddler. I guess thought your alliance with Linet Purcell lies with the fact she backed free busses for children of faith schools. We can see through you Mr Williams, and her backdoor strategy of securing free bus passes for children to Welsh schools. Ha found out again- smoke and mirrors, religion and politics. Long been a greedy mix.
    My comments I made clear were not personal other than they were made in the context of the arena. Political interference in the election of an independent Police Commissioner is as flawed as your various organisations perpetrating the belief ( no foundation or proof) in one of the 1,000 or more gods (no caps) you all claim are the real and only one. As for my contributions to others- unlike you and politicians I don’t need to flaunt it for accolade with my dog collar and soap box. I don’t need to take money for my contributions as you do. Linet Purcell deserves better than you my sneering pious chap. Thanks though, you’ve bolstered my resolve and for the record, I don’t give a jot for your petty and delusional opinions. Anyone with a grain of decency and intelligence would want an impendent for Police Commissioner. Not the politically managed glad handing the delusional damaged.
    Ps- no less than Dr Johnson said something like- “its a poor man that can only spell a word one way” Are you familiar with him. 🙂

    • Pastor Ron Williams says:

      Good morning Christopher.
      I have just opened my emails, hey, what a good read and a laugh to start my day off.
      You are clearly very concerned regarding the public purse, and rightly so, there is too much prodigality with taxpayer’s money.
      As I read your response I could not believe how many things you got wrong, especially your comments on someone you don’t know. I have no wish to offend you as I am sure you are concerned about matters as far as you understand them, and that is everyone’s prerogative.
      As for Dr Johnson, yes I am familiar with him, he said someone very good and enlightening things, as did Jesus Christ. In view of your remarks concerning me, the church etc., and knowing your deep appreciation of Dr Samuel Johnston, I thought I would leave an expression of his for a family in need,
      “To thy fatherly protection, O Lord, I commend this family. Bless, guide, and defend them, that they may pass through this world, as finally to enjoy in thy presence everlasting happiness, for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen.”
      From the tenor of your letter, I take it there’s no point in inviting you to church on Sunday, is there. If there is, I would be pleased to see you. You sound like my kind of man.

  15. Christopher David says:

    Well thank you Ronald.”someone you don’t know” hmm pots n kettles. Ron I don’t need to know R Mugabe to understand he’s an undesirable- not that I put you his class, just a point. As for Dr Johnson who I respect as an academic, his religious views are hollow as demonstrated by this little soliloquy, an irrelevance. Pity your god didn’t put some effort into housing the homeless or not constructing children with cancer. Ronald the people who wrote these fables you suggest are truth and a template for life, didn’t even know what happened to the sun when it went down past the horizon. Just making another point. But yes- our little bounce has been amusing. I’ll skip church merci, travelling to mothers house- that involves physics 😉 Its been cathartic- thanks. I just hope you come around to seeing the undeniable merits (if we have to have one) of an independent Police Commissioner.

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