Former Lord Mayor of Cardiff Tim Davies was a member of the now-disbanded South Wales Police Authority.

Standing for election as the next South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner is a former Lord Mayor of Cardiff Tim Davies (right) who was a member of the old South Wales Police Authority.

A former Lord Mayor of Cardiff – Tim Davies – has been selected as the Conservative candidate to contest the May 5th election for South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner.

Mr Davies is a former Cardiff Councillor and was a member of the old South Wales Police Authority – the role of which has now been taken over, to some degree, by the South Wales Police and Crime Panel. [PDN Note: The South Wales Police and Crime Panel is the body which is meant to “scrutinise” the Police and Crime Commissioner . It is dominated by Labour Party councillors and there is no Conservative representative on the panel. ] 

South Wales POlice Helicopter

National Police Air Service South Wales Police Helicopter

Tim Davies, who lives in Whitchurch Cardiff and is an optician by profession, says he’s delighted to have been selected and is “looking forward to the challenge”. He says “A Police and Crime Commissioner is an important public servant. The public have a right to expect whoever is elected to represent all the people in their area without fear or favour and also to be very conscious of standards expected in public life. I believe my record of public service – including time serving on the standards committee of the City Council – has shown I can meet those high expectations.” He says that if elected he will  make himself available “to as many community organisations and individuals as possible” .

A Welsh Conservative Party spokesman said “Tim Davies has a wealth of experience. He will ably represent the party and offer a robust challenge to Labour’s Alun Michael.”

The five candidates for South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner are (left to right) Purcell, Michael, Baker, Davies and Woodman

The five candidates for South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner are (left to right) Linet Purcell, Alun Michael (incumbent), Mike Baker, Tim Davies and Judith Woodman

The candidates in alphanetical order are :-

  • Mike Baker (Independent )
  • Tim Davies (Conservative)
  • Alun Michael – former Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth who is the incumbent PCC and has yet to formally confirm he is standing again.
  • Cllr Linet Purcell (Plaid Cymru)
  • Cardiff Cllr Judith Woodman (Lib Dem Pentwyn)


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  1. Kevin Mahoney says:

    £85,000 plus jobs for their pals doesn’t half pull them in!

    • Good Morning Kevin, well at least we now have the full picture of the candidates and it is clear that politicians will continue to come forward for posts they should stay away from. I am the only true independent in this election for Police & Crime Commissioner and I hope that the people of South Wales recognise the need to keep party politics out of policing and give me the change to change things. There is a place for politicians and it is not running our police service,

  2. Christopher David says:

    Mr Davies should see (sorry) the real picture- he’s another potential political appointee and should be disbarred or stand as an independent and pay his own campaign expenses. This is supposed to be a politically independent post! geddit? Yes Kevin more empire building for the club members.

  3. Mike Fish says:

    Politicians should of course be banned from becoming Police and Crime Commissioners.

    Say for example a Leisure Centre burned down due to a Local Authority’s failure to maintain its electrical wiring properly, threatening to burn to death employees and members of the public. An incumbent politically compromised Police and Crime Commissioner would agree it was an accident and not be expected to take action under Health and Safety legislation.

    “Fire Investigation Officers from South Wales Fire and Rescue have come to the conclusion that the cause of the disastrous fire at Penarth Leisure Centre on Sunday evening was “accidental”.

    The Fire Investigation team – who inspected the premises wearing hard hats yesterday – has concluded that the outbreak in the Leisure Centre was caused by an “electrical fault” – as yet unspecified The Fire Investigators always work in association with South Wales Police as the evidence discovered can give rise to subsequent criminal proceedings.

    The Mayor of Penarth Cllr Neil Thomas (Labour Cornerswell) – who attended the incident on Sunday – said that there was renovation work being carried out in the building at the time of the fire – which included electrical work.

    One eyewitness told PDN there were exposed wires hanging from the ceilings in some of the corridors of the building.”

  4. I’ll do it if the moneys ok ..

  5. Ralf says:

    Perhaps the whole issue needs a completely untainted view and that politicians and ex police officers should not be standing.

  6. Christopher David says:

    You have a very valid point Ralf, however Mr Baker is not a policeman anymore. I’d welcome any further independents that can demonstrate capability- but we have none.Choice is democratic and good. Its clear some of the candidates have other questionable groups backing them. Groups with there own biased agendas and somewhat “off the earth” beliefs. But as it stands we have only one candidate that can demonstrate any degree of independence. So Mr Baker, perhaps you could explain your relationship with the Police management and declare if there are any other forces motivating or influencing you.

    • Hello Christopher, I have no relationship with the police management other than I know who they are, I left the service 15 years ago and have been a practicing lawyer since then. I have successfully challenged the police as a lawyer and as a police officer and when I was an officer was instrumental in the dismissal of two officers, because it was the right thing to do. I have no intention of being in the pocket of the police management as they will not be in mine. I have no political agenda,and will not be following any political party line. The public will be the motivating force behind the office and I will be consulting the public on a regular basis. I cannot stress enough that I will remain totally independent, but will work with all parties to ensure the job gets done. It is my intention in the first three months to address the funding shortfall, possibly by taking a Judicial Review of the Government funding formula, which I honestly believe puts South Wales at a disadvantage. I will not be having extra assistants as is currently the case and when I take office I will assess the work level before anyone gets appointed (if necessary), even then political bias will play no part, anyone appointed will be on merit..

  7. Christopher David says:

    You have my vote as well Mr Baker.

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