Road-painting teams will soon be busy in Penarth Marina , Woodkland Place and Redlands Avenue

Road-painting teams will soon be busy in Penarth Marina , Woodland Place and Redlands Avenue

New double yellow lines signifying “No-Waiting-at-Any-Time” are to be installed on four more roads in Penarth .

At present on Penarth Portway parked traffic can take up the whole of one side of  the road (Photo Colin Masterson)

At present on Penarth Portway parked traffic can take up the whole of one side of the road (Photo Colin Masterson)

In Penarth Marina , five sets of double yellows are to be installed on Penarth Portway which, in effect, will prevent almost all parking along that road. They will be on both sides of the road at the Southern end adjacent to the southern boundary of “The Meridian” and extend for 32 metres.

On the same road there will be a further 20 metre section with double-yellows and at the northern end at the junction with Llwyn Passat there’ll be two further 20 metres stretches preventing parking on the corners.

Residents of Penarth Portway have complained for years about visitors parking cars along the road reducing it to a single width and driving over the  red-paved area outside their homes.

At Llwyn Passat there will be double yellows at the eastern end from the boundary of the adopted highway and running in a westerly direction for 23 metres “on its north side around the turning head”

In Woodland Place Penarth the Northern side will also have a 20 metre double yellow stretch installed on the corner outside No 23.

In Redlands Avenue there will be double yellows on both the North and the South sides of the junction for about 10 metres .


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  1. AK says:

    A waste of money and of yellow paint unless the parking restriction gets enforced. For years there have been double yellow lines by the supermarket, and for years they are ignored.

    • Martin Coffee says:

      The residents of Penarth Portway who park on their road every night are in for a nasty shock.

      • Colin says:

        Penarth Portway is a dam, i.e. its made up land that was not there. Hence the boulders to the marina side of the houses. The parking side hides a concrete wall, this is to encapsulate the 300,000 tons of landfill thats buried there.

  2. Zuby says:

    So much congestion and bottle neck traffic. Peak times could be helped if the barrage was open to transport at peak times at least. I remember when you couldn’t park at least 25 yards from a junction! Cars are now parked right up to the edge of a road. Instead of double yellow lines, need to look at ways for people to park to keep local businesses going etc.

    • AK says:

      I would agree that the barrage could be used for a shuttle bus link.

      I would vigorously campaign against any consideration to open it to general commuter traffic.

      • Ford Prefect says:

        I would vigoursly campaign to not open it to traffic. It is one of the few places in Cardiff that people can walk and cycle in safety, without fear of being ran over or the filthy air pollution spewed out by cars.

  3. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Surely as given in the example of Penarth Portway this is yet another example of developers being allowed to build new access roads too narrow for practical use in order to maximise their land holdings in order to squeeze in more houses for their own profit?

    It is often pointed out that many existing urban roads are too narrow for modern traffic needs because they were built in an era when there were hardly any cars about ( Plymouth Rd Cornerswell Rd ? ) and yet developers are allowed to build even narrower roads on their new estates.

    As a tradesman of 40 years who has visited countless estates all over the country it is now virtually impossible to be able to park anywhere near customers houses on many new estates as the roads are too narrow and you will end up blocking someones drive across the road or causing an obstruction wherever you park.

    The subject of this article down the Marina is a perfect example of this.

    Surely the fault lies with the planners as well as Local and National Authorities in allowing this to happen when granting planning permission.

    • Ford Prefect says:

      The actual source of the problem is ever increasing car ownership and usage. There are 35 million cars in the UK. That number has gone up by about 4 million in the last decade. Imagine if you can 4 million cars all parked somewhere. Its nuts. The idea that everyone can and should have a car is a seriously flawed one – a car is generally stationary for about 90% of its life. Successive governments have pushed this idea for years, and the result is that we are turning our small island into one giant car park, with bonus pollution and obesity thrown in.

      • Aahjnnot says:

        A huge part of the problem is actually the reduction in on-street parking brought about by repeated generations of anti-car councillors. The new yellow lines in Woodland place are just the latest in a long series of measures that will in total have removed 15-20 parking spaces in the area over the past 20 years.

        Incredibly, some naive people think that councillors actually care about what their their constituents want!

      • Colin says:

        Hence the Beeching cuts…..The popularity of cars….

  4. Tony says:

    reminds me of two of the wannabies on Celebrity Big Brother-the young man invited the girl to visit him at his flat once the show ended-she asked “do you have residents parking?”-it was a walk to the Bus Stop in my day!-a few years ago there was a big “Armed Forces” day in the Bay and drivers realised it was easier to park in the Marina and walk, or even take a boat across rather than trying to find a parking place in the Bay itself-the yellow lines will only help matters if the restrictions are enforced.

  5. Pendel says:

    Double yellow lines mean no parking, not no waiting. Technically that’s double red lines, right?

    • Bobby says:

      Double yellow lines mean no parking and no waiting. Double red lines are only used in London.

  6. BluesMan says:

    The marina is terrible people park all the way along the roads in the summer and the car park is left empty!

  7. Brickie2 says:

    No point putting them in the Marina as they are ignored by both car drivers and parking-enforcers

  8. Anne Soulsby says:

    No point in he Marina. Yellow lines ignored by drivers and enforcers alike.

  9. Daft o dull says:

    Probably Liz Burnett’s idea

  10. anne says:

    The bus service to penarth marina is pathetic. We must invest in better bus services to encourage people to use public transport.

  11. Clive James says:

    What a complete waste of our money. Until they get proper traffic wardens back, that are the ones that used to go all over Penarth not just around the Town centre.

  12. June Hurley says:

    Yes they put yellow lines on portway then they all come down John Batchelor Way using it as a Car Park , makes me sick been asking to stop so much parking on this road ,its grid licked at weekends

  13. Dizzydeb says:

    I totally agree with Kevin Mahoney. I would say the fault lies with the local and national authorities for allowing such narrow roads, the developer will always try to get away with narrow roads. Just take PENARTH Heights as an example. Royal Close is ridiculously narrow, not enough visitor parking spaces on the site and people with 2 or 3 cars in their family buying properties with only one or two spaces. They then park on the road stopping home owners reversing out of their driveways. No wonder Crest Nicholson profits are going through the roof!!
    In the marina at the very least the parking at the barage should have remained free.

  14. Fiona Whitfield says:

    I have my no. space taken up as I don’t have a car but my son visits -not even a please may I use it then if they want another space they park on the pavements so I am having to walk in the road!

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