The Florence system - being piloted in Penarth enables patients to monitor their own healthcare.

The Florence system – being piloted in Penarth enables patients to monitor their own healthcare.

A general practitioner’s surgery in Penarth is piloting a revolutionary new system which enables patients to monitor their own care and take their medication on time.

The surgery – which has not been identified – is piloting the use of what’s called the “Florence System” which is described as “a simple telehealth text-messaging service”  designed to help patients take “a more active role” in their health care.

Via the Florence System, a group of Penarth patients are receiving – via their mobile phones –  “personalised health tips”,  medical advice and even memory-jogging reminders when it’s time to take their prescribed medicine or pills.

The conditions which can be helped by having “Florence” on their mobile phones include  hypertension, heart failure, diabetes and asthma .The system takes only seconds to set up and costs nothing.

If the Penarth pilot programme is a success the Florence system is likely to be rolled out to GPs and health care providers across the Vale of Glamorgan.

A searchlight beamed from a police helicopter in the early hours of this morning over Penarth

Expensive search operations for vulnerable patients could be eliminated by the use of GPS tags

The development is part of an increasing number of so-called “Telecare” and “Telehealth” systems  being considered by health administrators in the Vale of Glamorgan .

Another promising system is the use of Global Positioning System tags which can be worn by Alzheimer’s and dementia patients

These assist in tracking their movements and identifying their locations if they should happen to stray away from familiar surroundings.


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  1. pompousfruit says:

    So which GP practice is this. Sure it’s important to include the name of it in the article.

  2. Tony says:

    my local surgery is very good but you despair of the NHS-as long ago as 2003 I attended a training day with staff from UHW to learn about the NHS National computer database which would revolutionise all patient care-that is the computer system which cost millions of taxpayers money but came to nothing-and we have this obsession with mobile phones-I have one in the car for emergencies but am quite happy with a land line phone with the curly wire.The system will fall down unless the information on file is up to date-i.e Mrs Jones was prompted by text to take her medication when in fact she saw a locum GP yesterday who changed her medication but did not up-date the database-she has now in fact overdosed!

  3. AK says:

    All I want is to be able to make an appointment which does not require me to attend ‘same day’, which can impossible for those who actually need to work for a living.

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