A new gift shop - brand name yet to be re4vealed - is to acquire the Windsor Gifts premises

A new gift shop – brand name yet to be revealed – is to acquire the existing Windsor Gifts premises

A new gift shop – and a new delicatessen –  will be coming to Penarth Town Centre soon in two separate developments by two separate enterprises.

The new gift shop is due to open towards the end of next month will take over the premises currently operated by Windsor Gifts ( between  Griffin Books and Funky Monkey children’s wear).

Cathy Evans of Bogangles is also the owner of Gingers

Cathy Evans of Bogangles also owns fashion store Gingers – and is now setting up shop No. 3 in the town centre

The name of the new business – situated in one of Penarth’s prime retailing spots right next to the Windsor Road bus stop –  hasn’t yet been divulged – and it won’t be opening until mid April.

The brains behind the new shop is one of  Penarth’s most experienced retailers – Cathy Evans. Cathy already owns the well-known “Bojangles” store in Stanwell Road and the exclusive fashion store nearby  “Gingers” – but this will be the first time she’s opened a business in Windsor Road.

Windsor Gifts announced on February 7th it would be closing down at the end of March to enable proprietors proprietors Peter and Lynne Ellis  to put their feet up after 20 years of successful retailing in Penarth – although this month’s hectic closing-down sale has had the pair working harder than ever.

The Chris Capus seed, petfood and garden products shop was very much  part of the character of Glebe St

The Chris Capus seed, petfood and garden products shop was very much part of the character of Glebe St

Meanwhile it’s been confirmed that the former Chris Capus seed merchant’s shop in Glebe Steet –  which once sold everything from birdfood to bedding plants is to become a new delicatessen.

The old Chris Capus Shop in Glebe St is now being fitted out to become a new delicatessen

The old Chris Capus Shop in Glebe St is now being fitted out to become a new delicatessen

The premises – one of the original traditional classic Penarth shops – are to retain the existing frontage and window frames (minus the Spratts budgie seed adverts) .

The builders say that on scraping away layers of paint from the window frames revealed they were made in solid teak and are easily good for another 100 years.   There’s no firm date set for the opening of the new delicatessen but it’s expected to be within the next few weeks .


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  1. Willy Wonka says:

    Great news on the Deli front, not sure that Penarth is in desperate need of another gift shop though!

    • Martin gossage says:

      It would replace the one that’s there already so no additional shop.

    • CoexistinPenarth says:

      What do you think we need if not a gift shop? I am very excited by the deli and suspect I will be a frequent visitor!

  2. des lloyd says:

    Great news. Good luck to both businesses.

  3. ColaniXL says:

    It’s the general consensus among PDN readers that Penarth is not in desperate need of another gift shop, coffee shop, restaurant, charity shop or big name retailer. So, what exactly are we supposed to be filling these vacant retail spaces with??

    • Bobby says:

      My thoughts exactly. I guess you could open any type of shop in any town and there will always be a handful of negative people wanting to put the new business down before they’ve even opened.

      I think this is great news for Penarth and wish them all the best!!!! (I’m particularly excited about the Deli opening and will be visiting it as soon as it opens).

      • Willy Wonka says:

        Well, actually there is nothing wrong with a gift shop if the owners make an effort to buy outside the usual supply chain. Most of the gift shops in Penarth all buy at the same trade fairs. It is the usual SIA kind of stuff you can see in any gift shop in any town. It is just so lazy and unimaginative.

    • Bevans says:

      Exactly, if it was another bar or restaurant that was opening there people would be moaning ohh we don’t want another restaurant in penarth, now it’s going to be a shop people don’t want that either. I would love to know exactly what people do expect to go in the town centre??? There really is no pleasing some people!

  4. des lloyd says:

    Better to have a local business than a national chain, that said, a Waitrose or M & S would be nice.

  5. Amahl Johnson says:

    Ow about a bookshop to edicate and multiculturalise this Kaffir paradise, to complement our St Paul’s Mosque? Long time coming. Have to wait til after the election I guess. Allahu Ahkbar.

  6. Martin gossage says:

    Mr Wonka .I acknowledge your reasoning . And Amhal if you are going to knock someone else’s skills either spell properly or check the text first so as not to appear an idiot.

  7. RetailGuru says:

    Brilliant! Looking forward to the new shops’ arrival!

  8. Nick says:

    The former elbos on glebe street is also to become a creperie and gelato shop

  9. Fran says:

    Well I’m very excited to see these properties opening as independents, can only be good news for Penarth!

  10. des lloyd says:

    What is needed now is to address the problem of parking and maybe using the old Monty Smiths garage could help in that respect. It’s in the right place.

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