Escorted riders on Sully Road. The escort's jacket says "Please Pass Wide and Slow"

Escorted riders on Sully Road, Penarth. The escort’s jacket says “Please Pass Wide and Slow”

The Downs Side Riding School in Penarth is considering issuing video cameras – like in-car dash-cams – to instructors and escorts who accompany learner-riders along narrow country lanes.

The school’s owner Caroline Wheeler-Cooper has told WalesonLine that the local roads are getting so dangerous she’s now thinking of issuing the cameras to provide evidence and to record and report any incidents where drivers have failed to give consideration to horse-riders on the road

Driving on dangerous winding roads like Sully Road demands total concentration

Driving on dangerous winding roads like Sully Road demands total concentration

More than 13,000 people have now signed a on-line petition calling for changes to the UK driving test following an incident near Bridgend last month in which a horse which was drawing a funeral hearse in a procession to  Coychurch crematorium was killed by a vehicle which ran into it. The horse had to be put down after the collision.

Riders turning from Redlands Road into Elfed Avenue

Riders also bring their horses onto urban routes  like Redlands Road

Ms Wheeler Cooper says she supports the petition for a tightening-up of the driving test and is one of the signatories on it . She says “Drivers are in a rush and more selfish. Some drivers are terrible. If changes were made to the test they could not claim they didn’t know. It’s about educating drivers about safety around horses.”

The petition is demanding that the UK Government ensures that drivers are taught how to safely pass a horse or a horse-drawn carriage on the road – a skill which used to be taught but no longer is .

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  1. Fishhenge says:

    Wouldn’t it be far safer (and cheaper) not to ride horses on such a busy, narrow and twisty road? Please?

    • Ford Prefect says:

      What kind of messed up logic is that?! Life threatened by car driver, therefore its the victims fault for being there in the first place. Everyone is entitled to use the roads, the roads weren’t built as racetracks for the lazy and selfish, they are infrastructure for all to use in a legal and safe way.

      • Fiona Whitfield says:

        Well said Ford Prefect !

      • Bobby says:

        Also, Downs Side Riding School is on Sully Road, so how else are they meant to go for a ride out without going on the road?

    • Burt reynolds says:

      As per previous posts, logic of a driver.

      Answer is no. Slow the f down. Consider that there could be anyone and any thing around one of those pesky twists.

      Realise that walkers, horse riders and cyclist have been round longer than motor vehicles and give us some room.

      I simply can’t understand this “I have a car, I own the road and everyone should get out of my way” logic. It’s mad.

      nake me think of a very good quote from the shawshank redemption ” the world went and got itself into a big damn hurry”

    • Martin gossage says:

      Ha ! Bet that’s mild to what you are really thinking. But yes of course any of us who get hurt doing anything it’s our own fault for going out the house in the first place. If. Other people want to take risks with our safety then it’s our fault for giving them the opportunity by being there .Classic Buddhist self responsibility.

  2. Ivor Bagman says:

    They won’t let me walk
    On motorways either !

  3. pompousfruit says:

    What are horse riders doing on urban roads? I’ve seen quite a few of them crossing Redlands Road.

  4. Fishhenge says:

    You are assuming that I am a driver………..

  5. Colin says:

    Why are dog walkers crossing Redlands road lately?

  6. rob says:

    This is 2016 and not 1816 ! Sully Road is one of the most dangerous roads in Penarth and not very safe for horse riding. If your horse is not bomb proof then stay off the road.

    • Bobby says:

      rob, as I’ve said already, Downs Side Riding School is on Sully Road, so how else are they meant to go for a ride out without going on the road?

      Anyway, you seem to show a complete disregard to other road users, so how about YOU stay off the road for the sake of everyone else’s safety. Don’t forget, Sully Road is used by walkers, runners, cyclists, children so all motorists need to show a greater level of care on this road!

  7. AK says:

    Sully road needs traffic calming measures to slow the traffic to below 10mph.

    I run on it occasionally as I emerge from a circular route through Cosmeston, and the traffic goes at a ridiculous speed (especially large cars ferrying small children).

  8. Colin says:

    Agree , 20 mph in Penarth, Sully and Dinas Powys too. Slow em ALL down!!!!

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