Penarth Youth Action members were joined by former mayors Cllr Martin Turner and Cllr Philip Rapier and the Town Clerk of Penarth Shan Bowden for the "Clean for the Queen" initiative .

Penarth Youth Action members were joined by three former mayors Cllr Anthony Ernest, Cllr Martin Turner and Cllr Philip Rapier  – and the Town Clerk of Penarth Shan Bowden (foreground right) –  for the “Clean for the Queen” initiative .

The UK wide initiative “Clean for the Queen” to make sure that the whole of Britain is spick and span for the celebrations of the  Queen’s 90th birthday in June, is getting under way in Penarth today.

The campaign to pick up litter, and tidy up infamous ‘grot spots’ in Penarth began at 09:30  this morning  at  Penarth Council’s HQ in West House, Stanwell Road. The council provided high-viz yellow waistcoats and litter picking equiipment for the volunteers .

The Mayor of Penarth Cllr Rosemary Cook (Labour St Auguistines)

The Mayor of Penarth Cllr Rosemary Cook (Labour St Augustines)

The Town Mayor, Cllr Rosemary Cook, says “I urge  everyone to consider taking part in this event, enabling us to express pride in the beautiful town of Penarth and prepare for the Queen’s 90th birthday.”

Volunteers will litter-pick and clean signage and graffiti throughout the Dingle Pathway and on to The Esplanade and Cliff Top.

In the Dingle Park area the litter picking operation commences at Dingle Park at 09:30 and will move on to Agnes Street Lane and Goscombe Drive, Cogan at 10:00.

Dingle Park is usually immaculate anyway - thanks to the Friends of Dingle Park but after today it will be extra spick and span.

Dingle Park is usually immaculate anyway – thanks to the Friends of Dingle Park – but after today it will be extra spick and span.

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  1. Anne Soulsby says:

    Penarth Marina Litter Pickers will be doing their regular scheduled litterpick on Sunday morning 6 March. New volunteers always welcome. Contact for details.

  2. Anne Soulsby says:

    Penarth Marina Litterpickers will be doing one of their regular litter picks on Sunday 6 March. Contact for further details. New volunteers always welcome.

  3. anne says:

    Even the dailyfail can see how cringeworthy this campaign is ‘Clean for the Queen’ Twitter campaign backfires

  4. Christopher David says:

    Here’s an idea. What about renaming benefits for those fit and registered to work “The Community Salary” People receiving financial assistance would work on community projects including street cleaning, graffiti clearing etc but also receive training to fill in areas where the councils cannot afford to cover our service requirements properly. Were told we have a funding shortage and services are being cut. Well there is a huge pool of people available being paid to do nothing. The formulae would be benefits received divided by minimum hourly rate x hours. This has benefits to the community the economy and the recipient people giving back and receiving training. Persons claiming would also network and get exercise. It would NOT impact on the job economy if run properly. Win win.

  5. anne says:

    Much disliked campaign – Clean for the Queen is just another dirty Tory trick’ says Brian Reade

  6. Johnabutt says:

    In Llandough last week I saw a woman sweeping the pavement outside her house. People cut grass, hedges etc and sweep up after themselves. For most people it is a matter of personal pride and self respect to keep their own homes clean & tidy. What HM Queen has to do with that is beyond understanding!

  7. Christopher David says:

    I concur Joihnabutt but the problem goes way beyond a naff programme title and one’s pavement. We have a huge pool of labour available to help with this and the broad level….. and other services.

  8. This project has been adopted across the UK and has been met with a huge volunteer effort here in Penarth. With around 15 volunteers giving up their free time on a Saturday morning, including great support from Penarth Youth Action who pitched in to clear footpaths, dig mud out of drainage channels and collect black bags full of other peoples’ tin cans, sweet wrappers and bottle tops, it was a great morning for Penarth and the place looks much tidier as a result.
    Of course we could have done with more volunteers, but maybe they were busy elsewhere ?

    I for one, and three of my Town Council colleagues, really enjoyed ourselves at the same time.

  9. Christopher David says:

    So Cllr Ernest- if you want more “volunteers” you could promote the “Community Salary” scheme. Have all you want then plus many others to fill other service gaps and get themselves trained!

  10. What a pity that so many commentators have decried the public spirited initiative that was the “Clean for the Queen” initiative. It was very successful, cleared a lot of rubbish thrown down by local people who should have known better, and was supported by people who had Penarth’s best interests at heart. We could have done more of course – perhaps some of PDN’s scribblers could have given an hour or two of voluntary service, instead of deriding those who DID turn out ?

  11. Christopher David says:

    Whilst what you say Mr Earnest has a big element of truth (the title put some off thought- very unfortunate) you’re demonstrating again a lack of vision. You refuse to think about the bigger picture and how we tackle it long term.- i.e. a solution. I- just for one have made two suggestions, the community salary scheme and the utilisation of the Cardiff central blitz team on rota backed with education and a step in in penalising perpetrators. Worthy though your actions are you just don’t inspire, motivate or show new initiative. To be honest I think that like a lot of aspiring politicians its all a bit too hot for you- not enough guts to be radical? ! Heart in the right place and all that but…………………………..

  12. You may possibly think so but I could not possibly comment. This exercise was not about “new initiatives” or “strategic direction” or “outcomes” or even “motivational aspirations” but simply a follow up to a request to help tidy up Penarth. This is exactly what the volunteers did, and did well.

  13. Christopher David says:

    And jolly good on them. Pity you didn’t get a better turn out. Fact still remains we could do with some councillors with vison that plan and don’t hang on the VOG’s coat tails dealing with their “sometime disastrous dictats. So come on councillor Ernest. “I couldn’t possibly comment” (You’re not Prime Minister) dams you in a rather big way. Are you for some positive input or just going trough the motions? Lets see some dynamism and an end to the proposition we don’t need a PTC !

  14. Christopher David says:

    Ahh councillor- rather bereft ay! Time for a change if you’re not up to taking us forward. Ps leave off the “strategic direction” “outcomes” councillor speak. Just come up with some sound plans for our future.

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